What Does it Mean to Dream About Lollipop?


Lollipop Dream Meaning

Dreams are the royal road into a human being’s subconscious and unconscious minds. When we dream about lollipops, in particular, it suggests that there is something you enjoy but can’t get enough of - and this may be tied up with indulging yourself sexually or through food. Perhaps your thoughts turn around some new skill or accomplishment? Alternatively, if most of your day was spent at work, then dreaming about licking on a tasty candy might indicate how much more rewarding those times would feel compared to when you’re too busy working.

Dream About Actions With Lollipop

Licking Lollipop

A lollipop is a symbol of childhood innocence and the joys that come with it. Licking one’s tongue on its surface makes you feel like a child again, free to enjoy simple pleasures without restraint or hesitation.

Giving Lollipop

A dream featuring giving lollipops foretells that you will offer some rewards or bribes in waking life. You will coerce someone to make him or her feel special. Caution yourself when even considering such an immoral action let alone actually going through with it.

Sucking or Swallowing Lollipop

The lollipop in your dream tells you that it’s time to indulge a little bit more and enjoy life. It could also mean oral sex if the candy on a stick is related to this in waking life.

Unwrapping Lollipop

A dream of unwrapping lollipop plastic or paper in the real world suggests that you value short-term pleasures over long-term rewards. You want something now and will likely regret it later.

Choking on Lollipop

If you had a dream of choking on a lollipop then you might be having a hard time making decisions in real life. You may be feeling like nothing is going your way. You should make sure that if anything could go wrong, it does not happen to you.

Dream About Lollipop Colors

Blue Lollipop

The blue lollipop in your dream indicates that you need to be cautious about how committed you are and what sacrifices others will make for a relationship in waking life.

Red Lollipop

A blood-red lollipop embodies your passionate nature and the desire to indulge in what you love.

Green Lollipop

Many people dream about getting a green lollipop. In their minds, the candy symbolizes an unexpected gift from someone they admire and possibly even love.

Dream About Lollipop Appearances

Giant Lollipop

In your next dream, you see a giant lollipop. This signifies that the following day, or soon after, will be an exciting one for you because of luck involving money. Perhaps it is time to buy something special like jewelry? You should also think about how much more enjoyable life would be with this newfound wealth.

Small Lollipop

Seeing a lollipop in your dream suggests that you have been making concessions because of something, and the situation may not be as great or rewarding as they seem.

Many Lollipops

This passage tells you that your work will pay off, and there are many great opportunities ahead. You should try to see all the potential outcomes before choosing one, but it’s best not to overthink too much because they may be more difficult for you.


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