What Is My Spirit Animal According to My Zodiac Sign?

What Is My Spirit Animal According to My Zodiac Sign?

April is an exceptional month to me because it is Prevention of Cruelty of Animals Month. I’ve pledged to donate Five Thousand dollars throughout 2021 to help our animal friends who are constantly suffering from neglect and cruelty worldwide. With all these new projects coming up lately, like my Kickstarter campaign set for launch next week, April serves as an important reminder of how much work needs to be done to save animals from unnecessary pain and torture.

It is one thing to turn towards the animal realms for spiritual guidance and connection through Oracle decks. However, walking in harmony with animals also requires us to look closely at how our choices impact those around us. April is when we are reminded that it’s essential to take care of ourselves and show compassion so as not to hurt others on what can be an emotional roller coaster ride during Aries season- especially if you’re born under this sign like I am! Later in the month, we transition into Taurus season, which brings abundance and comfort - great times for yoga practice or meditation by candlelight before bedtime!

Empathizing with animals is about protecting them from cruelty and understanding their reasoning as to why. Elephants are always thinking and never forget the consequences of their actions; they remind us that we too must be mindful in our choices no matter what they may include for others or oneself.

When you stick with Elephant’s wisdom in times like these, there is no room for cutting corners on justice or balance. Unjust decisions will bring consequences that may shake your foundation now, but even if it feels impossible righting every wrong-justice and balance are at work! With Elephant’s advice, take some time this month to become more aware of your choices’ short and long-term implications.

March is an excellent time to get in touch with your assertiveness and confidence. Mercury enters Aries on April 3, bringing a feeling of clarity when you speak from the heart. Venus moves into Taurus 14th, and this brings more love, beauty, creature comforts, etcetera!

A few days later, on April 16, the Sun in Aries formed a square with Pluto in Capricorn. This can present challenges between what you desire and your best-laid ambitions and your need to dig deeper into traditions that stifle your dreams. You may have to contend with hierarchies or routines that stand against the practice and yourself if they are too stubborn for change. The road is not blocked; you need to look beyond apparent obstructions by unearthing these habits through digging deep enough, so they don’t stop any progress from achieving one’s desires of happiness!

On April 19, the Sun enters Taurus, bringing a desire to spend more time in nature or with your animal friends. You may also be feeling lucky this month as funds increase! This is an excellent chance to explore what you value and set priorities accordingly.

Mars enters Cancer this month, which means that you may be feeling more protective and nurturing of those close to you. You might also find yourself being overly protective or jealous if not careful because Mars is now in the sign of home life!

For the next couple of days, you might feel like your finances are in shambles. Your closest friends and family could turn on each other out of rage or misunderstanding; make sure to stay calm and supportive if that’s what is needed from you! You’ll also need time for innovation—don’t be afraid to go outside the box when it comes to solving this conflict between people who mean well but can’t see eye-to-eye right now.

Pluto in Capricorn began a retrograde cycle on April 27, reiterating the lessons of Elephant and Justice. This is why Pluto deals with drilling deep beneath the surface to uncover hidden truths and transform our structures. In contrast, Capricorn deals with tradition’s unchangeable platitudes that are being reopened for change due to this year’s retrograde. We may be called upon during these next few months, especially those who work within business or government sectors that have not been equitable before now—to revisit aspects of career or finances needing revision.

Scorpio’s Full Moon on April 27 will call you to delve deeper into your mystical and intuitive side. This can be an excellent time to enhance your intuition, form deep connections with others, and find inner authority through transformations that lead to greater personal empowerment.

African Lynx Spirit Animal and Oracle Card

Do you want to be on your own, or do you crave the recognition of others?

African Lynx, also known as Caracal, is dignified and powerful. They prefer to hunt in solitude, but they know their limits - it takes a group effort to get the job done! Like African Lynx, Aries are independent and ambitious- yet honest with themselves about what motivates them.

The first day of the month brings out your passion and intensity. On April 1, Venus in Aries trines Mars in Gemini makes it a great time to spice up romantic connections with loved ones or speak about feelings they may have been holding back for too long. The party continues as Mercury enters Pisces - making this an intense week where you will feel a strong wish to act to resolve past wounds associated with relationships while being more proactive by communicating needs now that help can be offered from someone who understands what’s at stake!

