What Does It Mean to Dream About Big Waves?

What Does It Mean to Dream About Big Waves?

Dream Meaning of Big Waves

The naturally vested power in the element of water has been fascinating to people for generations now. Vast water spaces, such as seas and oceans, impress but more than that never cease to amaze us by their vastness.

Water gives life, but sometimes waves sweep away everything in front of them, quite mercilessly. It has no regard for any energy whatsoever.

Even in modern times, when our technologies give us every possibility, we as humans try to push our boundaries of knowledge by exploring the sea to sometimes examine and discover the tiniest particle there can be. Yet, we are somehow helpless before the power of water itself.

We try to conquer it by building dams and bridges, but waters are still far more powerful than we are.

Since water is one of the four primary elements that constitute our world, it is natural to assume that dreams about water have always been significant and precious.

However, they are more intriguing if you dream about moving water and their activities likes waves.

Dreams about big waves could reveal a lot about your life and your destiny. Waves in dreams are waves of your thoughts and emotions, perhaps suppressed in reality.

If you have recently returned from the seaside, it must have a great impression, so it is pretty expected to dream about waves. However, it is most likely such dreams are the only reflection of your experience and maybe a symbolic expression of longing for seaside harmony.

If you dream about waves suddenly, without even thinking about the seaside, oceans, rivers, and lakes, there must be more to it. If that is the case, your dream could have a deeper meaning. It could reveal waves that your soul emits or announce things that wait for you in the future.

Dreams about big waves are pretty impressive, and a dreamy person usually remembers these very well. Big waves are another great-scale natural phenomenon that makes people feel both amazed and afraid.

If you dream about big waves often, it could be helpful to decipher them adequately; these dreams could be revealing constructively.

It is important to remember the exact course of the dream and think about your feelings towards the dream itself.

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Dreams about big waves

Dreams about waves of such kind, massive waves, could awaken various emotions in a dream. Dreams like these could appear to be fascinating, beautiful, but some of them could also be particularly scary, to some extent even terrifying.

It all depends on your impression of the dream, your current life situation, and your connection between these two.

Mighty waves are another natural phenomenon, so it is not strange they are typical to dreamers as they are a potent metaphor for how you feel in reality. It reflects emotions that we have hidden deep down and are scared to face or even consciously unaware of.

On the other hand, dreams about such waves could reflect our situation in real life. Visions about waves can be apocalyptic. If you have a good intuition or master the art of interpretation, you could even recognize vital signs in your dreams.

Dreams about big waves vary, of course. You could dream about swimming in big waves, or you could dream about drowning in those waves or even that those waves are destroying things.

There are also dreams in which nothing happens, but you see great depths of water and big waves.

You could also have dreams about hearing the sound of big waves shattering the coastlines, but you neither see the coast, not the water.

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Dreams about hearing the sound of waves

Suppose you dream about hearing the sound of waves, especially these waves, if they soothe your senses. But, for some people, even the sound of aggressive waves crashing against cliffs is beyond satisfying.

In general, dreams about hearing the sound of waves mean you are content with your life; you know there are many aspects of life you can distinguish each one by one.

The sound of waves is an indication that you are trying to get your life back in shape, but you still have control over it.

The sound of waves could also represent you distancing yourself. However, you are okay with that because you have realized that some things are not in your control, and you have accepted things the way they are, without any further thought put into it.

Hearing waves in dreams reflect on your state and make you feel good about yourself; dreams like these are supposed to be calming.

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Dreaming about seeing waves

If you dream, you see big waves; it is usually a dream of predicting an encounter with someone and your reaction considering their emotions.

If waves are calm and steady, nevertheless significant, it means you will have a pleasant experience with that person or that you will be impressed.

It could also mean you are subconsciously letting someone reach you and make an approach to you.

If you are dry towards someone’s moves, be ready to open up to someone or receive guidance from another person.

Dreams about swimming in the waves

If you have a dream in which you are in the water, and it gets wavy and hints a storm coming your way, it means that you are finally letting go of all your fears and surrender yourself to waves of your fate.

If you feel calm and especially enjoy the whole thing, glide on the water without any difficulty whatsoever, it’s undoubtedly a positive sign. It means that you are entering a more relaxed state, eventually leading to new horizons and opportunities.

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Dreams about sailing on the waves

If you are sailing the waves on a boat or another type of vessel, it could be a very inspiring dream. Waves could be either calm or hazardous, which reflects the level of personal insecurity about new experiences.

If the waves are turbulent, it means that you are willing to accept new and try new things, but you are a bit concerned about the aftereffects of the activity; the calmer the waves, the more self-confident you are.

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