Walrus Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism, and Meaning

Walrus Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism, and Meaning

Walruses are known for their massive tusks, which are handy tools. Walrus can use them to drag themselves up onto ice ground, search for edible clams and mussels on the ocean floor, or protect themselves. Walrus teaches us how to adjust cleverly, even when the situation appears to be difficult.

Walrus tusks also have another use. They have a role in mating rituals. Walrus asserts its dominance in a non-aggressive manner. Crossing tusks, on the other hand, is a common cause of injury. If we don’t know how to use a tool or get reckless with it, it might be dangerous.

When we examine our walrus friend’s senses, we discover a creature with weak eyesight, a keen sense of smell on land, and delicate whiskers known as vibrissae. Walruses have about 450 vibrissae, each of which serves as a touch organ. They collect data and send it to the walrus’ brain, which allows them to determine the shape and size of various items encountered. We might compare this to psychometry from a human perspective because walrus isn’t “seeing” but rather “feeling.”

Walruses are depicted as warmhearted, gregarious, resilient, and prepared to defend what they hold dear in the arctic folklore and myth. Meanwhile, the walrus can be found in modern society as a trickster in Lewis Carroll’s poem. The Beatles wrote a song called “I Am the Walrus,” which alludes to this piece. Lennon wanted walrus to be a hero in his lyrics, unaware that Carroll turns walrus into a monster.

Walrus spirit, according to shamans, is the custodian of ancient knowledge and wisdom. Walrus, full of two tonnes in body weight, looms larger than life in our perception, reminding us of the whole picture’s need to perceive. In the latter case, walrus teaches you that secrets tend to leak out no matter how high the barrier between ourselves and them is.

Walrus blubber is around 6 inches thick. Not only does this keep the walrus warm but it also gives him energy. Since the Walrus lacks fur, the thick layer of fat serves as a dividing line between life and death in the frigid tundra.

The pups of newborn walrus can swim immediately away, which is an amazing feature. This action is indicative of a close bond with the water element. Female walruses feed their offspring for about a year. Even after that, they continue to care for them for several years. Walrus is a good metaphor for positive parenthood in this light.

Walrus Spirit Animal

When the walrus appears as a spirit animal to you, it speaks about leadership vs. following. Walrus prefers the latter since it is more straightforward. You have been approached about taking up a new position. Here is some advice: think about it. What will bring you joy? While another person is in the spotlight, “followers” might sometimes do more than a leader in the background.

The walrus spirit animal represents friendship and family relationships. It serves as a reminder to stay close to and care about the people you love, as well as those who reciprocate your regard. Surround yourself with the people that inspire you every day.

Those whom the walrus spirit animal visits are those who dislike change. In general, people favor fun, bright days, and finger food. While walrus shares your sentiments, it also understands that you’ll need motivation and action to make the changes you want to see. Comfort and wistful desire are not going to cut it.

The walrus spirit animal is a rare and wise creature of the water element. They take us on an introspective journey to explore our core existence, inner peace, and taking care of homeostasis for balance within ourselves. This is where we discover what we feel and the roots of why we feel the way we do. It is not an easy path, but it is one with significant long-term benefits. You will uncover secret gems within yourself that you were previously unaware of. Prepare yourself for the leap of faith. The walrus spirit animal will never abandon you and always be there for you when you need it.

The walrus spirit animal is frequently associated with significant dreams. Pay attention to what you observe in your meditations or night visions. This inner landscape contains significant hints. Find them and stick with them.

Walrus Totem Animal

Individuals with a walrus as their totem animal are extremely perceptive, especially when it comes to touch and smell. Simply stroking one’s hand or ring elicits startlingly realistic visuals and feelings. Over time, these people learn to trust their gut instincts and to apply their knowledge with love.

If the walrus is your birth totem, you have a mystical inclination and strong confidence in something greater than yourself. This emotional depth of belief gives flashes of knowledge and clues of old mysteries that motivate you to discover more. You’re very cautious about disclosing these details. You know from experience that not everyone is ready to hear about them. For others, the news is even terrifying.

You have aspects of both the earth and the water element in your personality if you have a walrus totem. You are grounded, but you can dive into a situation with confidence and boldness without even checking for waves. You’ve also acquired thick skin. It takes a lot to frighten you, let alone knock you down. The surface acts as a shield against emotional predators.

You enjoy large crowds socially. Walruses migrate as colonies, as a movable community, and this necessitates teamwork. Others and their presence, in general, are incredibly reassuring and uplifting for you. People with the walrus totem animal are also known for their nurturing qualities. Everything and anything that is lost, wounded, or incapable of dealing with the circumstance becomes your “project.” It usually refers to children or animals, although it can apply to any aspect of life, including philanthropic work. The only warning is to remember to take care of oneself along the road. Walruses are witty, robust, and resilient. All of these energy signals point to a bright future for you.

