What does it mean to dream about elixir?


A dream of the Elixir of Life means you’re ready for a change. You might be tired and bored with your current life. Still, instead of giving up hope on finding happiness or fulfilment, this Elixir shows that it’s possible to overcome fears and start over again (Cederquist).

There are many people who want to be successful, but it isn’t easy because they’re competing with everyone else. Suppose someone takes an elixir of life potion before investing in something new or trying a business venture. In that case, that person will have the edge on the competition and more likely succeed at their goals.

When you are on a journey for happiness, it’s easy to get discouraged. However, when your guides come into assisting you through challenging times, they may give you the magical Elixir of life in order to help focus on what is important - finding peace and contentment within yourself.

The Elixir of life is the secret to youth and vitality. If you find it,

you will be able to live forever in perfect health!

You went on an adventure that would change your entire body for the better as well as give you eternal life!

Detailed dream meaning

In your dreams, the Elixir of life is being stolen by other people. This means you are not happy in life because others keep taking what’s yours. It might be time to establish boundaries with those around you, so this doesn’t happen anymore.

This dream reflects your life and the following scenarios: lack of boundaries, desire to be young and beautiful, or desire health.

Dreaming about the Elixir of Life can make you feel confident, clear-headed, solid and at your best. It also makes it easier to understand yourself without boundaries or feelings of fear or confusion because outside influences are nonexistent in a dreamscape.

Grace Thorpe

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