The Moon and Venus will be in Taurus from the 15th until mid-April, a relief for those who feel bombarded by intense energy. We need to take care not to act on impulse when we’re so overwhelmed with emotion that it’s hard for others around us to understand why things have become such an issue!

Mid-month is a time when you may start to feel less pressure than at the beginning of the month as your passion for something can still be firm but not likely to flare up with little provocation. Mid-month could also mean that it’s easier for you to go from feeling highly motivated and urgently compelled towards pursuing goals to fueling action toward achieving them by following a more steady pace of motivation.

In this turbulent time, you may need to work hard to keep yourself balanced. Your emotions can be so strong that it’s difficult not to act impulsively or selfishly - even if your intentions are good! This is why African Lynx might help by giving you a little bit of distance from the inner turmoil raging inside and outside. You’ll still have moments where feelings come up unexpectedly, but being able to recognize these things as coming solely from within will give them less power over what goes down in your life.

By the seventeenth, your ruling planet of Mars is in an excellent aspect to Jupiter and Mercury. This week, you may want to go out on a limb by embracing new social networking platforms or being more inventive with ways you communicate outside of what has been typical for you before.

The 23rd through the 30th might bring greater focus on family, home, and personal business matters. You may find it hard to leave your house or office for long periods as you’ll feel like a protective parent with every person who enters into their space will be infringing upon yours! As such, this is an excellent opportunity to prioritize things that are most important in life - starting from what’s closest at hand (in other words: Home) instead of worrying about faraway issues which don’t seem so pressing now. Make sure everything goes smoothly by taking care of not only one aspect but all facets simultaneously; make plans today before anything else changes tomorrow!

Zodiac Sign Spirit Animal and Oracle Card

Taurus Spirit Animal

For those of you who are Taurus, the fish most often associated with your sign is known for living up to two hundred years. They have enough time to work toward their goals and learn valuable life lessons to make a mark on this world and go away from it better than they found it. What would you do if you had two hundred years? Carp has been around long before we were born, so I think that gives him quite an advantage over us; he knows how things shake out after a while, which makes me wonder what advice Carp might provide even the patient Bull here today.

We are always in a hurry to find the answers, but often we don’t have all of them at once. This month give yourself time and space to contemplate your feelings to understand what is best for you.

You are a couple of nerves as your ruling planet; Venus is in Aries surrounded by an array of worlds, including the Moon, Mercury, and Chiron, to name just three. This can boost your emotions and make you feel like every decision has consequences for life or death situations.

It’s important not to give in when you feel like your emotions are about to take over. Remember that this is a good month for remembering the deeper meaning of what happens and how we must react appropriately rather than giving in to impulses or cravings when they arise.

The stars are taking a turn for the better after this week. Venus, your ruling planet, is in Taurus, which means that you can look forward to much more stability and peace as it passes by Uranus on the 21st. Although not all of these planets have shifted into their natural houses yet, they feel like home now with Venus’ arrival in its sign, where things will become more accessible than expected!

The recent stellium in Taurus will be hitting its peak this week, and the intensity of these planets may start to die down by next Wednesday. You’ll still feel a bit shaken up during their transit, but not nearly as intimidated or helpless as you might have felt before with some more vital aspects around from last month’s eclipse cycle or even earlier in 2017.

As you walk through this month, tumultuous and unpredicted changes might challenge your sense of financial security in particular. As unpredictable as it is sometimes to ride the waves, remember that on the more significant trajectory of your life, these temporary challenges will most likely turn into a serene journey.

Gemini Spirit Animal

Rhinoceros Spirit Animal & King of Pentacles

After a hard day of work, now is the time to indulge in your leisurely desires. This month will be an opportunity for you to enjoy yourself and treat yourself like royalty! Why not bask in some deserved luxuries?

How do you take care of yourself? What things please you in life and allow for a break from the hectic day-to-day grind? You deserve this mini-vacation before jumping back into another busy week! Spending time with friends is one great way to have fun, so make sure to keep up connections! Curling up with a book or visiting museums can also be suitable forms of entertainment. Treating oneself sometimes isn’t such an unpleasant thing; go out on that date night at your favorite restaurant or buy something nice for yourself because it’s deserved after all those hard work hours.

