What Does It Mean To Dream About Your Crush?

What Does It Mean To Dream About Your Crush?

One of the most common dreams for someone to have is to dream about their crush, mainly because it represents a reflection of our emotions and feelings we have towards them during the day.

When we have a crush on someone we tend to think about the person a lot more than we normally do. It feels like a huge pounding feeling in the heart every time we see them but a good one and the feeling is so unparalleled that these thoughts follow you into your subconscious. These dreams don’t exactly mean something, just how you have been feeling about the particular person. Sometimes dreams about our crushes can carry such an important message from our subconscious that we should be careful while deciphering them and do that by considering all the details that we can remember.

Meaning of dreaming about your crush…

A dream about a crush signifies some goal that is out of reach for you. You could even consider that the person is better than you. Maybe you keep daydreaming about the person and not take any actions to go after them or try to establish some sort of connection.

A dream about a crush can also mean that some desire you have will soon be complete. It sometimes represents an attempt to fulfill your desire to be with them cause you clearly can’t seem to make any kind of connection with them, so a dream tries to give you a taste of what it might turn out like. These dreams are often signs of your desire to be with them. In some cases, dreams like these are a sign that you desire to be loved and be in a pleasant and lasting relationship with someone. This dream tries to indicate your need to be romantically connected to someone. The crush in your dream might just be how you want your partner to be.

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For the ones in a relationship…

For people that are in a relationship, a dream about a crush is often an indication that you are not completely satisfied with your current relationship and that you desire some changes, whether you want your partner to change some things in the relationship, or you want to leave the relationship completely. Maybe the dream doesn’t show your dissatisfaction with your partner, but it exhibits how your partner could bring in some changes to make them similar in any way to your crush.

Different dreams about crushes and their meanings

In some cases, a dream about a crush could be a sign from your subconscious to begin taking some action to let your crush know how you feel about her. Maybe the dream is supposed to encourage you to go ahead and make a move on the special person. If you get rejected by the person at least you will know where you stand with her when it comes to being romantically involved. If things are meant to happen between the two of you, the person will accept your initiative. And if not, at least you’ll know you tried your best!

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Dreams about having a crush on someone you don’t even like in real life

If you dreamed of having a crush on someone you don’t even like in real life, or you probably even have hateful feelings towards them, this could be a sign for you to get rid of something you probably don’t even want, but at the same time feeling like that is impossible to achieve.

It is a sign for you to get to the tune of your feelings, it is also a sign of not feeling capable of getting rid of something that bothers you.

Dreaming of a crush rejecting you

If you dream about a crush rejecting you or somehow you keep realizing that your crush might just not be interested in you, that dream usually reveals your anxiety regarding this person.

Maybe you are overwhelmed with the thought about this person, expecting to be rejected if you tried taking an initiative, and that is what caused the dream.

This dream could not just be a reflection of your situation with your crush but also indicate disappointments you might face regarding some situations you expect to go wrong.

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Dreaming of your crush not returning your romantic advancement

If you dreamed of having a crush on someone and expressing your romantic interest, but not getting any reaction usually isn’t a good sign. It mostly signifies your current dissatisfaction with your romantic life and the loneliness you feel.

Dream of having a crush on a stranger

If you dreamed about having a crush on a stranger, a dream like that could be indicating feelings of uncertainty regarding some new chances and possibilities that you encounter and aren’t sure how to deal with them without feeling uncertain and incapable.

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Dreaming of someone good looking having a crush on you

If you dreamed of anything of the sort, it usually is a sign of your high confidence and feeling of self-worth. You believe that you deserve nothing but the best.

Sometimes dreams like these are signs of something good that is about to happen in your life.

Dreaming of someone ugly having a crush on you

If you dreamed of someone ugly having a crush on you, that might be a sign of news that you will not be happy to hear. It also indicates unattractive opportunities you are not keen on seizing will be approaching. This could also be a dream of your nobility and your desire to help anyone regardless of how you feel about them.

