What Does it Mean to Dream About Legs?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Legs?

Dream Meaning of Legs

When one encounters specific parts of the body while dreaming, it becomes extremely important in hermeneutical computation to take into consideration regardless of the biological role played by the organ in question, its functional purpose, its role within the organism as a full, and, above all, its genetic history. A very important place to begin can even be taken from the figurative arts, painting, sculpture, drawing, to completely understand its value, including its anthropological value.

The legs, particularly, perform a complex action for our muscular and skeletal apparatus, since they were the primary essential discriminant within the evolution of the human species; the Homo erectus noted especially for its ability to maneuver on after two members, an occasion that created a critical turning point in our motor habits; from that moment our legs become the most liable for our balance, our stability, our ability to leap, our ability to bop and sports generally.

All the functions that our legs perform, during the journey of dreams, are transformed into a system of symbolic codes closely associated with them.


  • Probably, our contemporary reality doesn’t appreciate or, worse still doesn’t recognize the essential role that our lower limbs play in everyday life. This also happens and in particular because the survival mechanisms have completely changed their characteristics.
  • Today there’s no need to run, jump or climb a tree to support us in terms of food generally, and most of the work is progressively subjected to a rapid and unstoppable sedentarization, and this is because of the numerous technologies that usually permit us to comfortably receive, through a computer or a smartphone.
  • All of this certainly failed to happen some centuries ago, Greek civilization and, even earlier, Egyptian civilization, were cognizant of the essential role that the legs played within the entire human organism, and it’s enough to look at carefully the anthropomorphic reproductions created by them within the course of your time.
  • The Egyptian painting, stylized and are dedicated to movement, still, because the famous Greek kouroi, represented almost disproportionately large legs compared to the upper limbs, and this because they were strongly convinced of their motor and work virtues generally.
  • The legs were and still are the fundamental scaffolding of the complete human physical edifice, guaranteeing a posh and delicate balance.
  • Consequently, this is often the slogan of our research, and also movement: the legs in dreams, therefore, can only cope with these two essential concepts, they call the dreamer’s attention to the private and biographical journey that he’s closing, and on the balance that it achieves, day after day, to determine between the various vicissitudes that occur.

Do they sit down with the progress made, to the need to follow one’s path, and also to the likelihood of going further; who has never heard the expression to be a decent person?

  • When you have all the cards in situ to meet your destiny or journey, you’re a sensible person, once you can move forward, walk along with your head held high and not stop in the face of problems.
  • It must be said that it’s difficult for the legs to look isolated in dreams, it’s often the dreamer who focuses his attention on them. In any case, the message refers to the drive that pushes the dreamer to beat his obstacles, they’re emblematic of possible progress or evolution that he’s experiencing in his life, personal and professional growth. Dreaming about them is undoubtedly a decent omen.
  • On the other hand, in wakefulness, when one carefully reflects on a pair of legs, the meaning is powerful and clear and for this reason, can not be overlooked in our interpretation likewise. The Freudian hermeneutical line gives enormous erotic value to the lower limbs, and this is not only due to their contiguity with relevancy to the sexual organs, but also thanks to their capacity for opening and shutting.
  • The opening is additionally the distancing, even as the closing is the opposite, the component of the possible union and division is crucial in measuring the social element within the dream.
  • The drive, in this case, refers to the erotic drive and also the sexual impulse and is synonymous with great virility. Discovering a leg, in dreams, to indicate it to others, or voluntarily undressing it, is expounded to the need to be precise and produce out one’s virility or hidden qualities.

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From the colorful representations of every cartoon, the wooden-legged pirate has nothing positive; particularly it’s related to firmness, immobility, and an inability to proceed towards its objectives or purposes. It’d be a picture that indicates inhibition towards one’s personal growth.


Here, too, the image is anything but reassuring. Usually the family, an amputated limb always should accommodate a theft, or more generally with a loss.

Probably the topic has misinterpreted a possible loss from a biographical point of view: work, love, friends, property, etc., and is unable to maneuver towards an answer.


Exuberant hair growth is inevitably the primary sign of physical growth and maturation beyond the puberty stage. to work out its representations in a dream could, therefore, be a plausible manifestation of a private change still ongoing and proceeding relentlessly.


The numbers 77 and three are the numbers generally related to the legs; 89 swollen legs; 36 injured legs.

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