Know Your Native American Zodiac Sign and Astrology

Know Your Native American Zodiac Sign and Astrology

Bear totem

Bear is a Native American birth totem that represents Earth and the West. The bear brings strength, truthfulness, acceptance, and sincerity to its persona - even among women! If you have this as your totem, then be curious about the world around you. You are drawn towards puzzles with more complexity because it intrigues you so much if they unravel mysteries for others or not, though caution should balance such an action before spoiling anything at all.

You may be a bear totem if you enjoy sitting back and gathering information for future use. You might also find yourself to be very physical, responding sensually with the slightest touch or input. One of your challenges is understanding that there’s more to this world than just what I encounter on the corporal level - but don’t worry! Your spiritual self isn’t easily categorized in any filing cabinet because it has many diverse aspects all within one shared space: yours!

A bear may not enjoy change, but he knows it is inevitable. He has to learn how to adapt so that a bear can grow to its fullest potential and no longer be the same one day.

Beaver totem

The beaver birth totem is tied to the element of earth and the cardinal direction of East. People with this totem typically have a natural tenacity that won’t let them quit on anything they start, even if it seems impossible at first glance! This can be very advantageous for projects such as building houses or creating art. These people tend to make strong foundations in their relationships, too; after all - what’s more stable than an earth-based foundation?

In the mundane world, the beaver people often worry over finances. As a result, they work very hard creating security for themselves and those they love. Any excess from these efforts often goes into charitable acts that make the beaver smile within.

A totem of beaver indicates an underlying sense of self-assurance in you, which is why your home environment reflects your personality so well. It’s because you are regarded as a “homebody who loves to entertain.” The phrase “hostess with the mostest” truly applies here: the beavers always offer hospitality by balancing a social life with privacy, to just the right extent!

Beaver’s exterior is calm and collected, but they know how to have fun. They need not become too focused on work because it could cause them to miss out on life lessons from the other side of their dam - living for play!

Deer totem

The deer has the Earth as its totem and is associated with the east too. Those born of this totem enjoy a keen wit that makes them admired by many people who contact them because they have a sweet coyness about their personality in general.

If you are the deer, your gift of gab is superb. You’re imaginative and quick wit keeps conversations energetic and engaging. You’re not afraid to speak in public, so do well where you can use this talent regularly!

Deer people are compassionate and nurturing. They tend to put others’ needs before their own and it is an excellent quality for those searching for unselfish love. Yet, underneath the deer’s exterior lies the realization that something deep within you isn’t entirely content with your life as it stands now. To combat this feeling, all one has to do is find themselves a challenging goal - because when we turn on our focus, there will be nothing interfering with its flow!

Born under the sign of the deer? Lucky you! You are an expert when it comes to playing hide and seek. And since the deers come out at night, use your talent on Halloween so that people will be scared if they see a stag instead of just feeling disappointed because they lost their favorite pillow in their grandma’s basement.

Falcon totem

The falcon totem is well-grounded and takes sound decisions, even when they are not in their own best interest. The falcon sign often finds themselves as leaders, because they know what it feels like to make good choices with positive consequences for others. They want nothing more than to find adventure wherever life may take them - whether it’s running or going into space!

You have a strong sense of personal truth that rarely wobbles, which can be misinterpreted as egotistical. However, your keen eye and senses create accurate observations down to minute details, so this is not the case!

Falcons are very passionate partners, so much that they’re expressive in creative ways of their love and sexuality. The falcon needs a partner who can fly high with them on an exploratory journey where the winds take you to see what’s ahead for fulfillment. Walk-in prayerfulness as one challenge is getting intimate with your inner world because it’s easy to ignore its depth, preferring less complicated topics instead like when results are easily visible. Alas, falcons need that deeper connection if they want to discover all the glory hidden away within themselves, which may not be seen otherwise without this intimacy.

Owl totem

Owls are open-minded and creative. Owls have the energy of fire, plus they can make a grand entrance to any room. They leap before looking, which may lead them into trouble at times, but this leads to their analytical thinking skills - something that others admire about the owl’s personality.

People in their life appreciate how one listens without interrupting, taking everything seriously as if it were the last thing they would ever hear. However, when asked an opinion, it will be an honest one whether there’s pain or not - no matter who might be listening.

