Cassowary Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism, and Meaning

Cassowary Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism, and Meaning

Cassowary’s role as an ecological protector of the rainforest is not merely a job. Still, rather it acts following its intrinsic nature. Mother Nature has designed the cassowary with features that make you feel like this bird has always existed - for more than 50 million years and will continue to do so long after humans are gone. They have deep black feathers on their chest which resemble fossilized leaves from ancient trees where other birds nest or roost close enough together forming what look like enormous nests made out of small pieces of fabric ripped into tiny shreds while Cassowaries keep watching over them from dusk till dawn protecting these special places from harm.

The cassowary was created by mother nature, who had different goals.

New Guinea and Australia are home to this powerful bird. They have a bony protrusion on the top of their heads that helps them with courtship and territorial disputes. cassowary’s head is so large and heavy that it can’t walk upright. They use their keen sense of smell to defend themselves from predators, but they also have the hardest kicks in nature!

The cassowary has a unique body structure where its neck meets with its shoulders (producing what appears as an oversized ‘hump’). This gives them incredible balance - even on two feet or four legs - which makes up for their lack of wings, making this bird one tough customer who will not back down without a fight.

When we think of armored birds, our minds wander to creatures that once coexisted with majestic prehistoric animals such as dinosaurs. On the other hand, cassowaries are very much alive, extremely well-protected, and one of the most dangerous birds on the planet. The cassowary features a massive inner claw as if its frightening armor wasn’t enough to make adversaries reconsider their plans. When the monster uses this claw, it is significantly more harmful than a Falcon’s strike. This signifies that cassowary’s vibrational energies are linked to human safety and defense.

You’d think cassowaries, with their stunning regalia, would be bold, yet they aren’t. They like to remain unnoticed, especially by people. A six-foot-tall bird, on average, is difficult to conceal. However, when it comes to mating, the cassowary takes a lonely, quiet route and frequently visits individuals who follow a similar path in spirituality or daily life.

With an average height of 5-feet, the cassowary is a giant among birds. However, those who happen to come across these flightless animals are in for quite the surprise! The bird’s most dangerous feature by far may be its feet so sharp that they can crush everything in their path during head-on collisions and even have been known to break through steel mesh fencing. They’re also incredibly agile with many different ways of dealing with obstacles, leaping towards targets (up to five feet), or stomping them into submission if need be!

The male cassowary is one of a kind, in that it raises its young by itself. For nine months, it sits on the eggs and looks after the chicks after they hatch. Whistling and peeping, the girls follow their dad around. When it’s time to relax, dad fluffs his feathers to make room for the chicks to snuggle. This is a true monument to loving fathering.

Observation of the cassowary at a young age demonstrates that it is a superb individualist. Each one has its personality. If a youngling travels away from the group, they will be chastised for putting themselves in danger. One may wattle uncomfortably while another strut around roguishly. People in the region start calling the birds by their names, assuming the cassowary might be one of them. People in the area have given the birds names because they believe the cassowary is related to humans or reincarnated souls. Cassowaries are highly versatile birds that can run, swim, and jump. Ostriches, Kiwis, and Emu are among their relatives.

Cassowary Spirit Animal

Cassowary Medicine is strongly associated with personal protection in the body, mind, and spirit. This Spirit Animal is drawn to persons who need to learn defense techniques and build up barriers against bad or harmful energies. The Cassowary is an excellent companion for empaths who find it difficult to dial down the amount of information they get.

A second reason cassowary appears in your life is when they are confronted with a seemingly insurmountable obstacle — shrugging and turning away isn’t enough for cassowary. There are always alternatives, and this Spirit Animal is here to assist you in locating them. Is it necessary for you to fly (raise your vision)? Do you need to walk around it to have a good look at it? Do you need to navigate choppy waters (in terms of coping with your emotions)? You’ll find a way to overcome cassowary’s questions if you work through them.

Cassowary may also try to make you aware of the physical abilities that you are unaware of. People can be far more powerful and nimble than they realize, especially when defending something or someone they care greatly about. Cassowary assists you in accessing those skills when you need them the most.

The cassowary is a homebody who may show up when you’re focussing on your holy area. Remove anything that is obstructing positive energy. Take satisfaction in the work you’ve done at home. Make something that reflects your personality and vision. Cassowary would appreciate it if you put a new security system on your to-do list.

Cassowary Totem Animal

Those who have a cassowary totem animal understand how to protect themselves and all they care about. It’s a natural reaction. This person will frequently have a sense of impending danger, recognizing that something is amiss long before the actual incident occurs. People should pay attention to cassowary’s warnings. Even better, when problems arise, these individuals fall into the category of “fix it” people, resolving thorny issues.

You have a strong sense of ecological care and responsibility, especially when it comes to clean water if the cassowary is your Birth Totem. If you aren’t participating in some form of green civic action, you may end yourself with a “watery” job at some point. For you, dancing in the rain is sheer delight! The main drawback is that you have limited flexibility in your outlook and views. Since the cassowary is a black and white totem, people who have it as a totem are adamant in their beliefs.

