What Do Dreams About Clowns Mean?

What Do Dreams About Clowns Mean?

Clowns Dream Meaning

Maybe you saw a scary movie, and the murderer was disguising himself as a clown and that is why you have dreamed of clowns… but maybe this is not the case and you need to discover the reason for this dream.

In general, its symbolism is quite diverse and contradictory also: The interpretation of the dream with clowns is believed to represent the cheerful disposition, optimism, and wisdom of the dreamer himself.

Another interpretation of the dream book says that seeing yourself in a dream in a clown costume means that reckless acts and excessive carelessness will lead to very sad consequences one day.

The psychological meaning of dreaming about clowns

A clown dream mocks the absurdity of our claim. It is a trickster figure that psychologists identify as a symbol of the first and rudimentary stages in the development of the hero myth, in which the hero is instinctive, uninhibited, and often childish.

A scary clown may indicate that he is afraid of being teased and may feel threatened by negative comments from people in real life.

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Evil clown in a dream is a harbinger of trouble in reality:

  1. First, the clown symbolizes a two-faced person who is not to be trusted. It’s possible that a kind and reliable friend can turn into a maniacal movie clown and a murderer.
  2. Second, a fearsome and evil clown is a clear indication of the hard work that you will soon have to do.
  3. However, the dream book does not advise you to worry. An evil mask often hides the good times under it and as soon as you are faced with the task, you will be rewarded and have a break.

If you dreamed of a scary clown, but just had fun, it means that you face any twist of fate with a smile and patience.

The interpretation of dreams considers such a dream to be an indicator of inner freedom and success.

  • It is also a good sign not to be scared of an evil clown.
  • You can easily tackle any problem and that complete triumph is just around the corner.
  • If you were wildly scared, it means that there are fears that live in your soul.

Did you dream that you had a clown costume and felt ridiculous? Soon you will find yourself involved in a dubious undertaking, which will end badly.

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The mystical meaning of dream about clowns

The fool in the Tarot cards, who becomes the joker of ordinary playing cards, represents the unconscious side of the personality with all its potential for transformation.

  • A clown can represent the absurd.
  • Clowns can reveal the childish side of your personality and childish behavior in real life.
  • Perhaps the clown represents his own feelings? Are you fooling around in real life?
  • If the clown is happy or crying, it may indicate that you are silly in your daily life, but internally you are sad.
  • A clown is uninhibited. Could the clown be showing your desire to be carefree in your behavior and less restricted?
  • Clowns can show insincerity and thoughtlessness.
  • If the clown is scary, this can reveal the fears you have about seemingly cheerful people who may want to hurt you.
  • It can show that people may not be what they seem.
  • This symbol may be about pretending. Are you being true to yourself or perhaps someone else is not being true to their nature?

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More Clowns Dreams and their Meanings

Dreaming of a bad clown

This is the dream that is affected by films, stories, or news stories in which the clown has this disturbing, malevolent, and ambiguous role and which bring to the surface the anxieties of the dreamer, but also psychic aspects related to the “shadow” viz. aggression and violence concealed under a fool’s appearance.

The dreamer will have to ask himself if he is this bad clown and if he has a tendency to show a sarcastic and clumsy part of himself while harboring negative feelings towards others.

Dreaming of killer clowns

As above, the meaning of these dreams is the result of both - the suggestion produced by films and stories, and of the fears that derive from them and which arise perhaps from a striking contrast between the good-natured role of the clown and the wickedness of the killer. They are antithetical energies that reflect equally conflicting feelings in the dreamer.

Dreaming of a clown chasing you

It means being chased (in a metaphorical sense) by a part of oneself that can be frightening or intriguing and entertaining. The dreamer probably needs to deal with the characteristics of this clown of his and needs to reflect on what belongs to him and what must be integrated.

For example, a clown who chases you in dreams can have the function of invoking greater lightness, the need to take life with more humor and simplicity or, on the contrary, it can represent a hidden pain that the dreamer tends to escape or emotions of anger and hatred that have long been repressed.

Dreaming of a clown who wants to kill you

It has similar meanings to the previous dream, but here the request of the unconscious is clearer: there is a need for a drastic change. The clown who kills in dreams is an aspect of oneself linked to repressed aggression and which comes into conflict with more “normal,” peaceful, accommodating parts of the dreamer.

It is a dream that must be treated as a nightmare, therefore it can reveal much more with a work of actualization and with a guided re-entry into the dream.

In some dreams, it can represent the “inner clown” that conditions the credibility and popularity of the dreamer in his social group.

Dreaming of being a clown or dressing up as a clown

Identification with the clown in dreams is a clear symbol of a need or excess. The dreamer will have to ask himself if the clown’s lightness and cheerfulness could help him play down a situation that he is experiencing or if he is subject to uncontrolled and embarrassing “clownish” excesses.

The same dream can indicate the tendency to “play the clown” to make a fool of oneself to achieve some purpose or to hide one’s true feelings.

