What Does It Mean To Dream About Mice?


Dream About Mice

The mice, you either appreciate the little rodent. Otherwise, you don’t, and it all depends on the environment. There are the little mice that get into the storage pantry and wreak havoc too! So, what does this little creature convey to a dreamer, especially to at least one who may or might not welcome such dream imagery in the first place?

Well, we can look to some idioms and a touch of wordplay to seek out out what our subconscious might allude to with the looks of a scampering mouse or two! Let’s study the Tom and Jerry reference, and so consider all those “cat and mouse” games they played. Are you, too, because the mouse’s appearance might suggest getting all fixed within the back and forth antics with another?

Dreaming of mice may be a classic of the interpretation of dreams, because the majority have a sense of rejection for it, except for others it’s considered an innocent and adorable looking animal, and it’s the curious thing about its appearance so ambiguous that this rodent has in the real world.

In our Dream-with blog, we all know that there is an excellent diversity and interpretations of dreams that mice show, and this is often because of the variations in sizes, colors, and situations that these rodents recreate in our minds. They are usually “recipients” of feelings of disgust and horror, they move hidden within the shadows and are dirty animals and carriers of diseases, the latter legacy of the “Black Plague”, whose spread was facilitated by their diseases.

It is also true, however, that mice communicate lots of sympathies, and after all one among the foremost appreciated characters by children is simply a mouse, which are Mickey Mouse (Mickey Mouse),  Geronimo Stilton, and Stuart Little.

And if you’re taking a step back in time, you may discover an awfully special symbolism, reluctant to be received precisely thanks to the mostly negative considerations that accompany these animals.

In the earlier period, in fact, mice were sacred to Apollo, and always within the past that they had the function of guiding souls in life after death, appearing for this reason on various tombstones and funerary monuments.

What does dreaming about mice mean?

They tend to represent feelings of fear, aggressiveness, and bad luck.

It is interpreted because of the triggering of small fights in our lives, and yet everything will become clearer reckoning on the dream per se.

Maybe the mice tells you it’s time for a pact or a rest from the cat and mouse games in your life. Ever hear of a dust mice? If not, you have got undoubtedly seen them as they hide under deep corners of bedding furniture. Maybe the looks of this little creature could be an indication that spring cleaning draws near.

Otherwise, maybe there are some long-ignored chores to take care of before things get any worse! It might also be wise to comb away these pesky creatures, which will surely come out eventually; just make sure those creepy critters don’t catch on too much else all sorts of havoc can happen beneath your floorboards.

Dreaming of dead mice

It is usually interpreted as difficult situations that you just will face and you want to evaluate your environment to understand which decisions will provide you with the answer to the issues.

Dreaming of white mice

Thanks to its color, it’s usually associated with purity, and dreaming of white mice incorporates a positive connotation because it’s interpreted as obtaining income or increasing profits.

On this occasion, these variations should be appreciated when dreaming of this color, even as it happened when dreaming of white rats.

In the case of dreaming of the many white mice in our home, it may be interpreted as prosperity and money for the family.

On the opposite hand, if they’re eating they represent relief within the economy of our home, if on the contrary, this mouse leaves our home it represents a decrease in money. If the white mouse encompasses a battered, skinny, or sick appearance, this represents hunger or scarcity within the home.

Dreaming of small or newborn mice

They are usually associated with shyness and lack of self-confidence, but they’re also usually linked to the requirement to possess a replacement love in your life.

Dreams of Hamsters

  • It is usually associated with learning or suggestion to be conservative and thrifty.
  • It also contains a link with the state of mind, having low self-esteem, problems that are affecting us considerably, or fear of facing various situations.
  • If in your dreams you see a hamster running on a spinning machine and it doesn’t stop, it represents that you simply are being plagued by problems that prevent you from reaching a goal, so you must evaluate your action plans to attain your dreams.
  • If you remove the hamster from the cage, it reflects that you just are clarifying your ideas by finding the liberty to form your decisions, but if you permit it locked up, it’s that you just are an overprotective person, which could be a negative aspect within the lifetime of anyone.

Dream about running mice

It is usually interpreted because of the presence of high levels of stress from work or family. It also represents that you simply have a panic to fail.