In a similar vein, the cassowary people’s health is frequently tied to their surroundings. They are physically susceptible to anything from chemical cleaners to air pollution. These people must live in a clutter-free environment and utilize only natural goods in their homes. A cassowary Totem carries a territorial streak. Therefore it’s not a good idea to show up for dinner uninvited! Cassowaries value those that respect boundaries and always reciprocate with the same respect.

People with the cassowary totem frequently trip over secrets, putting them in the unpleasant position of choosing between expressing what they know and potentially hurting someone. Cassowary totem bearers are typically conservative and keep information to themselves. As a result, persons with a cassowary totem make good counselors, not just in matters about social concerns but also spiritual. Even when confronted with unpleasant truths, you can put your trust in them.

Cassowary Power Animal

The cassowary is a shy guide within you, despite its formidable look. Understand that when it manifests as a Power Animal, it will only do so if it believes that the request is appropriate. Before your meditation, a snack of tropical fruit is a good offering to assist you in connecting with cassowary energies.

While you’re dealing with fear or vulnerability, especially when addressing challenging aspects in yourself, channel your inner cassowary. Cassowary’s “C” symbolizes courage.

The cassowary is a powerful soldier and ally for individuals who battle to defend themselves against a brutal world as a Power Animal. The cassowary mindset focuses on your inner power core and demonstrates how to control and manifest it.

When maneuvering through sticky barriers or when you’re too afraid to address someone directly, call on your cassowary Power Animal.

Aboriginal Cassowary Symbolic Meanings

According to Aboriginal people in the rainforest cassowary is the regal champion of the forest, but one who is more concerned with preservation than conquering.

The origins of cassowary’s headgear are a mystery. All Animals lived happily and protected the earth at the dawn of time. Cassowary was the solitary exception. He hid from others since he knew they would scorn and ridicule him because he couldn’t fly.

From afar, cassowary observed the other animals playing in the water. They were having fun, but cassowary swam alone when they went. When a Lizard landed, he noticed cassowary and pointed him out, saying, “Look, a non-flying bird!” Everyone, of course, burst out laughing.

He dashed across the forest as quickly as he could, embarrassed. He slammed into a massive boulder and shattered it into pieces, one of which landed on his head. The animals laughed even louder, and cassowary just kept racing, eventually exhausting himself and sobbing until he fell asleep. Cassowary continued to stay away from everyone, knowing that he now had a stone lodged on his head, which made things even worse.

Cassowary was a patient observer when he returned to the watering hole. When everyone had left to save the Seahawk, he took a wash and went fishing. When the seahawk noticed the cassowary, he struck up a discussion with him. Cassowary described his position, pointing out that the Seahawk was the only one who hadn’t taunted him like the others.

Seahawk emphasized to cassowary that all creatures, big and little, had a place in the world, even a non-flying bird. Cassowary was reminded of Seahawk’s fish-catching wings and yam-digging claws. Cassowary could now break things with his head, making him one-of-a-kind. Cassowary, on the other hand, was not yet ready to rejoin the other animals.

He returned to the river and camped nearby. Cassowary awoke to loud shouts, which he initially mistook for a ruse to entice him out of hiding. So he waited till he heard a frail voice pleading for assistance. None of the other animals came to his rescue when a snake bit the Seahawk. He requested the assistance of the cassowary in chasing the snakes away.

So the valiant cassowary charged into the camp, felled every tree he could, and chased the snakes out. Cassowary was enraged when the snakes laughed at him even as they fled. So he scratched and cracked them with his claws and his skull. Without saying anything else, they all left.

The animals cheered as they flocked around Cassowary. For them, he became a hero and a role model. Cassowary was overjoyed now that the tormenting was over. He wears his helmet to this day, safeguarding the woods of North Queensland. The cassowary is the subject of many songs, dances, and legends among the Aborigines. Feathers, claws, and bones found on the ground became hunting amulets and ritual ornaments.

Cassowary Dreams

If you see a cassowary in your dream, it means you lack self-awareness and pride. When you’re feeling lost and alone, cassowary comes to visit with a message: you don’t have to be alone. It’s time to emerge from the forest and recognize your unique place in the cosmos.

If the cassowary attacks anything in your dream, it’s a sign of impending conflict. This is a predicament you can no longer escape. By staying or being stagnant, you are giving away your power. Also, despite its size, this challenge is easier to solve than you believe.

Something in your situation isn’t healthy when cassowary stands alert in the rainforest in your nightmares. Examine the relationship between job and home, body and mind, or the spiritual and the everyday. Make improvements to the regions that aren’t getting enough attention.

A sleeping cassowary symbolizes a turning point in your life. There are two unique paths to choose from, but you lack perspective at this time. Take a step back and look around. The optimal option will become apparent.

In a dream, seeing a white cassowary represents spiritual growth and better psychic perception.

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