Dreaming of killing a clown

It means trying to eliminate (repress) a part of oneself that has the characteristics of the clown (positive or negative) or seeing and detesting these characteristics in a close person.

Dream of a woman clown

Being a woman and dreaming of a female clown can bring to light the tendency to hide one’s seductive power under an ambiguous and ridiculous appearance, while for a man it can indicate a funny, tender, helpless, or ridiculous person.

Dreaming of a jester

Represents the antithesis of power and authority, both of these characters are the expression of a need for a transgression that smolders under the ashes.

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Meaning of clown dream

A clown is a character that has always been associated with entertainment and laughter. A clown often wears makeup and colorful costumes. They are usually funny but not all of the time. Sometimes you can be scared by watching a scary movie or reading about an evil clown.

But if you watch a scary movie with a clown, you can quickly switch your emotions and laugh instead. That is what the dream about a clown means in most cases.

The dream about an evil clown represents some fear of something that happened to you or around you. It is important to notice whether the clown was scary and ugly or funny and nice-looking.

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Dream About Clown Chasing You

Did you dream about a scary clown chasing you?

In this case, the dream about a scary clown means that you are worried or scared about something in your life. You might feel uncomfortable with some changes happening around you, so you will have to prepare for what is coming to you.

This dream also suggests that there is no time for games and jokes. There is no space for entertainment and fun when you are in the middle of a difficult situation.

It means that you should be more aware of yourself. You might not be doing everything as professionally and responsibly as you should.

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Dream About Clown Trying to Kill You

A person at your work or school is trying to attack you and cause your harm. This is a sign that somebody does not like what you are doing or what you have accomplished.

The person is being aggressive, violent, and mean to you. He or she is trying to break your confidence and make fun of you in front of others.

The fact that the clown was trying to hurt you means that someone close to or around you is planning to do something negative with your life, so you should be careful about this person.

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Dream About Clown Costume

Dream About Clown Mask or Mask Face

When you dream of yourself wearing a clown costume, it means that you are going to have a great time with some people and feel very happy about something. You should take advantage of this moment and enjoy the best time in your life because dreams can and many times do come true.

If you dream of being afraid of a clown, it means that you will be betrayed shortly by someone very close to you, which could make your dreams come to an end. So you should be careful about this person and carefully analyze his or her behavior and act accordingly.

Dream About Clown Makeup

Were you wearing clown makeup in your dreams? What’s the meaning of dreams about clown makeup?

You might dream that you are wearing clown makeup if you changed your opinions and attitudes towards something in recent times. You may be acting differently than before or trying to look like someone else. Maybe you’re playing a role, pretending to be more happy or confident than you are.

You are trying to make people feel that everything is fine and you are fine while your subconscious knows that it’s not true. Dreams about clown makeup can also mean that you’re trying to hide something from people and even yourself.

By changing the way you act or look, maybe you are trying to change other things in your life too, but dreams show how negative this will be.

Dream About Clown Shoes

If you were dreaming of being barefoot and wearing a clown shoe, it’s not good. The dreams may be trying to tell you that something is missing in your life or that you’re going about achieving success the wrong way. Or maybe it means that you feel awkward and embarrassed about something that has happened, and dreams show how you need to deal with it.

The clown shout tells you not to let dreams get to your head. You may be feeling like you’re the best, but dreams show that you need to go back to the basics and think about what’s important in life.

Dream About Clown Costume

To dream about wearing a clown costume indicates that you are feeling a need to express yourself. The dreams may relate to any suppressed issues that you or someone else has not dealt with. Dreams are a way of letting out negative feelings and pressures building up within you.

But if you dream about others wearing a clown costume, you are getting fed up with others playing silly games. Dreams show that your patience is wearing thin, and you need to tell people how you feel before it’s too late.

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Dream About Other Clown Themed Dreams

Dream About a Sad Clown

If you see a sad clown in your dream, dreams show that you need to have hope to achieve your dreams. Dreams also suggest that you feel that life is hard and unappealing at this time.

Your dreams may be telling you that some silly situation has come up in your daily life. Dreams may also represent someone who is being annoyed or foolish around you. Dreams about a sad clown mean that you have been deceiving yourself and intellectually lying to others.

It would be best if you depended more on your dreams to avoid silly situations happening around you. Dreams suggest that you need to realize the opportunity that you are missing out on in life.

Dreaming of seeing a sad clown means that it’s time for you to move on and start feeling positive about yourself again. Dreams also represent a situation where things are really out of control.

Dream About Clown Doll

To see a clown doll in dreams represents the dreams of an unfulfilled childhood. You are not living up to your dreams and it may be time to restructure your dreams. Dreams also represent disappointment in love or hope for the future.

Seeking a broken clown doll in dreams means that you cannot see the bright side of life. Dreams with clown dolls also represent an inability to solve a problem, one whose solution is not in sight. Such dreams also suggest that you have had unexplainable emotional distress and feelings of fear, guilt, sadness, loneliness, etc.

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