Mercury the Messenger, known for its ability to communicate and make connections between people, is in Pisces this month. Mercury will help you better understand your intuition with messages coming from more emotional signs and leading to fantasy-based thinking or illusions. Meanwhile, early on, bursts of creativity may come along as divinely inspired art that can not only bring joy but inspire others.

After the fourth, Mercury enters into Aries. This may come as an exciting surprise after all the changes we’ve seen so far! In this sign, your ruling planet motivates you with greater clarity of thinking and focus, making for a more confident expression to those around you who know how deep their dedication is to what they believe in.

The intense lineup of planets in Aries between the 10th and 21st will help you channel your energy into more creative, fun activities. If this is something you can’t do right away, remember to take some breaks from time to time.

From the 23rd through to the end of this month, Mercury is transiting Taurus and comes into close bond with wild and unruly Uranus. This can be an excellent time for spicing your love life.

Your favorite luxuries and fantasies in love and romance might be tuned up a bit as you become more open to experimenting. Your financial prospects are likely changing dramatically without any sign of slowing down, yet even amidst turbulent changes, it’ll feel like you’re getting lucky breaks. Rather than plans falling apart, this period will bring new doors opening for the future!

You may feel inclined to let loose and have some fun now. While others might cringe as you throw caution to the wind, you will likely find that this newfound sense of freedom is refreshing! You might be inspired by new opportunities for spontaneity in love and relationships, breaking the rules, or experimenting with different ways to show your affection for those close to you.

Cancer Spirit Animal

Lion Spirit Animal & Strength

Lion is here to guide you through the month, role modeling the majesty and grace of being able to hold your head high and walk with dignity. You don’t need to be loud or stoop low so people around you know what they can expect from their interactions; a firm stance will do just fine!

There are always ways to be the best you can be in any interaction. Even if things seem kind of tough right now, there’s a way for everyone else to see your spark! If you need others’ attention and want them on your side, start by showing that they have yours first.

On April 2, the Moon will be in Sagittarius and square Jupiter. This is a conflictual aspect, but when you face mighty Jupiter, there are always opportunities to work things out, even if it’s just about luck or intuition that gets us through. Also, since Pisces is complimentary with your sign, we’ll have more wiggle room for finding solutions by thinking outside of tradition and logic, which takes precedence over authority anyway.

The Moon will pass by Pluto in Capricorn from the fourth to fifth and may cause you to feel a sudden need for making your final decision related to money or career. From about ten days until sixteen after that date (on average), you should have renewed physical and mental energy as well as clarity of goals leading up towards those objectives; however, relationships can also become strained during this period which might motivate one into pursuing their dreams more vigorously at this point where changes happen fast so stay alert! If any loss is associated with these matters, this could be the last step before accepting what’s done - it’s time to move on.

Your intuition and mind are on high alert to the needs of your family from now until 23rd, but by 24th, you may be feeling like things are back in order. From 17-23, there’s an increased sense of urgency around matters related to business and home life, with some tension among loved ones or relatives.

Mars enters your sign, which can light up issues in your life related to home, security, family, business, or finances. This also kicks off with a square to the Moon now entering Libra, which may lead you down two paths: one that will aim for harmony amongst all involved while still feeling compelled by instincts telling you they need protection; another way where diplomacy takes precedence over making others happy but has less of an inclination toward being protective.

The 27th is an intense time to manage your financial and security interests and be intentional about what you want in a relationship. Retrograde planets could create tension during this period, but it’s worth staying grounded to ensure those desires are met now!

You have the opportunity to release inner fears and revisit losses that you may not have processed to move forward. You can successfully deal with these obstacles if faced head-on, but it will take a lot of strength!

You’ve got a fantastic chance right now: To face your fears, past process regrets, so we can finally be free from them for good if you’re willing and ready for some natural challenges-then step up and get started!

This month, the Moon will be in Capricorn and opposite Mars. You may have to work through conflicts between what makes you feel secure or at home and what others expect from you. Financial stress can also undermine your ability to create a solid foundation at home when it comes time for decisions about priorities in the future. If this is something you’re struggling with now, make sure that all of these factors are on the table as soon as possible, so they don’t hold back other parts of life too much later on!

