What Does it Mean to Dream About Breasts?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Breasts?

If you see breasts in your dream, it can be a sign of nourishment and needing care. To see breasts in your dream can symbolize nourishment, with the need for someone to nurse and care for you. If a man sees them, they may be an indication of sexual arousal or raw energy. It may also signal anxieties about becoming pregnant and nursing an infant as well as being a woman.

Dream About Actions With Breasts


The breastfeeding dream is the ultimate representation of motherhood. It can show how you are feeling about getting pregnant, becoming a parent for the first time or it can just be representative of an infantile dependency on someone else to take care of and nurture them when they’re in need.

Breast Milk Leaking

Dreaming about leaking breast milk indicates that you feel like your nurturing is going unnoticed.

Breast Bleeding

To dream about breast bleeding with blood when you are a new mother or caring for young children in your life may represent an emotional toll that is getting to be too much.

Kissing Breast

After having a dream about kissing breasts, it suggests that you have started developing new feelings for someone recently. You may be feeling an emotion very similar to love and want more than just the vacation fling they seem to offer initially.

Touching Breast

The dreams of touching someone’s breast can signify that you are ready to take things from being platonic friends with benefits to something much more personal like long-term dating.

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Dream About Appearances Of Breast

Breasts Exposed

Seeing a naked breast can evoke feelings of vulnerability and invasion.

Small Breast

If your boobs are small in a dream, you may experience hard times in waking life. They might come as setbacks for finances or illnesses that plague the body and mind.

Large Breast

Your dream of large breasts indicates that you have a deep desire for either sexual passion or maternal love. This could signify good fortune and profitable ventures on the horizon, but it can also be seen as an indicator of your desire to feel desired by someone.

Three Breasts or Extra Breast

Ever had a dream about growing an extra breast, or even three? It may be that you’re compensating for lost love by buying material goods in waking life.

Hairy Breast

Hairy boobs in a dream foretell the future. If you have one, it means that for many years to come, life will be good and healthy. As you enjoy your many life experiences, they will bring happiness to others and yourself as well!

Saggy Breast

You dream of saggy breasts when your dreams for the future may have passed you by. Maybe this is a sign showing it’s time to reflect and rethink your goals in life because the prime has already been reached.

One Breast Bigger than Another

One breast bigger than the other may indicate a lack of satisfaction or imbalance in your sex life. One side perkier, rounder, and more buoyant than the other in a dream indicates that something is amiss with how you are feeling sexually satisfied during intercourse in waking life.

Missing or No Breast

A woman’s breasts are often synonymous with her femininity. Suppose you dream that one of them is missing. In that case, it can mean that part of your identity feels rejected or undervalued in some way during the day-to-day routine. So when they come to life at night, there’s an opportunity for healing and understanding, which may have been lacking while awake.

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Breast Lump or Breast Cancer Tumor

Many women have found themselves dreaming about breast cancer. This can be a reflection of your negative feelings revolving around the idea that you are not being as nurturing and caring for yourself or how much confidence you may lack in regards to how you see yourself as a woman.

Breast Implants or Augmentation

One of the most common dreams about breasts is that of getting a breast implant or a breast augmentation. Such dreams are related to being dissatisfied with your feminine figure. For some, it might be an issue in which they feel too masculine and want more femininity. For others - particularly those who have experienced trauma such as sexual abuse - this dream suggests that their body needs time to heal before becoming comfortable in a sexual setting once again.

Breast Reduction

Seeking a breast reduction in your dreams can represent the desire to transform yourself into how people look at you. It may also signify that being pregnant is too much for you, or it could also indicate body dysmorphia.

Breast Pump

One of the most rewarding feelings in life is nurturing and giving love to someone who is close to you. If you had a dream about using a breast pump, it might just be your psyche’s way of telling you that this ability can come from within. To use or see a breast pump in one’s dreams may represent our capacity for nurturance and affection coming from inside ourselves.

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