What Does it Mean to Dream About Lice and Nits?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Lice and Nits?

I have dreamed something curious, my head was itching and, as I feared, it was stuffed with lice, but I failed to feel worried, it was an easy dream or was it?

Through dreams we can recreate certain successive images in our mind, again and again, they are do not have any coherence, and other times they’re associated with the actions that we intend or want to perform in our day-to-day life.

In most cases, we usually want to offer proof or interpretation to dreams, so we check on the net what the meaning would be.

What does it mean to dream about lice?

The common belief when dreaming about nits and lice is that their dreams are closely associated with interpersonal relationships.

People are sociable naturally and every individual interacts with society with more or less fortunate and dreams sometimes provide us with attention to the negative influence that the social environment has on you.

However, sometimes we usually have very specific dreams that reflect another interpretation, such as, for instance, what does it mean to dream that you simply get a louse?

Dream meaning of killing lice

Dreaming of getting lice which you can eliminate by taking their life in some way. It may be reflecting you something using which you can obviate some problems that you simply have at the instant and of individuals who interfere negatively in your life.

If you simply don’t kill them but shake them or take them off, it means something similar but these results will take longer.

When you dream that another person has lice

In this case, it’s stated that you just can help someone who is a component of your family, social or work environment, who is presenting some problem or difficulty in his life.

When in dreams we remove lice from others

It certainly reflects that you just should evaluate your social environment and clarify your ideas, because something isn’t working because it should.

Another common interpretation is that you just must close pending issues, to maneuver forward and avoid problems that will be worrying and overwhelming you as time passes, which can cause you to own these kinds of dreams.

When within the dream there are lice in the bed

This usually shows the presence of future diseases, which we have the sensation of, a sensation which indicates that they’re coming, either from ourselves or from a friend.

It is not always something that’s not known, sometimes we all know it but we would like to ignore the said medical problem.

In the workplace, it’s often associated with problems with envy, stress, or injustice at work, where there’s always competition and friction with people.

On the opposite hand, within the sentimental area, it’s usually associated with a 3rd party who wants to separate you or create conflict along with your partner, jealousy is sometimes reflected in our dreams too.

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Dreaming about head lice

  • Seeing lice on other people’s heads indicates that our problems are being resolved and we feel more relaxed.
  • Sea lice on our head: indicates that you just are plagued with problems and situations that aren’t easy to unravel.
  • Lice on clothes of another person: it indicates some assistance that we’ll give someone to unravel a giant problem.
  • See the lice on your child’s head - this can be a priority for your child as if activating a way of protection.

Meaning of dreaming of very large lice.

It represents the presence of a negative person in our life who, in one technique or another, uses us in his way.

He is an individual with power and influence in our lives, so if you see lice or large nits moving aloof from you, it represents the exit of these toxic people from your life, which are some things positive and reassuring.

If we dream of small lice

This type of ” lice ” is generally interpreted because of the arrival of an unwanted pregnancy within the family environment.

At this time, it’s also recommended to judge our friendships, since someone is also failing us, and people’s actions can harm us without our being fully attentive to it, although dreams reveal that we do know.

Meaning of dreaming about lice eggs on the (nits)

It represents the concerns we may have when risking our secrets being disclosed or actions we’ve got taken that reflect negative consequences.

Evaluate your environment, the presence of nits on the top is sometimes associated with negative actions against you or problems of somebody near you.

If we have an itchy head because of lice

It is interpreted because of the constant worry of a situation or problem that you simply cannot get out of your head, which represents that you just must face them to resolve that problem.

If lice are alive within the dream

It expresses concerns or insecurities that are effective in your life, which doesn’t allow you to propose solutions to face problems with a guarantee of success.

These kinds of dreams remind us of dreaming about cockroaches, which are the classic representation of the issues that haunt our heads.

Very often it happens to dream of lice, small annoying and unbearable pests that are infrequently the carriers of many diseases.

Freud affirmed that dreaming of lice could mean…

Lice, being annoying parasites in reality, even in dreams have a robust discomfort value and represent the troubles and discomfort that we experience daily or in other cases, they represent external factors and folks that bring us discomfort and pain.

However, lice can reflect some aspects of our character that bother us, and we would love to alter attitudes that we cannot get surpass.

Dreaming about lice may also indicate that you simply have low self-confidence, in addition to being very sensitive.

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Other interpretations of those dreams

  • Dreaming of black lice: it’s a negative dream and doesn’t indicate anything good, it might be the representation of a controversy that may never be solved.
  • Dreaming of white lice: on the contrary, compared to the vision of black lice, they indicate that problems are positively resolved.
  • Dreaming of getting lice on your face: means employment promotion is coming.
  • Dreaming of getting eliminated lice: it’s the representation of our subconscious that indicates the liberation of thoughts and worries.
  • Negative aspects once we dream of lice

There also are some negative sides to those dreams:

  • Dreaming of nits (lice eggs): It could mean that you simply will soon face some unpleasant surprises.
  • Finding lice on clothing: indicates that a nasty time is coming, filled with tensions and anxieties.
  • Dreaming of lice could mean that when climbing there might be a disease (dermatitis or another skin disease) capable of making the identical symptoms as parasites, like excruciating itching.
  • It is claimed that dreaming about lice bodes well for the wallet, but this can be not true indicates the selfish relationship you’ve got with them, or perhaps that you just have unwanted ideas.

Lucky numbers if we have these dreams

The Cabal number to play within the lot representing the louse is 37; plus 41 (having lice running everywhere his body); 17 (lice inside your clothes) and 12 (see lice on your children). Meaning of rejecting a baby who arrives or, if the dreamer is young, rejecting the arrival of a brother.

In dreams, this annoying parasite represents concerns about people or situations. They symbolize worry annoyance and lack of confidence.

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