Leo Spirit Animal

Black Panther Spirit Animal & Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is an archetype that will help you tap into your creative, visionary power this month. She’s sleek and regal, with a fiery spirit to match her style! With Black Panther by your side reminding you of the strength in philanthropy and altruism - there’s no space for self-pity or fear.

We hope you’re ready to seize the day because this month is all about taking action and facing challenges head-on. Be prepared for your successes to be linked with those of others who have similar goals in their vision! Remember that raising the floor does not just mean advancing yourself alone but also working on a collective level as well.

You may find yourself feeling drawn in two different directions this month, as the planet Jupiter and Saturn are both moving through Aquarius at the same time. You’ll have to decide what’s best for your individual needs while also considering how that might affect others on an even larger scale! These planets represent philosophy and discipline respectively, which you can struggle for many people around January 16 onward.

Some of the most influential people in history have led with a more profound sense of self-knowledge, aligning themselves to what is right for them while also considering others.

Your calling may involve following an unconventional path or drastic change when it comes to leading. Notable leaders like Gandhi, who found their voice by examining deeply personal thoughts and feelings on all levels, would agree! You are no longer simply concerned about your success but rather how this can be achieved through alignment with collective good and well-being.

Positivity and self-confidence are the two critical ingredients for making this time as successful as possible.

The next ten days could bring some exciting opportunities your way, but you’ll have to stay concentrated if it’s going to be a success! Consider what will make both you happy AND others around you feel comfortable with change at this point in life.

The New Moon on the twelfth may bring a fresh perspective and give you a solid push to succeed in your endeavors. Competition or intellectual challenges that challenge you to go farther than usual would be great at this time!

A few days later, on the 18th, your Sun and Mercury come closer to Venus while making a friction-filled square to Pluto in Capricorn. Please read the fine print now before it’s too late! This may dredge up conflicts or tension with family members or colleagues, as well as compelling you to feel compelled to branch out and explore new ways of going about things at work but feeling stifled by restrictive rules that force you down.

The Moon is in your sign, Leo, so you may be feeling the desire to tend to creature comforts and splurge on luxuries today. Try not to distract yourself with materialistic solutions when dealing with deeper issues because this seems like an auspicious day for nurturing yourself instead of tending outwardly.

The planets are aligning in a way that will make you feel like all the mundane tasks of life, your work, and routinely don’t matter. But they do! The end of August will be tough for those trying to balance their finances and maintain good health practices while keeping up with routines like taking care of household chores or picking up groceries. These details may seem tedious at first glance. Still, without them, things can quickly spiral out-of-control fast - so stay on top by knowing when it’s time to take action if any potential issues arise before serious problems hit home (literally).

The square between Saturn in Aquarius and Venus and Uranus in Taurus on the 23rd can aggravate tensions between your desire for comfort and security and the attitudes and actions of a group of friends or community you’re affiliated with. Dramatic and unexpected changes can challenge your financial plans now as well. This is not a time to get too attached to any financial goal, career path, or status marker, as many unexpected changes can occur in the coming weeks.

The Full Moon on the 27th brings an opportunity to transform something that we’ve been struggling with for a while. This is also a great time to investigate any insecurities about power and authority, especially in your career or financial management skills.

You might not know what to make of the changes happening around you, but it’s safe to say that they’re good for your career and finances. Despite any unexpected expenses this period can bring, such as a new laptop that needs replacing or an out-of-pocket medical procedure (like braces), there are also windows opening where doors were previously closed before - namely in regards to promotions at work or opportunities abroad which will give you more disposable income than ever before!

You may have observed a few changes in your life as of late. There are so many dramatic changes coming up that demand our creativity; make sure you’re ready! The rollercoaster ride has settled, and now is the perfect time to look back on what worked for you this past month and use it again next month.

Virgo Spirit Animal

Koala Spirit Animal & Oracle Card INVERTED

Nurture your way to contentment. This month, take a clue from the Koala and hold what is dear to you close by for protection! The marsupial carries their young close to their bodies, but they are relatively laid-back when it comes down to just about anything else (even other animals).

Virgo, this is your time to take a more laid-back approach. You’re an ace at scouring the horizon for details so you can always be prepared, and it’s vital that now of all times, you strive for happiness in life with a calmer mindset.

