What Does it Mean to Dream About Jellyfish?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Jellyfish?

Jellyfish are floating ethereal creatures that exist in a world of their own. They represent memories and our subconscious, which is why they appear so often in dreams when we get lost or cannot find ourselves. You have hidden hostility toward your environment, but you lack self-esteem. If someone were to come into contact with you, then there would be no problem if it was unintentional on his/her end because you don’t actively seek out trouble. However, once an individual starts coming at you like the aggressor here mentioned (the jellyfish) then all bets are off and it’s time for some whooping.

Dream About Interactions with Jellyfish

Catching Jellyfish

In dreams, catching a jellyfish can mean that you are trying to control others. You may be forcing your will onto them or setting up some mental prison for the people close to you to limit how they feel and what freedoms they have. This could lead other people to feel hostility towards your advances, which is reflected by their hidden aggression against it.

Killing a Jellyfish

The world’s worst employee has been fired, and the jellyfish that was terrorizing your office is gone. Your employees will be so relieved that they’ll have to find a new way of getting their day started with all this newfound free time on hand!

Jellyfish Sting or Attacking Bite

Your followers are trying to protect themselves from you. Watch out for potential lawsuits filed by disgruntled employees or people who have been harmed in other ways because of your actions.

Drinking or Eating Raw Jellyfish

In your dreams, jellyfish are a sign of power. You gain attention and conquer any opposition when you take in the poison pills that people throw at you, but be careful because some might not have good intentions for what they’re offering to help with.

Flying Jellyfish

In some cultures, dreaming about flying jellyfish can be a warning. If you’re not careful with boundaries or expectations set up in your life, bad events may come close to you soon enough.

Playing with Jellyfish

If you often find yourself playing with jellyfish in your dreams, it may be a sign that someone is trying to control and hurt you. Be careful if entering into any new relationships or divorcing old ones - an ex-spouse might sting before they’ve left the building!

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Dream About Types Of Jellyfish

Pet Jellyfish

Pet jellyfish in your dream aquarium warn of groups or environments that may not initially accept you, but be patient and conform. Keep people at an arm’s length for a little while until others accept you.

Dead Jellyfish

The dead jellyfish in your dream may be telling you that there are self-worth issues. You feel like a low person, lacking any emotional support from those around you and feeling like life has no meaning anymore.

Baby Jellyfish

In a dream, baby jellyfish can represent your need to adapt. Be flexible when you are in different environments to not miss opportunities as they pass by.

Two Jellyfish

If you dream about a handful of jellyfish, this means that people are trying to rule over you. A few close co-workers or colleagues may be putting pressure on you, and you need to learn how to defeat them, not to have your work-life sullied by their presence.

Sea of Jellyfish Swarm

It is common for those in the spotlight to have plenty of jealous people around them, waiting and hoping that they make a mistake. This dream can be read as a warning that there may be an impending threat or difficulty on the horizon - if you do not stay alert, it could catch you by surprise.

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Dream About Jellyfish Colors

Black Jellyfish

The black color jellyfish in your dream is a representation of an event that may bring you difficulty. The difficulties will be avoided if you are true to yourself and don’t interfere with the important things in life, such as family or friends.

White Jellyfish

The jellyfish is a symbol of purity and peace. A transparent or white one suggests that you are acting aggressively, but it’s passive-aggressiveness.

Blue Jellyfish

Some people say that blue jellyfish in their dreams symbolize painful memories of the unconscious. These creatures come to you and grant wisdom and more hurt from your subconscious, which is sometimes needed for growth.

Colorful Jellyfish

With a rainbow of colors, these jellyfish are so beautiful to observe. You want more attention, and you’re working on your demeanor, but deep down inside, there’s some part that doesn’t wish anyone to be close.

Orange Jellyfish

The orange jellyfish in your dreams remind you that it’s time to let your inner glow shine. Open up and allow passion, fun, and enjoyment into your life. Everything will be fine if you go with the flow!

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