What Does it Mean to Dream About Bungee Jumping?


A dream about bungee jumping might indicate the need to take some risks in life. It’s not your fault that the safety nets are there, but it is important for a successful jump to have them as backup plans just in case something goes wrong. Maybe this dream means that you should start taking more calculated chances and put yourself out of your comfort zone before anything bad happens or worse yet, stay stagnant forever - which would make anyone feel like they’re at a dead-end! You may also want to think about what obstacles will happen after each leap so do everything possible beforehand to prepare for those challenges.

Dream about getting ready to bungee jump

Learning to bungee jump

Dreaming that you are learning to bungee jump and receiving coaching courses foreshadows a chance or scenario in which you have nothing to lose. If things go wrong, there is no need for regret as this will be your last chance! Follow all instructions carefully so that it can lead up to an experience of a lifetime.

Preparing to bungee jump

If you dream that you are packing or getting ready to bungee jump, it implies that your current situation is not the way you want it. You feel like there is a void in your life and by doing something wild and crazy, you might be able to fill up that hole. However, dreaming about getting ready for bungee jumping signifies disappointment because your reality doesn’t match with what you anticipated.

Dream about bungee jumping

Where you bungee jump

Where you bungee jump in a dream indicates the area of your life you are focusing on. For example, a dream about jumping off a bridge signifies that you are at the end of something and want to make a leap into new territory. It also implies that you have some anxiety or fear in making this jump that is hindering you from moving forward with your life.

Bungee jump accident

A bungee jump accident in your dream indicates that you will be unable to recover from your failure. If you’re going through a lot of changes in your life, be aware. You might want to consider getting some insurance and people who can help out before taking any leaps of faith because once done it’s nearly impossible for anyone else but yourself or someone very close by, with their own parachute (or extensive safety net) capable of catching them mid-flight when they fall short. This is especially true considering how high up on the proverbial ladder one has climbed - there was no chance whatsoever at success without said human resources available nearby.

Dream about the bungee cord

Bungee jumping cord

If you dream of bungee jumping cord, such a dream denotes your tendency to be over-cautious and or overly fearful. The dream may also reflect some sort of conflict between the conscious and the subconscious minds. If in real life you have actually bungee jumped before (and survived), then this dream represents a breakthrough of sorts where there is a need for flexibility as opposed to too much rigidity.

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