Koala is the perfect animal for a world where we have to tune in and pay attention. Take their lead, stay aware of what’s important to you, and don’t sweat it!

The meaning of a reversed card is often interpreted differently. Sometimes it can be seen as an indication to avoid distractions or detours that take you off track from your potential outcome. At the same time, other times, they signal the potential for deep insights and adjustments in perception if one has the ability.

Just like Koala is famous for spending all day relaxing in the tops of trees, you can also take a step back and relax. In this way, if not trying your best makes you more successful, then maybe it’s worth taking off that pressure to always be perfect!

Planetary transits this month are concentrated outside of your sign, but that doesn’t mean planetary activity won’t impact you. Starting the month off, Mercury will be cozying up to Neptune in Pisces (Neptune’s zodiacal house). This can lead to mental fogginess and confusion early in the month and fantasy-based thinking or illusions.

Though you are typically immune to illusions because of your analytical skills, this is a time in which you may benefit from dabbling in the creative and imaginative more than the logical. Please don’t lose your foundation and anchor now when faced with new ideas or opportunities but use them as an opportunity for exploration rather than refusing their validity.

Mercury in Aries will bring more decisive and clear thinking to make crucial decisions. Mercury is one of several planets lined up, including the Sun, Venus, Chiron, and for a brief period on April 5 through 20th with the Moon too!

You may feel more pressured than usual to take action. You might find yourself becoming frustrated when you can’t do something, even if this is contrary to your nature. Use these feelings as motivation and let go of anything that’s not in your control.

You may find that as Mercury moves into Taurus on the 20th, it brings a more comfortable feeling because they are fellow earth signs. Even though planets are aligned in this sign later next month, you will feel less pressured and intense energy than usual.

Amid your busy schedule, take a moment to enjoy life and slow down. Take up cooking classes or spend time in your garden for some much-needed relaxation.

Practical forms of nurturing and pampering yourself and others are in order at this time as you may be long overdue for recharging your batteries. This can also be an excellent time to bring stability, security, and peace into romantic relationships that have been craving it all month.

On the 26th, the Moon in Scorpio comes into opposition with Uranus and later with the Sun. This can be an important time for you to challenge yourself by letting go of superficial trappings of security and control during this cycle. Revisiting goals may occur now, so make sure they align with what matters most - doing something meaningful while helping others along their way too! Finding your power from within is critical as these cycles repeat themselves until we are no longer victims of our delusions or those imposed on us externally.

Libra Spirit Animal

Chicken Spirit Animal & Oracle Card INVERTED

At first, chickens are social creatures who can be shy, but a collaborative effort begins once they find their place among the crowd. Chicken is working with you this month, and now it’s time to nurture your social network!

When a card is inverted, it can indicate that your potentials are not being fulfilled, or something may be delaying them. The month of July could provide you with an opportunity to examine and assess what’s holding you back from the life you want for yourself.

Have you been following the crowd too closely without questioning their motives? If so, Chicken may be trying to tell you not only can your voice matter but that this is an excellent time for self-expression. Maybe it’s because if everyone else agrees on one idea, they will become more of an individual. There won’t be any lone voices in opposition until people start challenging what has already been said.

You may be called to make some adjustments in your thinking and perspectives so that you are not overrun by group think now but still mindful of the shared goals as part of this group.

Aries is your opposing sign, which means that the planet transiting through Aries triggers events in your life to make you question and confront assumptions so you can reconcile conflicts and integrate valuable lessons. This makes for a more exciting journey as it turns out stronger and wiser than before!

It is true that, at the beginning of each month and until about midway through, most planets will be aligned with Aries. This means tension has been building because you are forced to act on your terms since others may not understand what you’re going through at this point.

It can feel like a struggle within yourself where one part wants to break free from all obligations or responsibilities, so they don’t have any restraints over their actions while another craves being able to experience life as it’s handed out by other people who care for them unconditionally—but these feelings aren’t compatible either way!

You might think that it would be great not to care what others think and live the life of an independent soul, but at the same time feel tied down by society’s expectations for approval despite wanting independence in some aspects. This can lead to resentment if you are not stepping back every once in a while to examine your boundaries because this is how we learn where our limits lie, so we know when they get crossed or violated, which leads us on a path towards becoming more self-aware individuals who work hard at being genuine with ourselves as well as those around them! The inevitable internal struggle may last a few weeks before you start dreaming of going your own way.

