What Does It Mean To Dream About Crying?


What does it mean to dream of crying? Does it have a negative meaning, as is sometimes believed, or a positive one, supported by popular tradition, which attributes to tragic or painful dream images a distinct symbolism than they need in everyday life?

In reality, dreaming of crying is that the thanks to venting the accumulated and normally repressed tensions in way of life, because the inappropriate and “uncomfortable”: sadness, melancholy, pain, but also anger, frustration, dissatisfaction, are feelings that through tears thus find their “own space” to be welcomed, listened to and brought into consideration.

The dreamer can then finally remove the mask on and provides voice thereto a part of the personality ignored throughout existence.

You can regain that lost emotional balance, or momentarily put in crisis, driven to exorcise anxieties and fears. In other words, it implements a “therapeutic rapture”, an “inner cleansing.” Here, then, tears rise to the meaning of relief, of liberation, of liberation from emotional chains.

Dreaming of crying: a multifaceted dream vision

We have just seen how dreaming of crying may be a way of allowing pain, and normally, feelings not expressed in point of fact, to completely show themselves. a sort of “dialogue” is established, therefore, of comparison, between the dreamer and his true “self”, bringing to light that balance altered by the rejection of emotions, “hidden” by styles of aggression or psychosomatic illnesses.

And those emotions, which are held back for too long, are finally “relocated” through crying.

Dreaming of crying lends itself to several interpretations, from different facets, because they’re linked to the sensitivity and also the background of the dreamer, and therefore the particular moment that he’s living.

For example, it indicates that something positive goes to happen while dreaming of crying with another person can indicate guilt towards an individual that you simply care about. There are such a large amount of situations that may occur during sleep than many interpretations.

In the next paragraph, we are going to analyze the most and most recurrent images of dreams, with their corresponding meanings.

Dreaming of crying: the various interpretations

After having highlighted the symbolism associated with dreaming of crying, allow us to now consider the foremost common dream visions that may arise, all of them linked, as we’ve just said, to the emotional experience itself.

Dreaming of crying for love represents the importance of the dreamer of this sense in point of fact.
Dreaming of crying for betrayal symbolizes pain and deep sorrow for what happened, and it’s whether the action is acceptable for you or others.
Dreaming of crying with hiccups expresses an unprecedented need in everyday reality, a call for participation for attention that doesn’t find the correct “space”. and also the hiccups give the dream a dramatic charge, so it may be more remembered.
Dreaming of crying before everyone indicates the need to undress, to form one’s pain known, and to be able to share it without shame. However, if the sensation one feels is one amongst inferiority and mortification, the dream can wake up light a conflict within the dreamer, who is unable to maneuver faraway from a particular image of himself, a picture of courage and power. during this case, you may work on certain aspects of your personality so it appears without artifice.
Dreaming of crying blood most of the time denotes a priority of the dreamer, a torment that afflicts him, a sense of guilt that he feels towards someone. But it may represent an unwanted emotion, recently experienced.

Dreaming of clear and transparent tears may be a vision closely associated with positive feelings, the sensitivity of the dreamer who feels concussion when faced with something that catches his attention.
Dreaming of bitter tears, on the contrary, denotes the suffering that the dreamer is experiencing, disappointment with life ...

The number to play within the lottery, associated with dreaming of crying, is 5.

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