What Does it Mean to Dream About Despair?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Despair?

Dreams of despair can leave you feeling pretty awful. We need to thank the subconscious mind for trying its best to help us overcome these negative feelings and emotions, if not in waking life, then at least within our dreams! If you’re experiencing a dream where other people are also desperate or unhappy - don’t stress too much as this is encouraging news; happiness will be yours soon enough!

In a dream, despair means that you have suppressed your spiritual aspirations in your waking life that are internalized but not shared with others. To see this is to know what’s coming down the road for you. When someone dies or when there’s some other kind of sorrowful occurrence, those around you may be unaffected while your unhappiness foretells future events. Sometimes we wake up with tears in our eyes as a result of our sorrowful dreams. This rare dream is a warning that you must be careful going forward - your new relationships may not work out so well if past experiences have been negative.

In the despair-themed dream, you may have encountered feelings of sorrow, shock, and anxiety during a dream. You might also feel sad about the future or be angry with people who are happier than you.

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