What Does it Mean to Dream About Bulimia?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Bulimia?

Bulimia dreams about feeling agonizing hunger and having severe weakness, sometimes fainting with pain in the epigastric region. It is noted to occur with some nervousness or mental illness as well as diseases of endocrine glands.

It is terrible to have this illness, so it is common to have dreams about bulimia, eating large feasts or “binging.” If one does suffer from bulimia, then they frequently tend to dream about such things as their subconscious mind heals them through food associations. After we eat, our bodies release a hormone called ghrelin. Those who have dreams of eating large amounts every night because their body is begging for this hormone to be removed, giving them the feeling of satiation it craves. These dreams could be your subconscious mind warning you about what will happen if you continue to ignore these cravings in waking life! Bulimia in a dream can indicate that you will feel quite fearful of the future in waking life.

Dreams about being bulimic can indicate that you are trying to overcome and heal. The good news is research has shown that if you have dreams of being bulimic, it’s a sign you’re genuinely focused on recovery. Think back to the dream - were there any positive signs?

In your dream you may have experienced the following themes:

  • You were binge eating in your dream.
  • You binged and then purged in your dream.
  • You vomited food after a binge in your dream.
  • You were constantly hungry in the dream, then binged and were sick.
  • You could see someone suffering from bulimia in your dream.
  • You were caring for a loved one with bulimia in the plan.
  • You were ill after binge-eating your meal.

Detailed dream meaning of a bulimia

If you see bulimia in your dream, it means that soon a person will appear in your life who can make significant changes. The appearance of this embolism says to the woman dreaming about them that they are going to be popular among men and might meet their life-partner very soon!

If you see people with bulimia in a dream, it means that soon there will be wedding celebrations or extravagant holidays for your birthday. If you have bulimia yourself, this is an omen of meeting up with old friends and girlfriends again.

Be careful of the dreams about those who are suffering from binging and vomiting - such visions indicate unsuccessful efforts as well as quarrels ahead!

Quick bulimia dream meanings

When you binge in your dream, it means that something is missing from your life. You are unsatisfied with the way you are living your life and seek fulfillment elsewhere.

When binge eating turns into purging in a dream, this indicates dissatisfaction with things as they currently stand. One feels like their lifestyle needs some changes to make it more fulfilling for themselves.

In the dream of a bulimic, feelings include discontentment and disgust with oneself, in addition to feeling weak or ravenously hungry, then okay for fleeting moments at the very most, before returning into hunger again.

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