What Does it Mean to Dream About a Dungeon?

What Does it Mean to Dream About a Dungeon?

Did you dream about a dungeon? A castle dungeon in dreams represents a feeling of being in a frustrating situation and struggle. You both feel stuck at the same time, keeping certain dark thoughts deep inside. Depending on what you are doing or where your head is, this could indicate how it might make sense to interpret that particular scene as part of your current state of mind and lifestyle.

Dream about building your dungeon

A dungeon is a place where you can keep all the things that are too dark for others to see but still exist. The content of these thoughts might range from terrible secrets and violent fantasies or even some childhood fears (such as being chased by monsters). No matter what it contains, this basement should always remain under your control.

Dream about entering a dungeon

To enter a dungeon in your dream foretells that it will be the time to question things you never even knew existed. You’ll come upon many obstacles but eventually, find what makes you happy and content with yourself.

Dream about being trapped in a dungeon

To dream of dungeons and locks may indicate that you are experiencing a difficult time with work, school, or family. You feel stuck in the situation and trying to escape, but it is proving challenging. It could also suggest fears about being trapped by someone close to you who has control over your life.

Dream about exploring a dungeon

Being in a dungeon or maze symbolizes the journey of life. The obstacles you will encounter on your way may be insurmountable, but with hard work and dedication toward what is most important to you, victory can still be had in the end.

Dreams about dark dungeon

As you drift off to sleep, the dark dungeons of your mind can represent unknowns and struggles that are coming soon. You will be threatened with situations requiring sound judgment but without all the information needed for a decision. The best way is just through it and not hiding what’s bad or avoiding troubles when they arise.

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