Hen: Spirit Animal Guide, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning


To find out if hen totem is straightforward. Once you are doing that, you’ll be able to gain a stronger understanding of the journey you’re on and why you’re connecting with a specific spirit animal.

Spirit animals, particularly the hen totem, can symbolize something significant in your life. The Chicken Spirit brings happiness and blessings.

The hen spirit guide symbolizes fertility, birth, children, and sexuality because it relates to the girl.

Now, the symbolic meaning of the hen can vary with the animal totems. It could represent a lobster, poultry (chicken, eggs), octopus, or a wild bird.

The chicken spirit totem could signify vision loss, severe depression, or lack of motivation.

To get it right, attempt to balance the energy of the Sun and also the power of the world around us. Animal totems are capable of providing spiritual guidance if you understand what the symbol is trying to convey.

Fertile, Nurturing, Motherhood, Sexual, Feminine, Depressed, Sad, Spiritual, Honored

The symbolic meaning of the hen

They may also represent divination, honesty, and scarcity.

The Spirit of the Hen is claimed to extend sensitivity to spiritual things.

  1. Their spirit corresponds to a yin and yang relationship. However, with a refreshing twist of equal appetite. Additionally, Their spirit guide ensures quality parenting so that you’ll be able to enjoy quality time along with your family and loved ones. La Gallina helps you set family life in perspective or find your purpose in life.
  • On the opposite hand, they can indicate mentally disturbing behavior patterns or anxiety. listen to anyone who wants to require advantage of your generous nature and put a stop to your spending. The chicken also can be an indication of problems within the bedroom or relationship problems caused by infidelity.

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