What Does It Mean To Dream About A Man?

What Does It Mean To Dream About A Man?

Symbol of masculine energy within the dreams of men and girls, the person lends itself to different interpretations, associated with the context during which it occurs.

These interpretations are more associated with the daddy figure or in any case to a crucial male figure in life when the dream is of a female.

And they tend, therefore, to associate the figure of a man with a picture of security and tranquility.

Obviously, important and not neglected are the small print of the dream, the small print, which helps to grant an accurate interpretation, also taking into consideration the circumstances during which the dream itself occurred and therefore the individual dreamer.

Before analyzing the various symbologies associated with dreaming of a person, it should be noted that in line with the Arabs, the figure being treated and represented is the dreamer himself, whereas the Greek writer Artemidorus considered him the symbol of the present and therefore the future.

Dreaming of a man: the various interpretations

Now we are visiting to discover the various meanings associated with dreaming of a man, associated with the various scenarios that may be foreshadowed.

Dreaming of an old man lends itself to a double interpretation. The previous image is linked to fatigue, to a very intense, and even disorderly, period of life, and so represents a sort of “invitation” to disconnect, to an urge removed from the chaos that’s experienced.

The second interpretation, on the contrary, associates the old man with the intellect, whose words should be held in high esteem because they may be of valid help to face a particular situation, which disturbs the dreamer.

Dreaming of a person with long hair, an expression of virility and strength symbolizes the perfect partner or perhaps your inner being and denotes confidence and security in your abilities.

Dreaming of a fat man is a picture closely associated with the health of an issue. If you recognize the person who appeared within the dream it implies that the dreamer is worried about him and his lifestyle.

If on the opposite hand, the person isn’t known, a fear - related to fat as something negative - is gripping the dreamer.

Dreaming of a person crying could be a dream vision subject to a double interpretation, supported whether the person in question has thought about it or not.

In the first case, the dreamer is seriously hurt by this person, and would really like to assist him; within the second case, on the opposite hand, an unknown face, could embody the inner self of the topic, not sufficiently “careful”, which involves light through another image, reclaiming its “space”.

Dreaming of a person in uniform, like a lawman or a policeman, is a (safety) (protection) symbol (especially if it belongs to a female dream image). Other times, however, it can denote an excessive tendency of the dreamer to manage, which also extends to the people around you.

Dreaming of a large man indicates a robust sense of self-confidence, great self-esteem. It is often a picture linked to a very important professional goal reached by the dreamer, to a positive result that marked a turning point.

Dreaming of a colored man expresses, within the purely feminine imagination, a hidden desire, nearly always physical.

In other cases, the dream image in question is linked precisely to paint within the literal sense of the term, representing the dreamer’s fear and also how he deals with situations.

In this case, dreaming of the Negroid is a few things indefinite, since it’s associated with the figure created by parents to scare their children if they failed to behave well.

If the vision belongs to children, it can symbolize a very suffocating parent; if instead, it belongs to adults, it’s definitely connected to fear, insufficiency, incapacity.

Dreaming of a dangling or hanging man, an awfully frequent image, it includes a generally negative meaning, associated with a period of difficulty and deprivation.

In particular, dreaming of a hanged man may also represent punishment for a related fault: if the person in question may be known, it’s the dreamer who wants to punish him, otherwise, it’s going to be the symbol of his inner being.

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Dreaming of a man: the numbers to play

The “standard” numbers to play associated with dreaming of a person are the numbers 71 and 90.

So we’ve got to think about the precise cases: so, for instance, the quantity related to a crying man is number 69, that of a dead man is number 27, that of a fat man is number 88.

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