What Does It Mean To Dream About Stealing?


Dreaming of stealing usually contains a meaning that tends to represent our personal or material dissatisfaction, also as our tendency to require to receive without giving, be it physical objects, social situation, or personal affections. The context of the dream also because the object of the thief, it gives us different messages counting on how they’re presented within the dream image and the way our lives progress. However, there are recurring elements from which it’s easy to start to hit a plausible interpretation.

Dreaming of stealing money and gold

Although the 2 goods are considered of high value and interchangeable with one another in reality, on a dream level, notwithstanding the worth that continues to be high, the 2 dreams don’t seem to be interchangeable in the least.

On the one hand, once we dream of stealing money we are faced with an emotional deficiency, an intimate deficiency that we might wish to fill through the closeness of 1 or more people, but that’s avoided, also actually because of our way of being. Stealing dream money, therefore, manifests our unfulfilled desire to be loved, appreciated, considered.

Gold, on the opposite hand, encompasses a strictly negative meaning. Dreaming of stealing gold reflects our envy towards others, often as a result of feelings that lead us to believe that we are disappointed by something. We believe that we deserve over we’ve and that we cannot generally stand those that have achieved what we seek.

Dream of stealing shoes or clothes: meaning and interpretation

The dream of stealing shoes or clothes refers us to an old maxim, that of ” putting ourselves within the place of others ” that invites us to feel, out of empathy, within the place of another. Well, in dreams that “ putting ourselves within the place of the atriums ” takes on an almost literal meaning: we do not feel comfortable with ourselves, and that we would love to require someone else’s character, possessions, or way of being.

Dissatisfaction, therefore, at the bottom of this dreamlike image, perhaps also thanks to social impediments that don’t allow us to completely express our character and our individuality, and make us “dress” characters and ways of being that don’t belong to us.

Dreaming of stealing a car: what does it mean?

As has already been described during this article that interprets the car in dreams, the means of locomotion in question appears at a dream level to inform us of the course of our life, to relinquish us a clearer idea of ??how it’s developing.

  • Dreaming of stealing a car is, therefore, representing a desire for total change within the course of our life, revolutionizing it for the higher, or making it kind of like the best of attractive life.
  • Dreaming about stealing a car not only must do along with your inspirations, but also with the fabric level during which our lives “travel”. we can feel dissatisfied with our economic and financial resources, and therefore the dream can express frustration with an uncomfortable or unsatisfactory status.

Dreaming of stealing from work

Dreaming of stealing within the workplace often needs to do with a selfish condition associated with one’s professional role, alert to how our work path tends to get benefits on the shoulders of the fatigue of others, without the latter being adequately rewarded.

We can feel disinterested within the situation, denote selfish feelings that lead us to not want to require into consideration the wants of others. Or we may feel in default, a signal of how, after all, we feel uncomfortable enriching ourselves on the shoulders and efforts of others.

Dreaming of stealing: What number to play within the lottery?

If we dream of stealing, we point everything to number 59 to play within the Lottery draws.

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