What Does it Mean to Dream About Cougar?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Cougar?

The cougar has much to teach when it appears in your dream narrative. This big old cat instructs us about the necessity for more strength, confidence, prowess, power, and poise in our waking lives! In its massive build being second only to a jaguar, this beast commands reverence, respect, and awe both within dreams as well as in waking life. So this can be what you learn from dreaming of those cats - stand strong even during trying times.

When you sleep, your subconscious mind is at work sorting and making sense of what is happening during the day. When a cougar comes into your dream, it might be telling you that some things in life need to be addressed - such as physical attraction or balance and they don’t seem to be going away on their own.

A big cat sort of like a cougar can represent different needs depending on who sees him or her: it can represent sexual desires for several people (perhaps because this animal has such a tremendous sense of being balanced), but also strength if seen by someone more inclined to see these majestic creatures simply as hunters instead of sensual beings with appetites comparable only to those found among human males!

The cougar is an incredible animal that was once considered a symbol of power and authority. While not as popular nowadays, the symbolism behind this creature remains unchanged in our psyche. After you dream about it, or when there’s one just outside your door in real life, it’s no coincidence: It means that you need to be more confident without being egotistical; cunning while remaining independent; courageous while being humble; powerful yet also responsible - all for a decent reason!

Dream about Physical Appearance of Cougar

The physical appearance of the cougar is important too because it can also help in relaying the dream’s meaning. For example, cougars have big ears resting on top of their head, and they are not only an important part of the cat’s physical presence but also contribute to the ability to protect itself. They may signify that you need to be more observant in your waking life, if not then by being clairaudient there will come greater insight into a situation.”

Jung Cougar Dream

Carl Gustav Jung saw cats as a connection to the unseen side of human beings or perhaps their secretive selves. The larger and darker secrets in life are what every cat refers to those who both can remain unseen but retain power over our conscious minds. Cats can also be seen as idioms for jealousy: is someone behaving “catty” around you? Or is someone engaging in “cat and mouse games” with you? Have people been getting together with one another lately the way cats and dogs do? Considering these references, it’s not hard making sense of why Carl Gustav Jung would see them this way!

Cougars are one of the many animals that carry messages from your subconscious. Like everyone, cougars have their unique perspective to decode these messages better for themselves and you with whom they work closely together in the dreams.

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