what does it mean to dream about handcuffs?

what does it mean to dream about handcuffs?

Did you dream about handcuffs? Dreams of handcuffs usually depict someone holding you or someone else back in their waking life. Often dreams of handcuffs symbolize being “stuck” in doing a task. Alternatively handcuffs dreams might represent constraints and bonds (love, hate, happy, sad).

Below we are going to re-examine a number of scenarios involving handcuffs.

Dream About Handcuff By Itself

Seeing handcuffs in the dream refers to some variety of rules or traditions that are binding people. A dream about handcuffs is usually indicative of being restricted by someone else’s will or opinion. If your dreams are starring handcuffs, then there is an outside force preventing you from doing what you would like to try and do. Perhaps your creativity and dreams are being stifled by someone in your life.

Dream About Someone Handcuffing You

Dream About Someone You Know Putting Handcuffs on You

They are holding a grudge against you. They will constantly remind you of certain poor decisions that you have made in the past. They will keep reminding you of these things until you live them down.

You have committed a crime or done something wrong in your dreams. Meaning that you are subconsciously aware that you have done something wrong, but it is hard for you to accept it. Usually, dreams about handcuffs symbolize feelings of guilt and this could also represent an addiction to something.

Dream About a Police Officer Handcuffing You

The dream suggests that an authority figure in your life will have power over you. If you dream about being handcuffed, it can suggest that need to be careful of what you are getting yourself into in life. You will need to take an honest observation of your dreams and understand what they mean on a deeper level.

Your dreams are trying to inform you that someone is trying to possess power over you. You will be mostly powerless to fight back. Someone will allege you of wrongdoing and put you in prison of some kind.

You may be guilty of weakness in your dreams and this can be how you will always feel. Someone will see you as a straightforward target to take advantage of and they will do just that, taking unfair advantage of you. The handcuffs represent the guilt you feel for letting people walk all over you and get away with it.

Dream About Handcuffed Out of Nowhere

Your freedom to do anything will be restricted. This circumstance will hugely hinder your ability to live your life. You will be weighed down by the chains of guilt. If you are a prisoner in dreams, you may be feeling confined and restricted in your waking life. Maybe circumstances have taken over or maybe you’ve allowed them to take control? This may also mean that someone is trying to hold back on you.

Dream About You Handcuffing Someone

To handcuff someone in the dream suggests that you wish to possess more control and power over someone. Perhaps your psyche may signify that you are too possessive and restrictive of the people in your life. Consider letting the person in question have some breathing air and room to live.

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