The intensity and focus of the period now can turn into a much-needed boost for finding your autonomy in relationships. As Libra, you don’t have to worry about becoming inconsiderate or abandoning others; that isn’t who you are. However, this could be a tense part where it compels you to do what is suitable for yourself even if those around first disapprove.

You may be feeling more confident and self-assured this week because Venus is coming into conjunction with the Sun, Moon, and all of your energy. This can be a time for you to break away from insecurities or doubts about yourself and any relationships that are no longer fulfilling you. You can make things happen for yourself so start speaking up without worrying too much about what others think!

You may feel like being pampered and looking for tangible signs that others love you this month. Instead, when faced with evidence or not, try to create an atmosphere of love around yourself by doing something as simple as a deep breathing exercise! Venus’ transit of earthy Taurus can make these needs especially strong, taking away some insecurities about it.

By the 20th, you may feel as if your money and love life are in flux. Venus will be coming into conjunction with Uranus on that day, which is a complex planet to deal with because of its volatility. You should try not to fight against changes happening at this point: it’s time for some major upheaval!

If you’ve been feeling jealous and suspicious lately, there may be a good reason why. At the end of this month, Venus will oppose the Moon around Full moon time. This signifies that your emotions are out of balance, especially in love but don’t make assumptions. Sit down to reflect on what might be driving these fears as they could stem from deep-seated issues going back for years or even generations!

Scorpio Spirit Animal

Silkworm Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

Silkworm is an ancient symbol of intuition, lunar energy, and spiritual awakening. This month it wants to remind you that the time has come for a more excellent reinvention and reconnection with your higher ideals- Silkworm can be pretty productive on this front if you take some time out from everyday life to delve into your intuitive power!

This month, your two planetary rulers are going to be traveling through nurturing signs primarily. Pluto has been in Capricorn and remains here, following a slow and unusual orbit. At this time, you may have to retread over financial paperwork or revisit old business or career plans. At the same time, retrograde motion casts an eerie light on other traditions like legal paperwork that need reviewing at the moment too, so take care of it before things get messy!

If you haven’t fully healed from recent losses, you need to dive more profound at the end of this month and revisit lessons from complex challenges and situations that tested your confidence. This can help build resilience in times when it feels like tough love is all it is left.

Backtracking to earlier in the month, on the 10th, Pluto strikes a square with Venus. Now that this powerful astrological alignment takes place, you may have to dig deeper and face your fears and jealousies when dealing with relationship issues. Clashing with a partner or vying for power within relationships will be tempting but likely not productive now as too much emotional intensity is happening at once!

The stress of a significant change in one’s life can make it difficult to maintain close relationships and friendships. Keep an open mind when dealing with new financial or career objectives that will require massive changes.

Aries is the god of war, and Taurus represents wealth. There will be a long-standing battle between these two gods that may turn tragic with this relay race as Pluto gets hit over and over again!

With the square between Mercury, Venus, and Pluto in effect this week, your frustration may come out unfiltered. Beware of how you communicate with others - despite what intentions are conveyed on either end of the conversation line; it can easily lead to an argument that needs a mediator.

You may find the month of July to be a time when your intuition is heightened, and you have vivid dreams. You might also focus on family relationships, healing them if needed, or paying more attention to work-at-home life.

Pluto’s retrograde motion can be a stressful time. For example, you might feel the need to look deep within and trust your intuition even if it takes an unconventional path for what is typically considered wisdom. The Full Moon will come around this same time, allowing you space to reflect on how these changes impact your life and may offer some insight into why they’re happening now.

Around the 27th of each month, there’s strength in being introspective which could lead one against conventional wisdom or down paths that connect with their inner wellspring of creativity or spirituality without fear of judgment from others who don’t know where we’ve been before finding ourselves again after such change as Pluto’s upcoming retrograde motion - just over a week away!

This is particularly true when it comes to romance and finances. You may have to make difficult choices now; try to look at your more profound motivation. What outcome matters to you? Are you genuinely trying for the most efficient path, or are the temptation of status and power factoring in? Being more open-minded than expected can help work through a conflict in either love or money right now!

