What Does It Mean to Dream About Having an Affair?

What Does It Mean to Dream About Having an Affair?

Have you been dreaming about you or someone else’s affairs? According to ancient symbolic beliefs, it may mean that your relationship is not healthy. You might be hiding worries from yourself or someone else in your waking life, such as sexual desires and general interaction with other people. These subconscious thoughts can offer significant warnings on suspicion of your spouse’s behaviors if they are cheating.

“Different types of infidelity dreams can symbolize a multitude of issues in the relationship, including fear and distrust,” says Dr Fiona MacKay-Smith from Dream Solutions Clinic. After years on the job as one of Canada’s top dream analysts, she has come up with four main interpretations for affairs:

  • Sexless marriage.
  • Sexual frustration or boredom.
  • Anger at a partner about lack of communication or emotional intimacy.
  • Spouse withholding attention because they’re jealous you’ve been spending time elsewhere (possibly work).
  • Depending on how an affair plays out in your dream, it may represent either trust/fear balance that extends beyond sexual fidelity OR be indicative of more specific topics such as marital dissatisfaction.

Dream about Cheating on your Spouse

When you see yourself in a dream and are cheating on your spouse, it reflects how taken for granted they feel by their partner. They need more attention from them, or else they will find the affectionate emotion elsewhere.

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A dream that your Spouse is Showing Signs of Affair

To dream that your spouse is showing signs of an affair or feeling that they are hiding something from you suggests a hidden worry that the other person might succumb to temptations. The dream may suggest you are picking up on some information they have been hiding from you. It makes you feel vulnerable and scared as life changes for both people in different ways. Your partner could be taking up new hobbies that make them happy and worrying about what will happen later with their relationship.

To find out if someone has become interested in another woman/man while married, one would need only reflect at moments where there was evidence of indiscretion; such as when she led him away by his tie so he couldn’t see her face well enough to kiss her properly goodbye- something my husband sometimes does.

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Dream about Accepting your Spouse having an Affair

Suppose you dream that you accept your spouse having an affair in the dream depicts feelings of sexual and emotional inadequacy. Perhaps you feel like it is not just their fault but yours for causing them to be unhappy with themselves or afraid of being hurt by a partner again. You will take drastic risks and sacrifices to make things work because there may be some part of yourself who needs this relationship more than they need anything else right now.

Dream about Cheating and Being Cheated on

In dreams, spouses cheating on one another often represent insecurities and fears of abandonment. Perhaps the dreamer has become more dependent on their spouse because they make an income greater than theirs. The fear can manifest itself in a way where your husband or wife finds someone else to spend time with, outside of home life together. It highlights how much control this person feels he/she does not have any more over his own life.

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Dream about having an Affair with an Ex

It’s not uncommon to see people who have been through a divorce or breakup dreaming about their old flame, and this dream can mean that you are missing the person in your life. It could also be because you regret how things ended with them. There is always “what if"s when it comes to relationships.

Dream about Being Caught while having an Affair

The thought of being caught with your secret is unsettling and can force you to reevaluate the choices that you have made. You are torn between your personal goals and the expectations of others. You worry that what you do will not please everyone, so it makes sense to dream about getting caught while having an affair.

The idea of people catching on to a scandalous personal act like having an affair might be what causes nightmares for some individuals; these dreams are more than likely caused by worry about not measuring up or fitting in with society’s standards.

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Dream about having an Affair with a Colleague

To dream that you are having an affair with your coworkers or boss may show a person who has been “married” to his/her work. This dream could mean the individual is neglecting family life and important events favoring working, suggesting they enjoy their job more than dealing with home issues.

Dream about having an Affair with Someone Famous

It seems as though you believe that somebody in your life is not who they appear to be. You may feel insecure or inadequate and want them out of the picture for good. But what if this person was there all along, just hidden from sight?

To dream about having an affair with someone famous suggests that you harbour certain desires that need some air-time. Perhaps it’s singing or acting talent, things which make you happy when nobody else can see them happen!

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Dream about having an Affair with a Married Man/Woman

Dreaming that you are having an affair with a married man or woman contrasts with your insecurity to make the right choices in selecting a lover. The dream is probably based on feelings of inadequacy and frustration because you have consistently picked the wrong person to fall in love with for so long.

Your subconscious may be projecting this onto other people’s seeming ability to pick better partners than yourself, as exhibited by their selection of him/her the Married Man/Woman!

Dream about Having an Affair with a Friend

You’re in a tight spot. You don’t know what to do or how you should feel, but your subconscious is playing through very plausible scenarios that these encounters were turning physical.

To have an affair with a friend in the dream means one of two things: either they are placing too much trust and spending too much time with other friends, or it reflects their guilt for not investing enough effort into their significant other - which could even be someone outside of the relationship such as work obligations.

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Dream about having an Emotional Affair

An emotional affair in the dream suggests that you and your partner disagree significantly on certain issues. You are looking for support and for people who share the same interests as you do. You are likely to develop trust and deeper feelings with people who agree with you or show sympathy towards your cause. The dream foretells that soon enough, this will lead to making decisions behind their back, a way of bypassing open disapproval from them, which is unlikely to change any time soon without serious reassurance given by both parties involved.

It is important to keep your partner in the loop when you are considering something new or different. The dream suggests that you and your spouse may not agree on certain things, so it would be best if you discussed these issues together before making any decisions behind their back.

Dream about having a Revenge Affair

Having Revenge affairs in your dream shows that mutual trust and respect will be broken between both partners. The future holds hurtful decisions made deliberately by you with your significant other. You’ll betray someone’s feelings who is close to you as a result of those choices - all leading up to their revenge or discomfort when they realize what happened.

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Dream about having an Affair with a Sex Worker

Dreaming about a sexual encounter with a prostitute or sex worker is often considered an omen of addiction and temptation. You may find that you have been in contact with someone who uses drugs illegally- perhaps even more than once. The circumstances could be dangerous for everyone involved; it might not end well if the relationship continues on this path.

Dream about having an Affair, after being in a Relationship after years

After a while of being in the same relationship, we can get stuck doing things that become routine. We might not be as excited with our partners anymore and want to try something new but are afraid it will hurt them or make us look bad. But if you feel like your partnership is vulnerable because you’re so used to one another, maybe there’s an opportunity in this for sexual experiments!

Your subconscious may have been trying to send out hints about what would bring some excitement back into your life by suggesting affairs after seven years together - sex types of adventures could create just the right spark!

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