What Does It Mean To Dream About Baptism?

What Does It Mean To Dream About Baptism?

Dream Meaning of Baptism

Dreaming of being baptized or witnessing a baptism could suggest a brand new influence entering your life and cleansing you of old sins.

Because baptism may be a willingness to let a different influence into your life, it could show you opening up to your inner possibilities or the energy that permeates and heals you. It could also be an influx of what had been latent or the potential in you that you have just realized.

So in this way, it symbolizes a door to a brand new version of yourself.

It is sometimes linked to birth or experiences connected to your birth and is, therefore, a re-connection of your conscious self with the deeper, life-giving unconscious elements within you.

And the meaning of birth isn’t necessarily associated with being a baby because we will have that repeatedly as a spiritual awakening.

This may be associated with an experience of old attitudes or ways of life dying or bereavement.

Dream About Water Baptism

It is more associated with the emotions and inclinations that arise from the experience of birth. In Christianity, it’s connected with the popularity of the community of the identity of the baby or baptized person.

Therefore, it suggests entry into this Christian community or society.

Since this cannot happen unless you have a way of loyalty and good wishes towards the group you join, it shows a change of heart. Baptism is seen as an ancient mystery.

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Non-Catholic meanings

In other cultures, baptism has the meaning of cleaning out old bad attitudes, concepts, and ways of life, to permit new growth from within and from social contacts.

In the Bible, water is spoken of in a particular way. For instance - “their hearts melted and turned to water.” (Josh. 7.5.)

The symbolism of water is added that it’s used for laundry and, more importantly, for quenching thirst.

So water baptism leads one to be cleansed, to be changed within oneself, and to possess his yearning/thirst to be satisfied.

Baptism by fire

This still has the cleansing in itself, but the experience is more painful, more fierce, burning the old material of one’s personality through powerful passions or emotions.

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Baptism of blood (war) or wine (spirit)

Blood and wine are often synonymous with dreams and might represent being deeply immersed in experiences that bind you to collective humanity.

For example, we all come upon specific experiences, like aging, and knowing how your personal experience unites you with several others could be a style of baptism in blood.

It can also mean that you inherit the work, attitudes, and perceptions left by voluminous humans.

It is the symbolism of the Baptism of energy or vibrations you feel within.

Sometimes individuals experience what seems like a force flowing through their body, causing it to vibrate or tremble.

Accompanying this can usually be a sense of great immersion in life, or of reference to all of life, or the mystery that lies within all of life.

Occasionally this dive is understood to be in a very collective mind during which there are countless others.

Of course, this could even be true for the opposite sorts of baptism.

In many cultures, some kind of water container is found in front of the temple. People wash in it or symbolically wash by dipping their hands in it. Such cleansing water can still be seen inside every church and out of the doors of the Japanese Shinto temples.

Baptism may generally represent a shift removed from the ego-centric life or child-dependent and self-centered life. It indicates us that we are being socially conscious and are eager to be a caring and functional part of the group or society within the one that lives.

This shift is commonly in the middle of the popularity of deep ties to one’s culture and also the enormous debt owed to it for language and identity formation.

This doesn’t go against the concept of ??rebirth or opening to your deeper unconscious, as proposed by Jung.

The recognition of your cultural heritage because it has functioned in you unconsciously is in itself the obtaining of a different life and is an access to a broader consciousness.

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