Sagittarius Spirit Animal

Alligator Spirit Animal & Page of Cups

Sagittarius, you are ready to make peace and create harmony with anyone or anything. You may try to avoid your deeper feelings because they seem too heavy for a philosophical outlook on life.

The Alligator is the perfect animal to help you do just that. This mighty creature can go deep beneath emotional waters, but they are also proficient in intellectual realms such as air and land. As a highly perceptive species, Alligator will be able to sense when it’s time for change or healing within your relationship with someone close by March!

Your sign’s lucky stars shine bright this month as the Moon in Sagittarius and Mars in Gemini come together with Jupiter. As these three planets meet, they create a trine that will make you feel so amazing!

You may feel like your safety net is not as secure now, but that’s because you are expanding into new groups and organizations. The old beliefs about home and family are no longer applicable to this broader perspective so use the support from influential people in these communities to help guide yourself through challenging times.

Your planetary ruler Jupiter in Aquarius is now making a favorable trine to Mars, and this will be triggering exciting breakthroughs for you. You may even find yourself adopting new language or ways of communicating, all so that you can integrate these new ideas into your zeitgeist.

This transit lasts until about the 18th, so you may feel compelled to explore new studies and read controversial books as you open your mind. You might also be more confident and adamant in what has previously been taboo or “forbidden” topics at this time, but remember not to get too obsessive with it!

This transit will last through the end of July (roughly) - permit yourself for some exploration while opening up your perspectives on things that are usually considered off-limits.

You are about to face the tug-of-war between your own individualistic needs and what others expect of you. On the 21st, the opposition will be made with Jupiter in Aquarius, which may cause tension within yourself and around other people’s expectations for how you should behave or think. Try not to let group rules override personal desires; find a balance that works best on both sides now.

The Moon once again cycles through your sign around the 28th, and this can reawaken your intuition, dredge up feelings you’ve been trying to suppress, and lead you on a path of exploration. Don’t be afraid to channel these emotions in service to strive towards fulfilling ideals; Alligator will remind you that there is still dry land even with deep feeling!

Capricorn Spirit Animal

Armadillo Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

With their hard shell and rough exterior, Armadillo is not the most cuddly of animals. However, they teach us that we can still use our emotions for defense without being defensive ourselves.

Prefer to stay in your shell? Armadillo reminds you that it is possible. You can protect yourself while also being a shining example of those who don’t feel as confident around conflict or aren’t feeling the best they have ever felt this month- which isn’t easy. Still, we all have ways to support one another and be kind when we might not always want to be.

This July, it’s the month of retrogrades, and Pluto is taking you back to old money matters. You may have to go over your finances in a different way than usual. Don’t be afraid if it feels like everything has changed around you- It was just waiting for its turn when all along, nothing had!

Do you feel like it is time for a change? It should come as no surprise that in the coming days, your life will be thrown into upheaval. You think everything has been stable and steady at this point, but now there are changes on the horizon. Even if they are not ones you have planned or expected, Saturn’s transit through Aquarius tells us to embrace them with open arms because these breakthroughs may push us forward faster than we could ever imagine!

Saturn in Aquarius is trine the North Node as it continues to move through Gemini, and you may feel compelled to break with tradition. Even though your path might be uncertain at first, there will be an insight into making lasting changes suitable for you.

You may not be able to fight a deep, pervasive drive within you that wants you to take on the responsibility of being part of something bigger than yourself. Though it is tempting for some people to want nothing more than their victories and possessions in this world, your desire has always been greater: You know how important and influential it feels when those around us are safe from harm. This month will give you ample opportunity for service, as Armadillo’s lessons have taught us that we must show our compassion while remaining firm boundaries set by ourselves; fulfilling these desires can happen through helping others!

The 27th will be a tough day to love and make money. You may have misunderstandings with your partner, or they might not understand why you’re sacrificing now for later rewards, making this time especially challenging in the financial realm as well.

Aquarius Spirit Animal

Donkey Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

When we push them to their limits, they rebel. They do this in a much more gentle way than what you might expect from such an animal—albeit still rebellious and full of pride. Donkey often gets the short end of the stick when it comes to being used as property by humans who abuse them for work or entertainment purposes; yet, despite all odds against him (and her), Donkey will always have their wayward defiance if necessary.

