What Does It Mean To Dream About Coins?


Dreaming of coins may be a dream that you just often have and whether you see lots of them, it doesn’t mean that you just will have them truly. Often the money we dream of doesn’t really visit material wealth but to inner wealth. However, the dream could also check with the financial and economic situation of the dreamer and so be linked to real money and everything that follows both positively and negatively.

In keeping with popular beliefs, dreams must be analyzed following the rule of opposites, that’s, if you dream of losing money, it means you’ll have the chance to win many, but if you dream of winning many, that you will face exorbitant expenses.


The meaning of the dream changes looking at who the dreamer is and therefore the various aspects of his life.

  • The dream can sit down with power, sexual power, the power to deal with difficulties, love.
  • Dream coins can represent the sphere of values, needs, and affections of these who dream of them.
  • Dreaming about them can talk toa period of concretion in our hobbies and our projects, the unconscious tells us that we are people dedicated to the concrete, to the achievement of objectives.
  • The dream is often interpreted as per whether the coins are lost or found giving it a positive or negative connotation.
  • Dreaming of coins indicates purity, of course,,,, the metal symbolizes purity within the relationships of affection and friendship.

The amount of coins you dream of is additionally important, the more, the better. In general, the one who has this dream may be a one that is incredibly responsive to formalities, manner, physical shape, and customarily inquisitive about money but not obsessively.


  • Dreaming of silver coins indicates the arrival of a positive event, it may also symbolize the invention of values ??that give value to our personality.
  • Dreaming of finding ancient coins symbolizes the rediscovery of values ??that we had omitted.
  • Dreaming of gold coins is that the memory of moments lived with carefree and happy.
  • Dreaming of rare coins indicates nostalgia for an ex-partner that has never been forgotten.


  • Dreaming of finding coins in a very drawer represents new job opportunities.
  • Dreaming of finding coins on the bottom indicates a brand-new
  • Dreaming of finding in one’s wallet could be a dream that refers to the sphere of feelings, one’s self-esteem, and private
  • Dreaming of collecting coins can indicate that you are collecting the fruits of the sacrifices made.
  • Dreaming of finding coins that were believed to be lost implies that a sense that was believed to be lost has been rekindled.
  • Dreaming of losing coins isn’t a decent sign, it implies that you’re wasting money which you must listen to your energy.
  • Dreaming of a chest stuffed with coins symbolizes the arrival of positive news that may improve our lives.
  • Dreaming of getting a set of rare coins indicates that you are experiencing an unstable period that needs more attention.
  • Dreaming of giving free coins means you’ve got a sense of mistrust towards others.
  • Dreaming of receiving coins from your loved ones implies that they’re going to make promises to you but won’t keep them.

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