What Does it Mean to Dream About Wings?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Wings?

In your dreams, you saw wings. This is a sign that the mind is free and soaring to new heights. You’re able to escape difficult situations in life with wit or imagination (or both). If you dreamed about seeing someone else’s wing feathers, it might mean that they have been struggling lately, but it will get better soon - keep an eye on them.

Dream About Having Wings

Flying With Wings

Your dream flight symbolizes the freedom you will soon experience for yourself and others. You are on your way to mastering a solution that no one else has thought of yet, so stay closely in touch with your intuition and its visions as they may lead you down an unexpected path where a fortune awaits.

Growing Wings

Symbolically, the wings represent new beginnings and a desire to break free from what you know. You’re afraid of taking that leap but are working towards it each day.

Having Wings Without Flying

Your dreams of flight could mean that you’re ready to take on new challenges, but your lack of confidence holds you back. Dreaming about flying means that it’s time for you to spread your wings and try something great.

Losing Wings

The sense of losing wings in a dream may indicate that you struggle to keep your grip on reality and need help in waking life. The more critical relationships in your life, the likelier it is for this dream to come true as well.

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Dream About Hurting Wings

Wounded or Injured Wings

In the dream, you may be seeing a representation of yourself or someone else who has lost their motivation and inspiration. You need to find your wings again to fly high once more.

Removing or Tearing Off Wings

You will steal away your significant other’s hopes and dreams if you see that you are removing or tearing off someone’s wings in a dream. You are the abuser who takes others’ opportunities and freedoms away.

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Dream About Wearing Wings

Clipped Wings Or Hole in the Wing

You should be careful when you see your wing missing feathers or getting clipped. It is a sign that there will be troubles and failures during the planning journey, but watch out because setbacks may come up along the way.


In your dreams, you are carefree and letting the wind carry you wherever it may blow. However, make sure that some of yourself are still left in control of when things go wrong.

Wing Costume

You are dreaming about wearing a wing costume for the party. You’re trying to show your inspiration but feel like you will be mocked or laughed at because of it.

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Dream About Common Wings

Animal Wings

Chicken Wings

You don’t want to have anything too complicated or challenging. You enjoy the little things in life, and you always keep them simple for yourself without any hassle.

Bird Wings

Your subconscious mind is asking you to be careful of who your friends are if you had a dream of bird wings. You might find yourself being used for someone’s benefit, or even worse, they could see right through the façade and use this knowledge against you at any time.

Bat Wings

The dream shows that you need to be careful and stay on your toes if there are any upcoming challenges in the future.

Insect Wings

The insect wing dream indicates that you need to explore your options and not settle for one thing. You are a free spirit who needs change.

Ants with Wings

You want to break free from the mundane life you’ve been living but are too scared to do so. You’re hoping for a sign of change and excitement in your day-to-day routine.

Butterfly Wings

Your train of thought is all over the place like a butterfly’s wings in your dream. Consider getting yourself back on track by focusing instead of being so easily distracted.

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Dream About Unlikely Wings

Fish with Wings

In your dreams, a fish with wings means that you will not give up on what it takes for success. You can overcome anything when you set yourself in the right direction and make an effort.

Pig Wings

You may have seen a pig with wings. This could represent someone in your life chasing what seems like an impossible goal to you. You believe this person will not succeed, and they might be working on something equally as difficult for them.

Spider with Wings

You’ll see spiders with wings if someone powerful and demanding comes into your life. You may have to follow many rules, but the end result is worth it because this person has a way of making you feel so unique in their company.

Fairytale Wings

Dragon Wings

This passage foretells that you will find new authority from promotions and more freedom within your line of work. This rise in the career ladder points to power and richness.

Fairy Wings

In the dream, your fairy wings may be a sign that you can help others reach great heights and accomplish complex tasks. You can make people believe in themselves so they can fly too.

Angel Wings

Your dreams tell you that angels will be there to protect and help guide you no matter what happens.

White Horse Wings

You love feeling free and uninhibited when it comes to your creativity. The white horse represents the things you want for yourself, such as security or pleasure. Your emotions are always on display, but if you direct them towards what’s important, they can be a powerful tool in pursuing these goals.

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Dream About Wing Colors

White Wings

When you are covered in white wings, it means that success is coming your way. You will have the freedom to live without worry and be able to prove yourself as a great person! Stay pure with what you do, so that there’s no chance of getting caught up by any temptations.

Black Wings

You are constantly striving for freedom and independence. In your dream, you felt that black wings were symbolic of a new opportunity to bend the rules in order to live life on your terms rather than as dictated by others.

Blue Wings

A blue tinge in your wings can signify a difficult situation on the horizon. To get through this tough time, focus on making sure that you’re taking care of yourself mentally and physically to help strengthen both sides for what’s ahead.

Gold Wings

In your dream, you saw gold wings. This is a sign of prosperity and abundance in the future. You may be able to expect great earnings from investments or business opportunities that come up soon after this experience!

Red Wings

In your dream, you saw red and bloody wings. This is a sign that someone or something will part from you soon. It also means that it won’t be as hard for you to move on with life without them by your side anymore when the dust settles.

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