What Does it Mean to Dream About Birds?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Birds?

If we’ve ever dreamed of a bird or birds, we should always know that this sort of dream can have many interpretations depending on the sort of bird that appeared to us within the dream, what the bird does, and the way the dreamer relates to the animal.

According to Jung, the bird represents the conscious and ideal though, it’s something almost magical. According to various popular customs, dreaming birds may be a good omen, while keeping with the testimonies of varied legends and myths it’s an ominous dream.

They generally symbolize fantasy, creativity, peace, freedom, and indicate hope, aspirations, goals, and ideals of the dreamer.

Birds symbolism in dreams

Among the various meanings that the bird can express, the foremost common meanings are:

  • Sexuality, because for Freud it had been identifiable with the feminine reproductive organ;
  • Relationships with a partner, because it can express emotions associated with the lifetime of a couple;
  • Emotionality, sensitivity, since susceptible animals are the primary ones to perceive dangers and become alert;
  • Support and assistance because its flight expresses freedom and its song gives happiness to the soul;
  • Spirituality, because the bird is the messenger through which important messages are told;
  • Ideas, thoughts as is that the symbol, because it moves freely within the sky, of high ideals and noble thoughts;
  • Spirit because it symbolizes your soul that may soar and fly high freed from material desires and body.

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The cultural meaning of dreams with birds

For the Egyptians, dreaming of birds being hunted was an omen of misfortune and bad luck.

For the Babylonians, dreaming of birds symbolized the likelihood of finding objects that they believed were lost; while the dream of capturing them foreshadowed happiness upon arrival, but if the birds tried to flee from the dream they promised serious losses for the dreamer.

For Artemidore, dreaming of enormous birds boded well just for the rich, while dreaming of small birds was good for the poor.

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Meaning of dreaming about different birds

As mentioned before, the meaning of the dream may additionally depend upon the kind of bird you dreamed of general terms here could be a list of meanings per the kind of bird that appeared in your dream:

  1. Prehistoric birds: they’re thought patterns that do not belong to you.
  2. Swans: symbolize elegance and wonder.
  3. Crows: express the dark - a part of your personality.
  4. Hens: express fertility.
  5. Owls: represent mystery and intuition
  6. Swallows: represent travel and nostalgia.
  7. Eagles: they’re expressions of power and strength.
  8. Columba: expresses happiness and harmony in life and love.

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Other symbolisms

  •  A bird in a cage indicates that something hinders us from expressing ourselves freely.
  •  Releasing a bird symbolizes the discharge of its energies and vital forces.
  • A dead bird indicates that a number of our wishes haven’t been fulfilled, that we’ve suffered bitter disappointments, or that we’ve preferred to meet the desires of others before our own.
  • Killing a bird symbolizes the repression of your instincts. If you’re enjoying doing it then it can even indicate that you just have reached the goal that you set for yourself for an extended period of time.
  • Threatening birds denote the disturbance of your soul with ideas or thoughts that aren’t in line with your aspirations.
  • Pecking birds indicate that the unconscious warns us, advises us to not suppress dreams and aspirations.
  • Dreaming of a songbird heralds excellent news very soon.
  • Dreaming of a bird on the wing means luck and effectiveniess of private done positive affirmation.
  • Seeing over one bird on the wing implies that life has put before you more options to choose from and settle on.

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