What Does it Mean to Dream About Eyes?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Eyes?

Dream Meaning of Eyes

The symbolism linked to the eyes has always cited the depth of the soul, to the greatness of the omnipotence of a superior being but also to the sense of intrusion that may arise from the insistence of two eyes that constantly scrutinize us.

Within dreams, the wide selection of meanings linked to the eyes can bring with it different symbols through which the unconscious tries to speak something important to the dreamer.

So let’s try and understand what are the interpretations to be attributed to the dream of the eyes and what numbers to use to undertake your luck within the Lottery.

Meaning of the eyes and their color seen in dreams

Depending on the color of the eyes that appear during a dream, they’ll be loaded with totally different dream meanings.

  • If we dream, for instance, with our eyes of a unique color than the important one, this could mean that we want to have a replacement point of view regarding a subject treated to date within the wrong way.
  • Dreaming of totally white eyes, that is, with the iris completely directed inwards, indicates instead the requirement for introspection, to “look inwards” to pay attention more carefully to one’s conscience.
  • When you dream of eyes of two different colors, the color on the left will do with past issues while those with the same color will have to do with what concerns the longer term.
  • Dreaming with red eyes, finally, indicates anger, if it’s blue, instead, excellent news while black indicates aggression of the dreamer but also a pain for an absence.

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Other interpretations of dreaming with eyes

In addition to painting, dreaming of the eyes can bring with it many other images, sometimes even strong and thru which the unconscious tries to awaken the consciousness of the dreamer.

  • If, for instance, you dream of crying or tearing eyes, this can mean possible depression and sadness that the dreamer is experiencing in waking life.
  • If blood comes out of the eyes and not just tears in a dream, it could be a very important warning to the dreamer that would indicate a good and more deeply rooted pain within the soul that you simply are facing for too long in silence.
  • If the dreamer sees eyes swollen with pus in the dream, it may necessarily remind the topic of the necessity to eliminate something harmful that’s bothering him and depriving him of his natural balance.
  • Dreaming of a hollow eye or another scar indicates a scarcity of lucidity and power. If in a dream it’s another figure that draws the dreamer’s attention, this figure represents an individual who tries to weaken him.
  • If on the other hand, the dreamer himself hurts his eyes in a dream, it implies that the dreamer is trying to punish himself or avoid seeing painful things that he needs outside help for in waking life.
  • Dreams about the eyes of others: when the dreamer is disturbed by the presence of other eyes that appear to be watching him insistently, this might mean that at that very moment in his life the dreamer constantly feels judged and examined by anyone who comes to his way.

Another sort of external subject that the dreamer may find in his dreams associated with the eyes is, as an example, an insect that bothers him and prevents him from seeing well or a splinter or other sharp object that causes him pain in the eyes.

In this case, these possibilities indicate negative thoughts that are floating within the mind of the dreamer for too long which are darkening his life making him forget what his goals are.

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Lucky and lottery numbers associated with the dream of eyes

If you’ve dreamed of eyes and wish to try your luck playing the lottery, here are the numbers to punt.

The dream of the eyes is usually linked to the amount 16. However, if the eyes study us insistently, the quantity to play is going to be 17, while within the case of the dreamer who sees sick eyes, the amount to bet is 2. For closed eyes, however, it corresponds to the amount 72, while within the case of open eyes, the quantity to play is 79.

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