What does it mean to dream about a horse


People all across the globe love horses, but very few can get in contact with them, and very few own horses or can even take horse riding lessons. Somehow, these magnificent creatures are a part of our dreams as much as we want them to be present in our wake life, and they have a symbolism, and they show up in our dreams carrying these symbols and helping us deal without our wake life a lot better.

Dreaming of being next to horse grazing with them

For instance, if you go to bed hungry, you might dream about being as hungry as a horse and see yourself next to horses in the grazing lands, and why not? I mean, it is your dream; the grass is a symbol of a desire that fulfills your hunger. You could even have a pizza for dinner, yet dream about this, and hunger could also mean your emotional need for more in life.

Dreaming of riding a horse

If you dream about riding a horse, if you are bareback, this dream has sexual references. The dream is a sign that you are going through some increasing pains, or you long for a more youthful you and remember all the vibrant times in your life. Or, you have some sexually supressed feelings that need to be dealt with in your waking hours.

Dreaming of being thrown off the horse

Since a horse often denoted sexual encounters, if you get thrown or bucked off the horse, this is a sign that you have a severe fear of rejection or you are unsure of where you are in your relationship and that your relationship won’t last long, it has been in dangerous waters for a long time, and this seems to keep you stuck into thoughts in your wake life that it seems to have followed even in your unconscious state.

The dream might be a reminder to you of your past relationships, the pain that they caused, and all your mishaps.

Dreaming that you are at the racetrack

If you dream about being at the racetrack, and you seem to be betting on the horses, it is a clear indication that you are a very adventurous person in your wake life, or you hope to undertake or receive some money in your wake life.

The dream also suggests your willingness to undertake risks, so consider this when entering into new ventures but still have some control over being overexcited. Taking risks that you can’t seem to cover isn’t all that good either.

Suppose you dream about the horse being abused or beaten. In that case, your subconscious might be calling your attention to ventures that need a little tending to, or you are in a situation where volunteering is essential as you can’t seem to get on pace with the load you are stuck with.

Dreaming of a running horse

If you dream of a horse just running free and wild, this is your calling to succumb to your restless nature. The dream suggests that you take some time to be free from all ties, go wild, enjoy some playtime, and get some me time! Do not be afraid to do something fantastic and new!

If you dream of a domesticated horse in a full saddle and bridle, it’s a sign for you to buckle down and get on the forthcoming project or a promise that you made and work on your obligations and fulfill them once and for all.

The bridled horse might also be a sign for you to delegate your responsibilities to other subordinates and lower your workload.

Dreaming of a dead horse

The horse, if it seems dead that you’re trying to come back to life, signs that you are wasting your effort and all of this is for nothing, and you need to rethink your policy and your way of doing things.

The sign of Sagittarius is seen in the western zodiacs and has an icon of a beast; the man commonly known as half human and half horse from its legs, this is your sign to connect with the Sagittarius sign.

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