If you are an owl personality, the first thing that greets your soul upon birth is hope and optimism. You honor your spiritual side in all its forms and endeavor to integrate it into everyday experiences. As a seeker of knowledge, never ceasing enjoyment through discovery, owl people see things with clarity from afar before entering any situation head-on while staying true to their purpose, which can be challenging for them as society becomes chaotic around them.

The challenge for owl is fully present at the moment. There are so many things to see and do that try to squeeze 100 experiences into one, which leaves them with no transformative experience at all - this person reads life like a book instead of reading their own story with an open heart and mind.

Raven totems

Raven is a symbol of rebirth and renewal, with the power to make all wishes come true. The air element and the west direction govern them. Those who carry this totem have business as their middle name. They love growing projects into companies that secure them financially in the process. Raven is intensely charismatic, bright like the sun, highly principled. If you need someone to represent you during negotiations or sales deals (especially for higher than expected incentives), ask a raven: chances are excellent that he’ll get more than what was initially asked for!

Raven is, in many ways, a paradoxical creature. They are energetic and quickly excited about commercial undertakings, yet they remain serene even under the most challenging dealings with others. This can be seen when dealing with those who demand what Raven tries to give them without question or pause for their own needs. It means that ravens tend not to get angry themselves but rather calm down once they realize there was an issue that caused them distress on behalf of someone else - asking forgiveness.

Flying with the raven totem can often leave you feeling outside of life as if looking in. Ravens love pretty, shiny things that may not always be practical but are very satisfying to have to surround them. This propensity applies both to your physical surroundings and new projects or ideas, which, while exciting at first, don’t always turn out easy once implemented.

Salmon totems

The salmon totem is ruled by the fire element and resides in the southwest. If you thought beaver was a bundle of energy, wait till you meet a salmon person! They are so fast that they seem to disappear right before your eyes. Driven by enthusiasm, passion, and love for life, people will be attracted to them, often jumping into their stream when it seems like nothing but fun ahead with no end in sight - only rapids of good times following suit ending as an overall success.

Those born under the sign of salmon must have meaningful objectives to bring compassion, understanding, and generosity into their world. They will not do anything without thinking about how it could help others or be helpful to a situation. Greed has no place for them since they care so deeply about making things better for those around them with whom they are connected through partnership relationships too. Both people’s involved experience creates significant changes that improve themselves forever thanks to these connections as partners who seek out what is best for each other instead of personal gain only - at the expense of one another’s well-being.

Salmon is the most refreshing of all totems. They provide a sense of insight and understanding that can be difficult to find in other people but often come with deep emotional connections. Salmon is ready and willing to provide just that - artistic refinement when it’s needed-with its stage mannerisms for those who serve without recognition from others or even themselves sometimes.

Snake totems

Snake totem carries the element of water and is associated with the northwest. According to Native American traditions, the snake was often chosen as a totem by shamans because they are healers and spiritual guides in their tribes. Like the snake, you remain unruffled by little drama - you slide along cooly while handling matters at an even pace. People trust your confidentiality when it comes to secrets too!

If you’re a snake personality, life is an obstacle course. You have to keep adapting and changing to stay relevant because your enemies are constantly evolving too. But it’s not all bad - you also enjoy the challenge of tackling new problems or goals head-on!

People with snake totems like change for its own sake; they thrive off risks that others find paralyzing. Their minds work at full speed constantly, making them excellent problem solvers who can juggle ten tasks without missing a beat! They might be good at multitasking but their biggest challenge so far has been letting go of past experiences when these memories make room for future opportunities.

Carrying the power of change, when you walk with a snake personality, a natural affinity for mystical and spiritual matters is inevitable. If this connection to your higher self intrigues you, consider taking up the path of an adept, which will allow you to serve those who are on their path as well. With its strong focus and sensitivities that can be honed without the need for accolades or recognition, this powerful creature weaves through life’s lessons expertly, even in times of uncertainty.

Snow goose totems

You’re a naturally optimistic and resilient person. This totem is part of the snow goose challenge, which includes setting high expectations for yourself, but you know how to take setbacks in stride with good-natured humor because you learned long ago that laughing at oneself can be very healing.

Snow goose people are lovers, not fighters. You would instead give your energy to positive efforts for the greater good. This totem animal illustrates the meaning behind the phrase, “slow and steady wins the race” - snow goose always has an eye on a prize but also knows that sometimes greatest successes cannot be rushed.

Inside their circle, snow gooses like to create a welcoming haven by filling it with beauty. This reflects the true soul of these very genuine and faithful people, particularly of and for close family members. Even when the group is in a heated argument, the snow goose will still offer her input and help mend wounds.

