The Best Movies To Watch About Dreams

The Best Movies To Watch About Dreams

Dreams have always been a staple food for those that make art their profession, to the point that even international cinema has not been spared. Over the years, a series of wonderful films about dreams have been made, which use interpretations and contradictions to inform in an exceedingly creative way the hidden aspects of our unconscious.

Many interpretive keys are chosen to enter, in complex aspects of our life. Some are quite faithful to reality and some are mixed with others, which may not be as exciting or more for that matter, enhanced by just a little bit of fantasy.

The best movies about dreams:


If you’re talking about the most effective movies about dreams, then you can’t help but quote the best of the best, “Inception”. Released in theatres in 2010 and the winner of 4 Oscars, the film sees a marvellous Leonardo Di Caprio as Dom Cobb, a knowledgeable information thief, who exploits the unconscious, to steal secrets hidden from those who suffer. Everything changes when instead he’s forced to insert ideas within everyone else’s minds, which consequently makes him the protagonist, manipulator, and victim of a dream, all at the same time.

If You Let Me Cancel You

Always on the border between dreams and fantasy, “If you let me cancel you”, originally titled, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, gives us a far better idea of ??what the film is. It tells us the tragic story of a couple. Joel and Clementine are the protagonists who plan to depend upon a fancy procedure to eliminate, during sleep, the memories associated with an individual. All is well for Clementine, while too many setbacks hit Joel’s path.

Vanilla Sky

Recognized as the of the simplest dream movies in history, Vanilla sky plays with the fine line separating dream and reality through the lifetime of its protagonist, David Ames, who was disfigured due to an accident and was forced to change the way he lived his life which was initially manufactured from beauty and success. From here a fancy journey starts, where they hunt for perfect love is mixed with hallucination. The film could be a remake of the Spanish April ‘Gli Occhi’, by Alejandro Amenàbar.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Ben Stiller is the protagonist of the key Dreams of a fictitious character, during which the dreamlike counterpart of the character intervenes to assist him to escape reality, seeking satisfaction that he couldn’t get from his daily life. But dreams overlap and become insistent, which leads to life-disrupting events, and makes this story one of the few movies about dreams that cinema will always remember.


A great mixture of action, dream, and combat are often found within the famous Matrix, a feature film that we underestimate the thread of dream that drives the plot. Matrix is considered to be one of the most interesting movies about dreams that you can prefer to watch, where the story of the dream slowly becomes reality, and where the reality itself is confused as to whether it’s a dream or true reality.

The Enchanted City

Let’s close the list by quoting the Japanese film, “The Enchanted City”, with the protagonist being a 10-year-old girl in a town, who revives in the dead of night through spirits, unreal characters, and imaginary creatures. The border between the protagonist’s reality and her imagination is actually blurred, during a dreamy union that has left everyone start struck.

The Cell

An interesting yet rather unknown film about dreams is the less recent “The Cell”, an American film from the year 2000 starring, a young Jennifer Lopez assuming the role of the psychotherapist Catharine Deane.

The woman, who has failed at treating a child’s mental disorders by penetrating his dreams is contacted by an FBI agent who desperately has to try everything to save a woman’s life.

Carl Stager, a serial murderer known for kidnapping and leaving multiple women in a very secret location for 40 hours before torturing and finally ending them, is now in a coma and his latest victim must be saved first. It might be too late to do so. Catharine Deane will need to attempt to enter the man’s mind, but the danger isn’t that far-flung.

Paprika - Dreaming of a dream

We concluded our review of the 5 recommended titles to observe about dreams with a Japanese animated film called “Paprika – Dreaming of a Dream”.

The film, a 2006 flick directed by Satoshi Kon, talks about the possible near future during which a tool dubbed DC Mini allows doctors to treat the mental problems of patients by entering their dreams.

Since these devices are still in experimentation, the DC Mini is kept safe to forestall misuse, but a thief, who managed to get his hands on one of them, will wreak havoc by invading dreams of individuals who will live dreams that may make them true.

Dr Atsuko Chiba, under the pseudonym Paprika, will begin to research the case to regain possession of the DC Mini and forestall the thief from deploying a mass dream capable that may threaten to end all humanity.

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