What Does it Mean to Dream About a Wig?

What Does it Mean to Dream About a Wig?

Did you dream about wearing a wig? A dream about wigs symbolizes deception and the urge to cover up some incompetence. Perhaps, like me, your need is not only to display false impressions for others but also yourself because we all have certain imperfections that can’t be shown without fear of rejection or embarrassment. Depending on the type of wigs you wear in this dream (and whether they’re worn well) will determine how it’s interpreted - I say own those mistakes with pride!

Dream about wearing wigs

Wearing a wig in your dream can mean that you are trying to control how people see or judge you. You feel like others can’t understand the real person behind these thoughts and worries, so you have decided not to show any part of yourself until they do.

Dream about trying on a wig

The meaning of a wig in your dreams is that you are trying to be someone else and not realizing it. You may have lost sight of who the real person is, so people will see through any façade you put up.

Dream about covering up baldness with a wig

To view oneself wearing fake hair to not show baldness; indicates that you are trying your best in difficult moments.

Dreams about costume wigs

It seems like you’re not satisfied with your lifestyle and wants a change. It could be in the form of changing how everyone perceives you, or it might just come from making more ethical decisions about who to associate yourself with. What are their intentions? Maybe they have ulterior motives that don’t align well with yours, and once those become clear, things will start shifting for you!

Dreams about new wigs

When you buy or get a new wig, it shows your anxiety and self-consciousness about potential hair loss shortly. You’re worried that this will hinder one’s identity, such as losing strands of hair.

Dreams about new wigs

Dreaming about sporting a long wig is often hard to manage or wear; it can be seen as an omen of the coming of lies and gossip. You’re creating this fabric of stories that will get harder for you to navigate over time!

Dreams about burning wigs

Sporting a wig that is catching fire as if it were your hair can be interpreted to show how insignificant you think the event was in comparison. Ignoring what’s important and focusing so much attention on something perfunctory will only lead to disaster for everyone involved.

If you dream that you are wearing a colorful wig like a clown, it indicates your complete loss of sanity. You’ve embraced absurdity and humiliation as part of your lifestyle.

Dreams about wigs and not your natural hair color

Since your hair color can say a lot about who you are, wearing different colors and wigs is an extremely personal decision that requires careful consideration. If you’re not confident in choosing yourself, then think back on the people around you. Are they someone with whom it would make sense for me or my character to wear their particular wig? What’s something I’ve wanted to know more about them from afar but couldn’t get close enough without risking being intrusive? Now could be your chance!

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