Gargoyle Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Gargoyle Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Gargoyle is a powerful totem for those who need some protection. It may be that your current situation has you feeling vulnerable and exposed to negativity. Still, with this Spirit Animal as your guide, the gargoyles can show you how to ward off negative energies by going into what they represent: an elevated point-of-view! With all of its symbolism and meanings in mind, a gargoyle will enlighten, empower or even inspire you on any journey it guides you through.

Gargoyle Symbolism and Meaning

Gargoyles are chimeric monstrosities that originally appeared in architectural designs. According to lore, gargoyles protect the location and people therein from negativity and unwanted spirits. In medieval times they were known as babewyns, which means “baboon” or a grimace because of their appearance. At the same time, today, we refer to them simply as gargoyles with its etymological roots stemming back from Middle English, meaning “something monstrous.”

Gargoyles are creepy creatures with faces that seem to sneer at onlookers and bodies elongated uncannily. Their similarities to the baboon also mirror a number of their traits - they’re strong, protective, and aggressive. A review of baboon symbolism may provide additional insight into why gargoyles have such similar appearances!

Gargoyles are symbols of voice and protection. They appear in groups on many structures to ensure every corner remains pure, untainted by erosive conditions. The Throat Chakra relates to one’s ability to express themselves and be a listener to others’ words with clarity. Gargoyle-like sculptures were often used for this purpose during times when many people couldn’t read or write, which is why they’re found around churches and universities alike, even today!

Gargoyles are an iconic symbol of mystery and danger. They were often placed on the exterior walls of medieval buildings to ward off evil spirits. Gargoyle means a carving or boss found at the top of Gothic architecture used to conceal rain spouts externally from below while also adding interest and decoration for those above it. The word “grotesque” can refer both to mythic creatures in general or specific chimera-like beings with mixed traits like wings, claws, scales, etc., which were all combined into one entity by some artistically talented person’s imagination!

Gargoyles are commonly used in Gothic architecture to ward off evil spirits. They often have water spouts on their backs. The word gargoyle comes from the French word meaning “throat.” The statues can breathe out of what appears as mouths, perhaps using them for rain-spouting purposes at one point and just remaining there because it was cool looking or people liked it.

Often, these gargoyles will be decorated with animalistic features like wings, claws, scales. Still, some artists combine all those things into one entity called “grotesque!”

Gargoyles are more than just functional - they’re also ornamental. These creatures can have real-world and imagined animal parts, but sometimes gargoyles’ appearance may also include human features. The various elements in a creature’s body must be considered because the individual sections of its physical form might link it to other things or provide extra insight into what meanings and symbols Gargoyles represent. For instance, winged gargoyles tie back to the Air Element while at the same time representing intellect and ideas that fly away like a flight itself does too!

Gargoyles are the long-time symbol of protection and sentinels. Once, they were shown near a building’s rooftop to protect it from maleficent things that may be lurking below on ground level. Still, today their lofty position makes these creatures a symbol for the all-seeing eye and higher mind.

Gargoyle Spirit Animal

Gargoyle is a wise spirit animal that has come to help you better understand how to communicate with the world. Gargoyles’ wisdom includes understanding and being able to decode non-verbal cues, as well as listening attentively when someone else is speaking for them to be heard exactly how they want it.

Gargoyle is the perfect animal spirit guide for you if you are going through a traumatic ordeal. If this describes your current situation, then gargoyles will come to defend and support you until such time that it feels like enough protection has been garnered from other sources (such as friends or family).

Gargoyle Totem Animal

With the gargoyle as your birth totem, you are eloquent and have no problem expressing how you feel. You love water, so - time spent at the beach, swimming in it, or diving is likely among your favorite things to do. The fierce protection of those they love also applies when protecting what they value and also their convictions. A person with this totem will stop at nothing for them, even if that means skinning themselves open like an animal being hunted down by hunters.

Gargoyles are associated with creativity, dreaming, and being in a constant state of flux. They’re also known for their emotional sensitivity, which allows them to connect easily on an intuitive level as no one else can. Gargoyle totems can see all angles in any given situation while remaining unmoved by external factors that inhibit another person’s judgment.

Gargoyle Power Animal

Gargoyle is a wise and powerful animal ally who can help you see your situation objectively. Gargoyles can do this because they know how to manage their emotions during difficult situations, allowing them the freedom to make choices based on logical reasons rather than what feels right at the moment. If any relationship has been challenging for you lately, or if it seems like there’s no way out of a bad mood, try invoking gargoyle as your power animal!

Gargoyle is a wise and old being who can bestow power and protection upon you. The same power animal helps block negative energies or people from entering your life and sacred space, ensuring that what’s yours remains safe while keeping you protected at all times.

African and European Gargoyle Symbolic Meanings

Ancient Egyptians often had gargoyles on their structures, but these were frequently composed of different animal parts. The spouts are lion heads because the beast has a ferocity and is a symbol of strength. This same type of Gargoyle can be found in Ancient Greece and temples like Zeus’s Temple, which feature 39 lion-headed waterspouts that keep all negativity at bay when guarding physical buildings alike.

Grotesques are carved into the walls of ancient European buildings, like those in France. Usually found on doors and windows, these images were created to ward off evil spirits. The most common design is an open-legged woman with her private parts exposed; known as ‘Sheela na gigs,’ this type was used for its apotropaic magic, which would scare away bad spells or anything else potentially negative from entering your home.

French Gargoyle Symbolic Meanings

The tale of Saint Romanus has been passed down through France for centuries. One story tells of how a dragon-like creature called the “Goji” or “Gargouille” terrorized Rouen and its people but was finally defeated by the saint in 631 B.C.E. when he burned it to death with fire from his mouth while mounted atop an old church tower where he had squeezed himself into after trapping him there following a fierce battle between them. This victory would protect future generations against evil spirits who may have tried to visit again and link gargoyle symbolism back many years ago during medieval times due to their similarity towards dragons which were seen often at that period.

Gargoyle Dreams

Gargoyles are often seen in dreams as symbols of purification or a need to make something pure. If you see water spouting from the mouth of one, it may signify how your words and body language can affect what other people think about you. Gargoyle statues without any indication that they’re spewing out water might symbolize difficulty with voicing opinions at important events where others will be listening intently for reactions.

Gargoyles are often seen in architecture and symbolize protection. The gargoyle you find on the roof may be a good omen that things will soon improve for you, or it could represent your need to take the long view of what’s happening around us right now. If there is rain during this dream, then perhaps some catharsis is coming up?

Far Eastern Gargoyle Symbolic Meanings

The Onigawara is a decorative and protective element of Japanese architecture that builders add to a structure’s roof. The figure often features the image of an “Oni,” meaning ogre or alternative ferocious creature. Sometimes it appears on Buddhist temples like Shachihoko, which originates from folklore in Japan featuring a carp body with a tiger’s head. This beast brings rain so the building can be saved by preventing fire disasters caused by lightning strikes during storms when these creatures are present.

Gargoyle Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Chimera
  • Grotesque
  • Guardianship
  • Paradox
  • Practicality
  • Protection
  • Sacred Voice
  • Storytelling
  • Throat Chakra
  • Water Element

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