Wolf totems

The heart of a wolf is very generous. They seem to have no limit and will give anything they can for those in need - sadly, some take advantage of their nature.

In the Native American zodiac, the wolf totem comes under the governance of the water and northeast direction. This animal zodiac sign holds that wolves require solitude regularly and an intimate relationship where partners understand when it’s necessary to space out or spend time away from each other occasionally.

Wolf has a sharp mind but relies heavily on gut instinct. Wolf can sense when people are not being truthful or have bad intentions for the group and can quickly weed them out with their ability to smell emotions and detect lies in others’ voice tones. The only time this might be difficult would be among friends who know each other’s motives so well that they may take advantage of it while still seeming trustworthy.

Wolves are natural seekers: they take the initiative when it comes to spirituality and philosophy. They have a knack for using their knowledge of walking between worlds as an asset, which is especially useful in teaching others.

Woodpecker Totem

The woodpecker is the nurturing force of the Sacred Divine Mother. This animal knows instinctively when to offer aid and of what kind; they effectively “kiss boo boos and make them better.” Those born under this sign are known for their devotion in relationships, taking time to find just the right partner before committing completely once found. Once engaged, all attention goes towards making that person happy with great energy from both parties involved.

If you have a woodpecker totem, money is your thing. You know how to be very creative about budgeting and it provides security for those around you, which makes joy flow from within. More than anything else, though, people with this birth sign are passionate environmentalists who find themselves drawn to the sciences of nature. Their connection with terra firma brings them the warmth that can only come when one has found happiness in oneself first.

Woodpecker is the most emotional of all birds. They can be sensitive and easily overwhelmed by emotion, but that’s why they have to work hard at balancing their relationships with love for them to not become too intense or unbalanced on either side. Woodpeckers also need self-love because they are so often focused outwardly; it will allow them to feel fulfilled.

Native American zodiac and astrology overview

The Native American Zodiac has many similarities to other celestial systems of predicting our present and future. In its simplest form, astrology looks at the placement of stars, moon, and sun at the time of your birth as a pattern that illustrates what you are on a spiritual level, including in terms of how we tie ourselves with planet Earth and living things in an interconnected web or sacred network.

The Native American Zodiac is a system that provides insight into your purpose and contract. As you grow, understanding what you are here to learn will significantly change how decisions are made in life. The original purpose or archetype written on our DNA affects us personally as well as collectively among others - it not only becomes an astrological sign but also defines who we were before birth and determines which path awaits after death.

Native Americans believe in the wheel, which is a seemingly endless journey that each soul takes to meet its destiny. When one door closes and another opens with more opportunities for self-actualization, it’s really about making a memorable experience out of life rather than just getting from point A to B. For example, people are often inspired by their goals on new moon nights, while waxing moons make emotions obvious. Still, full moons bring spiritual enlightenment where waning ones reveal sorrowful memories or thoughts.

Native American astrology vs. modern astrology

Many people are familiar with Western astrology, but the traditional Native American divination system is a far cry from what you see in daily newspapers. Solar astrological systems focus on 12 signs that make up the zodiac and can predict specific events or occurrences in someone’s life. But just as many other factors play into our lives, so does this three-dimensional view provides an understanding of how each person comes together as a whole soul through multiple perspectives that represent their own unique “intention.” This clarifies why one sign or archetype would not take precedence over another. While they all have meaning individually, when looked at collectively, they paint a complete picture of who we are, which means there’s no need to pick favorites.

Identifying your archetypes is like coloring in the lines of a new life! A Native American Zodiac chart has every possibility at its fingertips. It means that you have free will to do what feels right; this includes drawing outside the box with crayons.

Native American astrology and zodiac origin story

In ancient times, people depended heavily on the signs and omens from their surroundings. Very often it fell to a medicine person or shaman to interpret these signs, as is the role of wise healers who can look at an animal’s entrails for guidance in healing rituals (psychics). They paid very close attention to what they saw around them, including patterns - sometimes even repeating ones that would tell when it was time for planting, harvesting, travel, etc. These ways are much like modern road maps with a farmer’s almanac, where you read about how many days until spring equinox or harvest moon!

Native American myths and fables were used to understand the patterns of stars to connect with more profound truths. These same stories are still being told today using horoscopes, which illustrate what may happen during and after different stages or periods based on these ancient tales.

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