What Does it Mean to Dream About Shell?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Shell?

The shell has a long history of meaning. Still, in the most general sense, it signifies security and protection.

We can glean from your dream what type of shells they were or how you use them to understand their significance better.

Dream About Actions With Shells

Dream About Collecting Shells

You have a unique perspective that is not easily replicated and has been sought by many people over time for its ability to transform lives.

Dream About Picking Up Single Shells

When you find a shell on the beach shoreline in a dream, it is said to foretell your journey across the great expanse of water. A vacation near an ocean will allow time for self-reflection and soul searching with plenty of fresh air.

Dream About Being Inside a Shell

If you dream of living inside a shell, it might be time to start letting yourself open up and experience life. The way we close ourselves off is counter-productive in the long term - after all, there are so many amazing people out there who would love to get closer.

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Dream About Objects With Shells

Shell Necklace

Shell necklaces in dreams symbolize success in love and finances. All your life experiences are connected to form a complete view of who you are, so remember all the little stories they could represent!

Broken Shells

It would help if you were careful about your surroundings and any possible hurt that could come to you. You might feel a little more vulnerable than usual, but don’t worry; it’s just temporary.

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Dream About Different Types Of Shells

Dream About Shells Of Sea Life


You might be feeling powerless and insignificant in your waking life. Beware of people taking advantage of each other, leading to more conflict at work and at home.

Cowrie, Conch ShellsNautilus Shell

Dreaming about shells indicates that you are self-reliant and do not want to trust others. You may be trying to find a way out of the situation on your own or might even feel like it is too difficult for anyone else to help you with this problem.

Tortoise or Turtle Shell

Turtles are a symbol of protection, to go under the shell and be shielded from what’s out there.

Clam Pearl Shell

Clam and pearl shells when seen in dreams are a sign of impending growth of wealth. You will soon be rewarded for something you have done with these gems in your possession.

Abalone, Scallop, or Oyster Shells

Sadly, it can often be difficult to enjoy wealth when you’re trying so hard for money. In this case, your dreams of shells might signal financial frustration and difficulties in accessing or enjoying the fruits of your labor - particularly if these are related specifically to seafood like abalone, scallop, or oysters.

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Dream About Nuts And Fruits Shells

Snail Shell

Snail shells in your dreams signify that you will take it slow but steady to achieve success. You’re not going to get much help along the way, and as such, you’ll have to grow into better versions of yourself at an incremental pace.

Coconut Shell

Coconut fruit shells in your dreams can represent feelings of being stubborn. This is especially true if the coconut was used for something like a vase or some other container, suggesting that you are taking on too much responsibility and not allowing others to help out.

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Dream About Other Types Of Shells

Egg Shells

In your unconscious mind, the eggshell is a symbol of how comfortable you are in certain situations. If it crumbles easily, then you feel like stepping out of your comfort zone more often. If it’s harder to break through, this may be because things make staying where we’re at seem better than risk-taking or trying something new.


You may be feeling like the proverbial ticking time bomb with pent-up frustrations. If you don’t blow off some steam soon, it will explode in your face! That’s the message indicated for real life by a bombshell as seen in a dream.

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