Possum and Opossum : Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning


Possum is a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal. Possums teach you how to find fast fixes for complicated problems or do it by themselves! They also remind us that we are underestimated at times but can learn from this later in life. If you want help with problem-solving right now, then get the spirit of Possum around your neck like a necklace or bracelet today!

Possum & Opossum Symbolism & Meaning

The term “playing Possum” is misleading, as Opossums do not choose to play dead when scared. When they are too stressed, they enter a catatonic state and lapse into shock in order to escape the fear by feigning death or playing Possum.

Possum’s instinct is to avoid conflict. Still, when it finds itself in a sticky situation where fighting seems the only option, Possum knows how to “play possums” and use its deceptive abilities to appear an easy target. This creature has symbolic ties with strategic planning because by anticipating your opponents’ moves, you can be prepared for any attack they may try on you - whether or not that includes playing possums!

Possums are a group of animals that include babies, adult females, and males. There is evidence to suggest that the term “jacks” may refer to male Possum due in part because it has ties with the nursery rhyme “Jack and Jill,” where cooperative effort proves far more effective than the lack thereof (i.e., Jack falls down while climbing up the hill).

Possum Spirit is a great Guide to work with if you need help uncovering hidden truths, including spiritual ones. At birth, they are blind and rely on their instincts in order to survive, which makes them excellent Guides for those who want insights into the truth of this world.

The Possum is a creature of the forest, but it may surprise an unsuspecting homeowner in more urban settings. The animal chooses to sleep near people or animals during daylight hours because its nocturnal nature means that’s when they can be safe from predators. While this gives them Earth Elemental ties you could tap into for stability and practicality, they are adept at shapeshifting, so perhaps there are other magickal properties we do not know about yet!

Possums are small mammals that live in the Americas and Australia. Possum spirit animals use their intelligence to survive, so they’re often curious about what is going on around them.

Possum & Opossum Spirit Animal

If Possum (Opossum) is your Spirit Animal, you may hear opportunity knocking or have the chance for adventurous travel. As your spirit animal guide, Possum’s arrival could be to caution you if he arrives unexpectedly when a valued possession of yours has been lost in an accident, and authorities do not yet find it.

Possums react to tough situations by seeking the path of least resistance. This can be a blessing as well as a curse, as it means they are constantly looking for their next meal or escape route. When considering whether you should take on a new venture or not, think about whether you have all your other children taken care of before diving into exploratory waters without any support from old friends like me!

Possums are distantly related to Marmots. The Possum is one of the best animal spirit guides for a seeker looking to tap into psychic senses and make the right decision with a holistic payoff. Possums can awaken skills from past lives that were buried deep down inside, or they may help you find your way back home if lost in another life’s dreamscape.

Possums are the Spirit Animals for those who need to reconnect with their inner child. Possum’s pouch can provide a haven, and it is also an excellent place to meditate on what one might be missing in life.

Possum & Opossum Totem Animal

If you’re born with a Possum Totem Animal, then blending in is the name of your game. You take on many different identities as needed to blend into any environment without much effort: no one will ever suspect that beneath your surface lies an animal like possums who are comfortable living just about anywhere and can often outsmart those they live nearby, luring them away from their homes or hiding food when there’s none for themselves. The ability to adapt quickly also means that while you may not be overly open at first due to trust issues, once someone earns it, people know they have a companion through thick and thin- so don’t hesitate!

Possum People are clever creatures who rely on their intelligence more than brute force. While other people spend all of their energy in the fight, Possums wait patiently for an opportunity to move and execute a plan with precision timing. The patience that Possums have will allow them to succeed if they listen closely when you’re grounded, realistic, and biding your time!

Possums do all they can for their children. A mother will carry fifteen more babies on her back. I am sure that if you are a Possum, then it is probably because your Totem Animal represents the things and people who depend upon you to be there for them in any time of need.

Possum & Opossum Power Animal

Possum Energy. This animal is a strong symbol of renewal, death, and rebirth in many Native American traditions. When it faints from being scared or feeling threatened, the Possum figuratively “dies” but comes back to life (just like vegetation dies during winter then rises again with new growth). When you need that same kind of inner strength after an overwhelming time in your life, call on this Power Animal for help!

Possum is an Animal that can help you find your way when life throws a wrench in the works. Possum has to stay out of sight and mind, so it’s perfect for multitasking while remaining true to yourself through every aspect of your life. When things get tough, don’t give up - instead, rely on this secretive animal ally!

Possum is a creature that holds within it both the best and worst of traits. The Possum urges you to ask yourself, “What face do I need today? Do I have enough resources, or am I backed into a corner? Sometimes people have no choice but to be assertive when they are backed against the wall by an aggressor with them cornered. Invoke Possum when needed for one final stand!

A possum power animal is at once resourceful and pragmatic - combining aspects from both qualities as it moves through life’s journey. It can sometimes seem that being aggressive requires abandoning all other parts of our personality.

Native American Possum & Opossum Symbolic Meanings

Native American folklore is full of stories about the Possum, depicting them as a trickster spirit and clown that plays dead to escape danger. Mexican tribes have their own lore surrounding these creatures; women carry charms with possums on them for protection against birth complications like preeclampsia. The folk tales also say Possum brought fire down from heaven in order to bring warmth into people’s lives during cold winter months (like this one).

In some Native American cultures, individuals looked up to the cunning animal as role models when faced with mortal dangers themselves. Warriors would imitate what they saw opossums do- playing dead until close enough then striking out at their opponents - which was often enough shock alone without any help from war cries!

Possum & Opossum Dreams

The appearance of a possum in your dreams is often interpreted to mean that you are over-exposed. You need either put on your camouflage or get out quickly from the situation because there’s something about it you aren’t seeing yet and want no part of. Do not give way to self-deception, even if only for yourself’s sake.

The Possum in your dream is trying to lead you astray. They have a specific plan and are using tidbits of information as bait, all the while hoping they can get something from you without any harm befalling them. However, their dishonesty becomes so outrageous that it attracts attention; once the culprit reveals themselves, they slink away or face serious consequences- whatever makes sense for what’s going on at this point in life!

Possum & Opossum in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

Possum people are intelligent, unpredictable, and creative. They have excellent instincts that carry them through tough situations with ease. Possums often take their time when making decisions to ensure the best possible plan of action is created promptly for any given scenario-a trait they’re great at executing on business ventures!

Being born under the sign of an Aussie possum means you’re a determined individualist who always has another equally detailed backup plan ready just in case things go wrong. Your ability to adapt quickly makes you perfect as either boss or employee since your personality can be quite mysterious; even those closest to you may not know what’s going on behind closed doors (which some might say suits your true nature).

Possum or Opossum Symbolic Meanings Key

Problem Solving
Psychic Skills
Sacred Geometry

Strategy & Tactics

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