What Does it Mean to Dream About Canon?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Canon?

From the time of antiquity, cannons have been seen as a symbol in dreams for something drastic and explosive. Consider what type of vehicle this cannon is installed on because it will provide you with clues to how your next plans should be structured. For example, if the cannon were found aboard an aircraft carrier or pirate ship would suggest that “offensive” action may need to be taken soon against those who oppose us; however, a defensive installation onboard a war vessel might hint at possible incoming threats from opposing forces.

Dream about shooting a canon

When you dream about shooting a cannon, it is indicative of your need for power. You dream of firing the canon because you feel vulnerable and lack confidence in how others perceive you. To dream that you are being fired upon by a cannon or cannons represents the fact that someone has “shot” at your ego and perhaps caused some mental anguish. Cannon fire in dreams could also indicate an aggressive personality that needs to be tempered with respect for others. In dream interpretation, the loud noise produced by such weapons suggests feelings of uncertainty and anxiety related to obtaining support from those around us for our current goals or efforts that we have begun pursuing recently. Assuming responsibility for another’s duties or actions suggests that there will be opposition against what we plan.

Dream about types of cannons

Water cannon

In your dream, you were among a crowd of people protesting for great change. You felt the forceful energy as water cannons sprayed down on all around you and no one was safe from harm’s way. To awaken

to this sort of image may suggest that in reality, there are those who will use their power or influence to suppress any opposing voices. They might even be bosses or teachers at school with whom we have disagreements over our perceptions about what are then right and wrong teaching methods.

Laser cannon

You dream that you were walking in a street when from the sky came lasers and bombs destroying everything they touch. At first, you were scared and thought it was an alien invasion, but seeing that the laser missiles left fire trails behind, you suspected that someone on earth had made powerful weapons that could destroy all that which is evil. After that, people began shooting at each other with guns mounted on their bodies. They also carried devices that send high-frequency sounds to torment other human beings who did not listen or obey them. In your dream, as soon as the leaders of this group saw you, they wanted to shoot you too because, in fact, you saw their true mission for power and control of others.


Dreaming of cannonballs indicates that you are enraged and aggressive. These balls of negativity can weigh down your spirit but also illustrate the need to release this energy from within yourself.

Cannonball is a symbol for all things destructive feelings and or emotions like anger, rage, feelings of inadequacy, or inferiority. They may signify something about society at large: violence against minorities as seen on TV news channels - weaponry used by both police and criminals alike during protests across America’s cities.

Cannon in a circus

To see a cannon in your dream foretells that you will take dangerous

actions to express yourself. Perhaps anger or some other emotion has taken over, and the only way for it to be released is through an emotional outburst. You may find people watching with amusement as this display of breaking down takes place because these kinds of things entertain them.

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