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Dreaming of having a strong crush on someone

If you dreamed of having a serious crush on someone, that dream is a good sign and could indicate your need to strengthen your bond with someone whether it is a business partner, co-worker, or even a friend.

A dream about having a strong crush on somebody is usually a sign of happiness and satisfaction that awaits you in the upcoming days.

Dreaming of answering someone’s romantic crush

If you had a dream of this sort, it is a good sign. Such a dream indicates you being able to solve your problems with ease, especially if they have nothing to do with your competition.

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Dreaming of a couple having a crush on each other

Having a dream where two people are crushing on each other may have a positive impact on your life in similar aspects. You can expect things to romanticize in your life too for observing such a dream might mean so. You might come across the one who is significant to you and would seriously involve in the relationship.

In case you already are in a cherishing relationship, this could be a sign of an unexpected outburst of good news and joy.

Dreaming about the experience to have a crush on someone

Visualizing such a dream where you experience having a crush on someone symbolizes the lack of love and affection in your life. It might as well mean that the person you have a crush on in your dreams might romantically be involved with you in the future. He could be your next romantic partner. This could mean you encounter the relationship you have always sought and make a cherishable pair.

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Dreaming of crushing on a famous personality

Dreaming of having a crush on a famous personality means that you desire to experience that level of success in your life or with someone who exhibits the qualities of that personality. Whereas this dream may also interpret meaning as feeling inferior or incapable of achieving success at that moment. It also indicates the loneliness or lack of affection you might be facing in real life. Maybe you want to experience love and commitment with someone and this dream signifies that empty portion of life.

Dreaming of a crush on a childhood mate

This is usually a good sign. It indicates that you might reconnect and re-kindle the spark in the relationship. Or if you already are in touch then you might go ahead in deepening it. It can be anyone from the past relating to this dream.

This dream might also hint towards the part where you get to know something surprising about the person you have to know since childhood. This would as well strengthen your bond with them.

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Dreaming about someone or something from the past

Having dreams about your past crushes might mean good or bad, depends on which context you visualize it.

If you were happy and content in the dream then it is indeed a good dream. It will bring you pleasure, good luck, fortune, and events that you will cherish for life.

Apparently, if you are sad in the dream, it might mean otherwise. Such a dream could be interpreted as the fact that you are not willing to fight and work towards your goals and prefer giving up.

A dream from the past crushes also focuses the radar on your shyness, the inability, or the lack of communication between your words and your brain. You tend to bottle things up be it good or bad and not share them.

This dream might as well trigger because of any recent incident or happenings in your current life that relate to or replicate certain past experiences.

Dreaming of a past crush could also mean you have feelings for them today as well. Even though it might be impossible, but your thoughts are somewhere stuck on the emotions and the wish to be with that person. You have been holding that feeling too hard to let it go although it might be next to impossible for that to happen.

You holding back this feeling would hinder you to meet new people with the same energy and try to establish a harmonious and cherishable relationship with anyone else. Such a dream also tries to provide you with the strength to move on in life. It is a message from your subconscious that you aren’t aware of.

If there an issue to be resolved or you expect some sort of closure, you need to be the one to confront that person in the right manner. After all,  it is you who is getting drained emotionally and mentally. This will help you move forward. The unnecessary obstacles will clear up and you will welcome new opportunities.

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Dreaming of your crush with their ex

If you dream about your crush and their ex being together, this indicates that you should really value yourself and avoid settling for anything lesser than what you deserve. This is a warning sign for you to stop spending unnecessary time and attention on a person who wouldn’t even notice or value you.

Regardless of the outcome, if you haven’t expressed yourself, make sure you do the confrontation. Don’t fear a rejection as the worst-case scenario it may be. If it brings you peace and satisfaction, it’s worth the shot. It might as well help you quit thinking of scenarios that would never happen.

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