You may be a free thinker as well, Aquarius. You see it for the justice it truly is because of how often people think stubbornness equals individuality in those born under this sign- but really, all these individuals have different philosophies about life than most others do! Donkey is too, and that’s what makes them such great friends to you now when they want to ensure your interests are protected.

You may be a free thinker as well, Aquarius. Donkey is too, and that’s what makes them such great friends to you now when they want to ensure your interests are protected because of how often people think stubbornness equals individuality in those born under this sign- but all these individuals just have different philosophies about life than most others do! Aquarians: You’re not alone with the daily cycle like many other signs; instead, it seems the opposite since you’re into nighttime lifestyles. Hence, Donkey has been an excellent friend for us who can see our justice without any trouble!

The Moon is transiting through Scorpio, known for its intensity emotionally; Saturn might have something to do with this too since it’s currently located at 23 degrees 45 minutes from Capricorn, squaring Pluto (who also just recently moved into Sagittarius). Feelings are stirred up easily when dealing with these matters. You could react impulsively only after lashing out or reacting strongly- if not sooner than later! Your streak can be triggered now, and as much as you want to find your place in the group, you may feel unnerved by rapid changes that challenge beliefs about communities you once felt a part of.

This month, the stars are aligned in your favor- with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Moon all located close together. This surge of energy may help you channel creative impulses to achieve greatness, but it can also be a difficult time controlling your temper! It’s no secret that we’re more prone to reacting when our emotions run high. At the same time, there is ample opportunity now for positive action thanks to this so-called “Arietid” (named after the constellation Aries). Prepare yourself by exercising self-control.

When the Sun, Mercury, and Venus are in Taurus, this can bring shocking disruptions to your finances and love life. You may not anticipate all of the unusual twists and turns underway now as much as you try to plan for them so just let go when it comes time.

This upcoming Full Moon on September 27 will bring you shocking revelations that may have been lurking beneath your surface. Do not fear these feelings as they give us the strength to guide our fate into new territory! Uranus is in opposition to this full Moon and can trigger a need for change or reinventing yourself.

Pisces Spirit Animal

Tasmanian Devil Spirit Animal & Five of Wands INVERTED

You may have to find your inner Tasmanian Devil this month, Pisces. You prefer a passive and compassionate approach, but it’s time for you to assess whether or not others are intruding on your territory.

When a card is inverted, it can indicate delays or detours. It can also show a potential that you have yet to live up to; Pisces’s ferocious inner Taz may need the suitable catalyst. Otherwise, they will prefer to bypass conflicts altogether.

The month begins with Neptune conjunct Mercury in your sign, Pisces. These cosmic energies can make you more eloquent and diplomatic now. At the same time, this is an excellent time for your creativity to surface as well!

The astrological calendar is full of insights for the coming month, but careful consideration and preparation are needed to ensure that you’re on top of your game. After an exhilarating week conjunct with Mars in Gemini, a square between Neptune and Mars may have some people feeling frustrated or disappointed when logic conflicts with their imagination. But don’t forget about reality! The Moon will be passing by Jupiter this weekend which can increase our intuition while strengthening those connections we have within ourselves as well as others around us - make sure to take time for yourself during these few days before returning in to work mode following Monday’s moon void-of-course period (a good day where there isn’t any movement from the Sun or stars).

The 23rd is a perfect time to mix your practical and nurturing nature with the spiritual, psychic side. You might be able to focus on tedious detail better than before now that Neptune in Pisces opposes Virgo’s Moon. Many people start diets or do more exercise around this period, which means these tasks are easier for them too!

The Full Moon on the 27th is a time for intense intuition, creativity, and spiritual exploration. As you start exploring these new aspects of yourself during this phase, try not to get too caught up, let go, and ride the wave! The Scorpio Moon will be in conjunction with Neptune at this point, which can stimulate your psychic instincts as well. This may seem like an odd pairing of elements; however, it complements each other nicely to create something unique.

Grace Thorpe

My years of experience counts to almost 10 years in my field where I have been counseling clients for the last ten years in career, business, work, relationships etc etc. I use tools like Astrology, Numerology, Tarot Cards to unlock the potential and guide people to the best outcome. I have an educational background in Pharmacy, Mathematics, Computers, Chemistry, Astrophysics but I am passionate about my work in guiding people to their destiny.

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