What Does It Mean To Dream About Thieves?


Sleep, like dreams, prefers the thief to be the caretaker, because while the latter disturbs the quiet night rest with his care, the opposite has great respect, to be ready to do the theft.

But finding a dream that stars a bloke wearing a face mask, bound up and maybe armed, has nothing to do with the standard concept of tranquillity. They are gloomy and dark characters, living in symbiosis with shadows, whose presence often generates a powerful tension that automatically results in a sudden awakening. It is a really common type of dream, especially in our purely bourgeois contemporaneity.


According to popular tradition, which encompasses a general tendency to overturn the negativity of some dream images, the figure of the thief who enters your house, looting and depriving us of our intimate belongings, would be a premonition of great future earnings.

  • Usually, the thief conceived by the family as an intruder, dangerous or not, who enters our intimate spaces, and so linked to the concept of strangeness.
  • Perhaps this is the reason why, in most cases, this figure is represented through the somatic of a non-community or gypsy who can steal everything: gold, jewelry, purses, clothes, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, computers, mobile phones, credit cards, etc.
  • It is a real eruption into the dreamer’s psychological system, a presence that disturbs the mental soundness, so it’ll even be useful to reflect deeply on the events that occurred within the days immediately before the dream.

Generally, this figure can check with three very precise psychic conditions, a repressed desire.

Let’s look more specifically at the peculiarities of this symbol, and the way these dream-like details can help us interpret it.


The most common dream portrait involves the presence of a thief who has entered your house. The house clearly indicates one’s intimacy or privacy. It is the space within which only

  • intimate members of the family are allowed,
  • those that really know who we are and our true personality

Therefore, the presence of a thief in your house may be a symbol of an intrusive presence that disturbs our privacy.

The thief could also symbolize a possible rival or someone who perceives himself as capable of depriving us of what’s ours and what’s owed to him.


A fundamental characteristic of this image is that it appears strongly linked to the dreamer’s sexual and lovemaking.

  • There is, in fact, an ancient link between the concept of affection and that of theft. Love is usually depicted in various literature as veritable pillage suffered by an acquaintance (the famous phrase “you stole my heart”).
  • The concept of conquest (“you have conquered my heart”), bearing in mind that any war worth its salt always encompasses final looting or a series of robberies of the property of others.

For this reason, often in women’s dreams, the thief represents a fan or an acquaintance, and therefore the robbery noted the start of a romance, or generally a romantic relationship.


A fairly common image too generally refers to the dreamer’s behaviors that are judged illicit by his own conscience, is if the dreamer failed to feel in tune with his own system of ethical rules and values ??, and implemented a behavior considered inappropriate.


It is generally connected with the lack of attaining its objectives. The image of theft always refers to the breaking of a rule. Stealing is breaking them, or rather, the need to accelerate the time necessary to realize your goal, in keeping with your wishes.

The unconscious represents all this through the figure of the thief who hides his own critical judgment on the matter.


It is the alternative of what was said before.

Capture is an act consistent with moral laws. It is a warning of success for the dreamer which his behavior fits perfectly with his ethical-moral values.

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