What Does a Nightmare During a Dream Mean?

What Does a Nightmare During a Dream Mean?

A leading occultist Alistair Crowley often wrote about the astral planes and visiting different levels of the psychic trail. Subsequently, several magical methods fluctuated from the Golden Dawn through to Chaos magic.

People use magic for several different reasons. For instance, some people use it to satisfy their needs and dreams, while others might imagine they’re meaningless or useless. I do know this thanks to my nightmares which have helped me study the planet around us through self-development to grasp myself on earth better.”

I experienced a dream of a few particular demons who sexually seduced me in my Dream. She was very alluring and had long black hair that flowed down her back, but she wasn’t human! I believe the bookshop owner could have helped with this case because he knows most about demons.

I was disturbed by this Dream, and also the next day, I researched her on occult forums. It became clear that she existed in an alternate dimension after I actually could see an image of her, so it’s safe to mention that demons are real! The demon from my nightmare had such firm control over me because he knew a way to manipulate energy. Now onto controlling monsters: What you would like is simply enough knowledge of astral projection; then, all you’ve got to try and do is use out where your spirit guide lives (in another plane) and provoke protection there while going into sleep paralysis mode or lucid dreaming state.”

Looking back at Nightmares

John William Dunne (1875-1949) was a mathematician, and he checked out why people have dreams of future events, and he wrote a successful book called “An Experiment with Time” and urged readers to keep a dream diary so they may prove if they will dream of future events. This guy believed that almost all people fail to spot most of their dreams, which to some extent is true. I do know that I forget plenty of my dreams! The matter with most dreams is that we frequently get so bound up in routine that we ditch our spiritual well-being. In summary, John tried to mention that we regularly forget that our dreams are future predictions, which makes the interpretation somewhat subjective. In his book, he outlined several dreams that individuals have had whereby actual events happened soon.

So going back to nightmares, if we glance at several famous writers, then they need to seek much inspiration from the dream world. As I said previously, altogether magical systems like the Golden Dawn and Chaos magic, if you can’t control your nightmares, it may hurt your overall well-being, which can ultimately cause adverse situations.

Horatio Walpole (1717 -1797)

The originator of the Gothic horror novel was accustomed to eating meat before going to bed; this was because he would experience nightmares for inspiration for his macabre tales.

In addition, Mary Shelly (1797-1851)

was haunted by lurid ghost stories and was haunted by a selected range of nightmares that provided her with enough inspiration to put in writing her classic horror novel, Frankenstein I could last and on.

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