Walrus Power Animal

When you are working on spiritual growth or losing faith, call on your inner walrus power animal. Keep in mind that walrus is a custodian of old secrets. It is up to you to unlock them. When you’re having trouble getting perspective, the walrus power animal is a fantastic companion. You have a query or a decision but no solution comes to mind, no matter how you phrase it. Walrus energies are extremely beneficial in this regard.

Maintaining a head-heart balance is another great reason to seek the walrus within. Walrus lives in two worlds: the earth - concrete, logical, and grounded; and the water - which is sensitive and intuitive. In everyday life, these might become jumbled. Walrus can help you untangle those problems. Vibrations from walruses are protective. Allow walrus to well up inside you for courage if someone or something threatens you, your family, your home, or your friends. You should pick your battles, advises walrus. Not all of them are worth your time and effort, and they alter little other than the fact that you put in much effort with little outcomes.

Inuit Walrus Symbolism

According to the Inuit, Sedna, the Queen of the Underworld, is said to be able to shift into a Walrus at will. Sedna ruled the chilly and inaccessible far side of The Underworld. In her Walrus form, however, she explored and understood human worlds while wielding tremendous magical power. It’s because of this that the hunters would never talk about Walrus casually on their journeys.

Sedna or Pukimna are credited with creating walrus in certain folktales. Puki Na also created the caribou and was in charge of their rebirth. The Moon God then transfers the souls back to earthly worlds after she has completed her task. She occasionally sends the ghosts of dead walruses to those who have broken caribou or walrus taboos.

Another Chukchi tribe myth begins with a raven rescuing the sun and moon from an evil ghost. Raven seduces the spirit’s daughter, thrown off a cliff by her father when he discovers it. When she lands in the sea, she transforms into the first walrus. She remains a walrus-headed woman in the depths of the sea, with potential ties to both Goddesses Sedna and Pukimna. Walrus bones have been discovered and used in religious rituals and ceremonies and amulets and talismans.

Greenland Walrus Symbolism

Walrus appear as spiritual aids in Greenlandic texts (or sometimes as opponents). Walruses are regarded as brothers or sons by some. In contrast, others donate their skin to Shamans as a means of traveling between worlds (once the mission ends, the shaman returns the skin).

Celtic Walrus Symbolism

Walruses are said to be able to come ashore, shed their skin, and transform into humans. Once upon a time, a human male met and fell in love with a changed Walrus. Regrettably, her love of the water continued calling to her. She went back to the beach, reapplied her skin, and swam away. Folklorists believe that stories like these have a link to Scottish myths concerning Selkies.

Walrus Dreams

Details matter in dreams, just as they do in real life; even minor details can convey crucial meanings. In the case of Walrus, this dream can indicate that someone needs to be protected. You are currently overloaded, yet you are intelligent and capable. Carry it out. The Walrus is an interesting animal to think about in your dreams. Suppose you have a dream with Walrus. In that case, it might be telling you that there is something larger than life happening right now and alluding to how amazing or out of this world your appearance can be at any given moment, if only by comparison.

When I had my dream last night, when he made his way into sight as large as life before me, I knew what message he was trying to convey - sometimes we feel bigger than our problems. However, they are still just illusions anyways, which means we should enjoy ourselves while things are good! Do you struggle with self-esteem because of your weight while ignoring your natural abilities? Some people will tell you that your dream is too expensive or difficult to achieve. They see the obstacles and don’t want them to stop you from achieving them, but they definitely won’t help push through those barriers either. Although now’s not time for listening anymore - this might be a good place to start writing down what I’ve told myself over the years when facing hurdles: “If there were no problems then there would be nothing.”

In your dream, if the walrus appears to be watching another animal or person, you suspect someone is about to outsmart you. They are trying to frighten you. Make the most of your thick skin and stay away from unfavorable opinions, even your own.

Dreaming of a walrus in Alaska foreshadows the reawakening of magical abilities. It could also indicate travel and enjoyable gatherings. If the walrus appears angry or disturbed, it indicates your current mood. Walruses have a reputation for being grumpy. The dream is a warning to examine your mindset.

If walrus assaults you in your dream, something is preventing you from achieving a major personal objective. Alternatively, it could indicate that you are relinquishing control over a situation. Take firm and decisive action. Being kissed by a walrus is a sign of good fortune. Something whimsical and entertaining is on the way.

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