What Does It Mean To Dream About Grand Parents?


Dreaming of grandparents, whether maternal or paternal, means coming into direct contact with one amongst the various mental archetypes that, in psychoanalytic theories, are presented because of the product of the primordial experiences of humanity.

In other words, a primordial archetype could be a primary content, which is a component of the collective unconscious and which manifests itself universally in peoples and cultures distant in time, place, and attitude. it’s the merchandise of the primordial experience with the surface world, life, and its hidden meanings; a basic psychic structure that presents itself as a symbolic-gnoseological nucleus in its claim.

Therefore, the image of grandparents is an expression of this mental archetype that refers to specific values as a family, a way of belonging, and ancestry. And wisdom; represent the roots of the dreamer and the symbolic base from which all his experience is born.

Grandparents in dreams

  • Specifically, the mental archetype stated within the image of grandparents is that of Senex (from the Latin “old”); this archetype has, like several self-respecting image symbols, a double value. Specifically, in its positive variant, it’s to try with psychological characteristics like stability, maturity, wisdom, and sense of responsibility. At the same time, on the opposite hand, it also refers to negative attitudes like excessive traditionalism, despotism, cynicism, and lack. Unlimited imagination.
  • This is often the rationale why the previous image is presented
    with great insistence within the minds of the many dreamers, connecting directly with their genetic and emotional team; The presence of grandparents is that the relevancy of their origins, to their origin, founders of an inheritance that reaches the dreamer, capable of instilling hardness, tranquility, and immense wisdom, or, on the contrary, of fitting contact with a personal emotional emptiness, with the numerous problems that you just had within the past, with the shortage of a particular point of reference, which lasts until adulthood.
  • They are the oldsters of the fogeys and intrinsically occupy a prestigious position within the family nucleus since they guarantee the continuity of their house; that’s why the values ??communicated by the unconscious must do directly with the concept of family and the authority they represent. But the archetype of the old mentor also suggests another not insignificant element: wisdom needs to do with knowledge, and knowledge with an order. The mentor leads an orderly, rationalized life that’s not falsified by passions and is ready to work out, everywhere, the truth.
  • Therefore, the grandfather expresses the requirement for the dreamer to accumulate a specific mental order, present an accurate direction to his actions, proceed in absolute safety and tranquility so that the dream would suggest not only a hypothetical return to old values. Or family customs, but also a return to the old mental order.
  • At the identical time, the image also suggests several negative aspects that may disturb our psyche: aspects of physical fragility, fatigue, and emotional insensitivity, detachment from things and life, the predominance of the adult component over the kid within us (the archetype of puer), or perhaps the spiritual death of the dreamer. In short, the withdrawal of psychic forces or moments of absolute existential emptiness.


The grandmother is the only feminine component of the proposed image and thus has some specific reminder meaning for her figure. Dreaming of the grandmother strengthens and rebuilds her identity within the woman, focusing her attention on the gifts of the feminine sex, expressing values ??such as love, uterine acceptance

, and motherhood. But on the contrary, the grandmother of the dream realm also can be closely associated with the intensity of the excellent Terrible Mother until it’s expressed through the somatics of a witch for cruelty, coldness, and sadism.


The masculine component taken individually, on the opposite hand, recalls the figure of the patriarch who embodies concepts like power, unity, and strength of the group; sanctions the roots of family values ??and embodies the authority of the principles. Dreaming of grandfather could indicate the superior strength of character of the dreamer and his ability to pursue his own goals and objectives.


The concept of death seems to be inextricably linked to grandparents and adulthood. Typically, dreaming of your grandparents within the coffin can trigger a deep sense of unease, especially if you get frantic by superstitions, interpreting the dream as a future premonition. In reality, the coffin also features a very precise symbology that, during this case, would indicate the coldness and distance of the connection with loved ones. The dreamer appears lost in his rummage around for family attachment.


Hugging is one of the foremost common gestures of our species. It consists of wrapping the interlocutor with almost the complete body, as an indication of protection and loving-kindness; the cuddling grandfather could be a clear symbol of safety and protection; Dreaming about it could indicate within the dreamer the hunt for an indication of consolation, perhaps, he’s during a challenging situation of his existence and insistently looks for evidence outside his existence that produces him feel loved and comforted.

The number that grimace and cabal take us back to, within the case of a dream encounter, is 72.

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