What Does it Mean to Dream About Elephants?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Elephants?

When an elephant stomps into your nighttime visions, it brings with him a pinch or two (or three) of excellent luck and super positive vibes! Do not be surprised when long-lost childhood or adolescent memories resurface if you see one in your dreams for the first time. This creature features a VERY long memory, so don’t forget to ask him about those pleasant moments from years passed by that may still make you smile - whether or not they are out of sight now.

Elephants are symbolic of the memory and understanding that we would like to leave behind - memories of our burdens. Negative memories can weigh us down, but if you give yourself a while in your dream world for reflection - maybe while an elephant is carrying an enormous bundle on its back across the ocean bottom with ease - then it will be easier when waking life comes calling because all excess baggage has been released.

Elephants are known to represent the mind, and in your dreams, they may be telling you that it is time to nourish all three. The Elephant’s trunk includes a phallic symbolism that will point towards sexual desire - but this might also mean it’s time for a little self-love! Feed yourself with love by giving into any desires or fantasies of yours too.

Dream about a Herd of Elephants

Elephants are an interesting social group that has bonds so strong that they will never be broken. The older males teach the younger bulls

to behave acceptably, while female elephants nurse their calves for 22 months after carrying them within the womb and hold great interest even when each of them dies; touching one another on meeting up with others and ensuring that the dying ones get all the eyes that they need. It is said that these animals have some relationship with death itself as well - even going so far as visiting their ancestors’ gravesites!

Dream about Elephant appearing in Night-Time Vision

The way the elephant lives can carry over to your nighttime visions and tell you about what’s most vital in life. As an example, if an elephant appears, it would be telling us that we should always specialize in family first (both physically and spiritually). It should also represent a message from our deceased loved ones inquiring for care or attention they need and which they did not receive due to neglecting them while alive.

Dream associated with Elephant’s Size

The size of the Elephant might function as an emblem for big problems you face during waking hours. The same idea can appear in the hours of darkness, and it should be represented by an angry charging elephant or maybe a stampede of elephants! If you’ve been avoiding something important that must be dealt with, then your dream about elephants is telling you “enough!” It’s time to take care of what has been on your mind but not addressed - you know who they are, too: the proverbial “elephant in the room” has to be addressed. When these creatures visit us in our dreams, we should always prepare ourselves because some house cleaning will soon start with all those pesky little thoughts stuck up high.

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