What Does It Mean To Dream About Daughters?

What Does It Mean To Dream About Daughters?

The dream image of a daughter, and of a female progeny, is strongly stratified and contributes, specifically, to the development of its global meaning, elements of an anthropological, cultural, and particularly psychosocial character. The essential basis of this symbolic edifice is represented by what in modern analytical psychology is defined because of the archetype of the puer, or of the kid, or rather one in every of the numerous and multiple structural and primordial elements of our psyche that give most of from meanings to our extrasensory experiences and/or perceptions.

To this observation must be added, then, the extra characteristics of the image: the feminine sex and also the undeniable fact that this girl represents our offspring, elements that fall under the semantics of the social, and provides the most nuances of interpretation to the basic image.

Dreaming of daughters correlates the dream traveler with symbols like femininity, which is eternal and irrational, and with one’s own genetic legacy.


As anticipated, the fundamental symbolic substrate is given by the puer archetype; it appears because of the shadow, or opposite specular variant, of senex, which has always been a logo of order, rationality, control, discipline, in addition, because of the passage of your time and also the consequent transience of earthly things.

It follows, logically, that a baby, in dreams, is usually the spokesperson for values ??such as irrationality, confusion, restlessness, eccentricity, and extravagance, but it doesn’t end there; Like most archetypes, this image is inherently bipolar.

The positive variant suggests symbols like novelty, regenerative and artistic abilities, growth potential, hope for the long run, etc. While the negative aspect corresponds to ideas like the lack to deal with problems, responsibility, lack of stability, or the sense of measure.

The feminine variant of the kid contributes, here, to feature values ??such as a powerful sensitivity and emotionality, after all, there’s an infinite basic consciousness in our world that sees women, symbolically, more sensitive than the masculine variant; and at last, the genetic component must be added to the image, the concept of progeny, which adds and determines additional links with femininity understood within the maternal sense and so spokesperson for the values ??of fertility, procreation, genetic continuation and defensive attachment to the offspring.

Also, the sense of danger that a possible pregnancy could have brought with it to a true level, suggests to the dreamer the necessity to reflect, mature, and introject these elements.

Fears, worries, attachment, and excessive maternal responsibility could speak to us through such a picture, creating its continuation during sleep.

So the puer female could refer both to her own projected internal aspect of the family, to which we are maternal and strongly attached almost morbidly, still on the needs of the fogeys trying to seek out an unconscious solution through dream evocation.

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Dream about your adult daughter

This symbolic variant is that the spokesperson for the concept of change; represents a flash of growth, transformation, and projection into the longer term, a transition from a young season of life to a more committed phase.

An adult daughter obviously has more responsibility and becomes more independent. Adult children generally represent the squalor of our maturity to face a possible abandonment of our parental attachment.

Dreaming of a newborn daughter

It could consult with one in all our particular moments of nostalgia for past experiences or the requirement to rediscover an enveloping feeling of protection. The newborns and toddlers, then indicate the news to which we are subject, or, for people who are marked by a robust spirit mother, would indicate the requirement to begin a family and devote themselves.

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It is, in most cases, an instantaneous consequence of the important and empirical concerns of dreaming of a father, managing his own offspring.

Perhaps the dreamer in question is fully experiencing a transparent moment of growth of his children, he’s gradually seeing his conquest of independence and this will result in an unconscious perception of a specific sense of lack.


Dreaming of falling always has to do with the possible loss of balance within the dreamer’s life. Seeing your daughter fall can warn us of a possible loss of internal balance that has to be compensated through a more dosed lifestyle.


Unlike the emotional effect that this could cause within the planet, vomiting in dreams is often a positive component and should do with the specific revelations of our ego. Dreaming of a vomiting daughter may be a symptom of liberation, during this case, of a burden that was perceived as an obstacle to our creativity or an inner frenzy that needs more freedom.

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