If you dream of a mouse in your clothes…

Strange because it could appear, we usually relate real situations to dreams, therefore the famous jump of mice after they are scared is sometimes reflected in our dreams as a jump that goes to our clothes and that we don’t know the way to free ourselves from it, which It represents that you simply are involved in some problem that you just cannot avoid.

Meaning you’ll see, a small amount of ambivalence.

If this is often the case really, one wonders what’s the “situation” in dream visions, which, despite what one might imagine, over and oversee precisely the animals that are the article of this treatment as protagonists.

Dreaming mice: the meaning of this dream image

  • In dreams the mice are the “rodent” of human consciousness, precursors of negative thoughts that cause distress and suffering, like jealousy and envy, precisely “corrodes” the soul.
  • They are obsessive and destructive thoughts, which don’t leave the dreamer but at the identical time aren’t expressed, caused by anger or fear. and also the movement of the mice’s faces, their continuous gnawing, represents precisely this eternal elucubration, this “roaring inside” of the individual.
  • He expresses insufficiency, lack of self-esteem, but he’s also frightened of not addressing a specific situation.
  • It may also be an emblem of an enemy presence between the dreamer’s relationships or associated with sexual instinct, and a symbol of repressed or excessive sexuality.
  • But dreaming of mice also can have a positive meaning, when the vision is geared toward house mice, white mice, or cartoon mice, communicating, in these cases, tenderness and joy.
  • In fact, many facets may be found and none of them should be neglected, permit an adequate interpretation of the dream scenario, also taking into consideration the sentiments that the dreamer feels, whether or not they are disgust and restlessness, or curiosity and fun.

Dreaming mice: the foremost common images

After having highlighted the symbolism associated with dreaming about rodents, allow us to now consider the foremost frequent dream images, which, evidently, have meanings that aren’t funerary, but also auspicious.

  • Dreaming of white, field and domestic mice may be a vision that dilutes the commonly negative meaning given to those animals while highlighting their friendly and reassuring appearance. Perhaps the dreamer takes the mouse by the hand, caresses it, perhaps speaks for cleanliness, simplicity, and protection.
  • Dreaming of black, gray, or dark mice further highlights the negative meaning related to these previously exposed animals. and also the giant mice bring out a more alarming and threatening feeling within the dreamer.
  • Dreaming of dead mice is a picture that was once considered an indication of excellent luck because it determined the tip of a very difficult time.
  • The image symbolizes something unpleasant or expensive that was a part of the dreamer’s experience, and which the dreamer has finally got eliminate.
  • Dreaming of mice chewing or eating food, books, important documents is a picture that invites the dreamer to concentrate on the people near him because his resources are in peril.
  • Dreaming of aggressive and threatening mice, biting their toes or hands, shows the fragility of the individual, their fears, and their weaknesses. In fact, the mice that are the protagonists of the dream image represent the anguishing thoughts of the dreamer’s deepest self, which “corrode” him internally.
  • Dreaming of mice in bed, within the room, expresses the dreamer’s irrational fears.
  • Dreaming of newborn mice may be a sign of excellent omen, since it announces fertility and energy, image, this, along with the prolificity of the animals in question. To dream of running mice denotes the hyperactivity of a dreamer, a continuing agitation.
  • Killing a mouse symbolizes the will to induce obviate harmful and deleterious thoughts.
  •  Getting the house infested with mice are often an indication of the discomfort of a dreamer, because of the concerns that he handles with difficulty, but it also can express the requirement to ” clean ” the environment during which he lives, or in his own thoughts.

Dreaming Mice: Lottery Numbers

The “base” number related to dreaming mice is 11. So we’ve to think about individual cases: thus, for instance, dreaming mice reception is related to the quantity 4, dreaming mice in bed at 34, if the mice are white we are going to play the amount 78 if they died at 83 if there are many all 88.


What other mice sayings might your dream allude to? Are you being asked to be “as quiet as a mouse” during a situation to avoid complicating things?

Is the strength of your own life challenged after dreaming about mice, meaning “are you man or woman?” When addressing problems, are we meek and fearful instead of assertive enough?

Do doubts suddenly feel insurmountable when looking at what is required for success from one’s self?

Consider how much more powerful this becomes if both sides (man + woman) have equal potential, supporting their strengths with those around them!

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