What Does it Mean to Dream About Falling? - Spiritual Meaning and Biblical Message

What Does it Mean to Dream About Falling? - Spiritual Meaning and Biblical Message

It is an oneiric dream image, very recurrent that generates anguish and fear which sometimes is so real that it’s confused with reality. Dreaming of falling expresses the dreamer’s anxieties and fears about something that in his lifestyle occupies a decent place, but that he fears losing: it should be the social position or a goal achieved after seeing you later.

In this case, the “extrinsic” dream is that the fear - which is perhaps held in restraint within the morning - of a failure, a disappointment, an unexpected novelty that one fears not having the ability to handle properly.

But falling into dreams may have another meaning: the high opinion you have got of yourself, not associated with real abilities or possibilities.

Or, on the contrary, symbolize the shortage of confidence in oneself, the insecurity linked to the new situations that have to be faced, the sensation of guilt or shame for something that has been committed which is taken into account dishonorable and doesn’t fit the common ethics.

Dreaming of falling: Symbology

The dream visions associated with dreaming of falling are many and varied. Before handling them, within the next paragraph, it’s worth noting that the negative feeling of falling in dreams has its roots within the myth of the autumn of the rebellious angels, as also noted in the loss of spiritual and material well-being of Adam and Eve in the earthly paradise. Another example is that of the legend of Icarus, who got too near the sun, lost his wax wings, falling.

These metaphors are too high ideals, man’s aspirations to need more, to not enjoy what he already has, and so inevitably settle and have a “confrontation” together with his ego, too overwhelming given his arrogance.

Metaphors of situations that are a part of the way of life, “made” by a man in dream images with different facets. We analyze them below.

The most common dream images and their interpretations

Many and with different meanings, the dream images associated with dreaming of falling are a source of deep internal upheavals, a threat, sometimes a true nightmare, because of the uncontrollability and unstoppability that characterizes them. The foremost frequent “situations” which will occur to the dreamer are considered below.

  • Dreaming of slack a bridge expresses the problem that arises from the new one, from the approach of tomorrow, but also the issue associated with a problematic or dangerous to handle an effective relationship.
  • Dreaming of the rupture of the bed symbolizes something that shakes the dreamer’s soul, destabilizing him from a situation of tranquility that he was living.
  • Dreaming of falling and being hurt denotes an imminent emotional crisis, linked to a specific event, like the top of love.
  • Dreaming of falling and getting up expresses on the contrary the overcoming of fear or the entire or partial resolution of an issue that affected the dreamer.
  • Dreaming of falling down the steps, for the steps, indicates the moral fall or the loss of a social position. specifically, the dream of falling down the steps is especially associated with a selected event, or to one’s difficulty or fear of failing within the established goal.
  • Dreaming of falling into the water may be a symptom of a headache that can’t be solved at the instant, but it also refers to the dreamer’s torque problems. It can even be a sign of emotional trauma, especially if you’re scared of water it symbolizes a way of guilt, of shame, but also disappointment.
  • Dreaming of falling into a well, into an abyss, is the end of something within which the dreamer had set expectations, and normally, a dead-end situation.
  • Dreaming of falling into a void could be a dream image that may occur in times of great stress. Its meaning is found within the fear of the unknown, of what’s not yet known. In reality, however, its explanation would be more medical than psychological: during sleep, there’s a relaxation of the muscles and therefore the mind, a phenomenon that, along with the onset of the R.E.M phase, would generate the standard feeling of falling into a void. A sense that’s sometimes so realistic that you simply fall out of bed.

Dreaming of falling: the lucky numbers

The number to play while trying one’s luck at the lottery (associated with dreaming of falling) is 51. Then consider specific cases: as an example, dream waterfall is related to 36, dream fall and hurt is associated with 17 and 56.

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