What Does It Mean To Dream About Olives?

What Does It Mean To Dream About Olives?

Essentially, the meaning of dreams with olives must be seen in a personal way because everyone has various things that happen to them, it’s not always necessary to look for a solution because they are generated naturally.

In other words, if you dreamed of olives because you dedicate yourself to selling them otherwise you ate many of those in the previous days, it’s something normal which is precisely the explanation why you had this sort of dream.

Olives for dreamers usually suggest something good to us, but as we said, it’s best to determine each case personally, (nothing to try to to with dreaming of oil ) and remember each dream well because every little thing that is going on during this you’ll be able to totally change your interpretation.

Dreaming of olives

In this case, it may be related to the social plane, it’s possible that we’ll have the best on this side of our life and that we are successful in what we plan during this area. It also should do with loyal friends and immortality.

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Dreaming of Sharing olives

Dreaming of sharing olives either with friends or acquaintances of every kind is positive because it tells us we can be lucky within the social aspect still as in business, formerly this was a logo of friendship and peace.

Dreaming of the fruit tree (The Olive Tree)

If we are under the shade of a fruit tree it’s almost like the above but at this point, it is often associated with many aspects where we’ll be very lucky and everything will go well for us, either in what we are currently doing or what we wish to try and do with many you win.

If you collect olives

If you’re picking olives with friends, it’s a really good response, it tells us that the companies we are in or want to try and do will prosper, our social side will grow positively.

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Making vegetable oil

This is not a nasty thing because it only tells us that we are working diligently on what we wish, we must continue like this to induce good results.

Breaking a jar of olives

You may be forgetting that certain things shouldn’t be mixed as what the pleasures of the globe are with work, you ought to take this under consideration and be more serious during this regard.

When olives are picked from the bottom

It warns us of problems. It’s possible that we’ve put this issue aside a small amount and that we should consider carefully about how we do on this side of our lives.

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A dream about green olives

This is a logo of getting balance and peace, also of intelligence that’s given to us from birth, it’s only something positive that we should always not worry about.

Dreaming of wearing an olive crown

  • We are going to be able to find an answer to the varied problems that are generated for us lately and any obstacle that comes our way will be overcome because we are going to get out of all this well.
  • We have already said that dreams with olives brought us good interpretations, but as you’ll see in some cases they’ll even be something negative. This is why we want to think twice about each situation we had when dreaming.
  • In the interpretation of dream symbols, olives can have, looking at the case, positive or negative nuances. It’s a recurring dream and its meaning is commonly asked: olives symbolize reconciliation, peace, hope, and prosperity, but also having to endure someone or something unappreciated.
  • Whoever has this dream feels serene and complete, go with others and with himself; If you’re during a difficult or conflictive time, you’ll make certain that the answer will arrive that may solve all of your problems.

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The olive is an oval-shaped fruit, divided into 3 parts that contain many polyphenols that make it bitter because it is meant for food consumption, both for the assembly of oil and its direct consumption, it must be previously subjected to a treatment in brine.

Olives are distinguished by the kind of coloration (which represents ripening) and range from green-yellow to black-purple. Olives are harvested, yet as other fruits, once they are quite ripe and have great organoleptic and antioxidant properties.

In southern Italy, the olives are harvested from November to December (for some varieties they’re harvested until the top of January) after they reach a substantial size and are rich in oil. Once collected, they’re placed in boxes to be taken to the oil mill and processed.

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For the Greeks, olives were the symbol of command, freedom, and ladies. For Artemidoro, dreaming of olives or picking them was an indication of an excellent omen; of course, he predicted fame, wealth, a cheerful marriage, and a protracted life for his children. Instead, dreaming of compressing olives predicted punishments, jobs, hard work.


Who dreams of olives, can consider it as we said at the start, a positive sign that symbolizes sentimental happiness, solid friendships, and business success. It’s also an emblem of irrigation and peace between couples.

Olives even have a connotation associated with the sexual sphere; dreaming black olives after all announces intimate relationships with the required or loved person; dreaming green olives, on the opposite hand, announces intimate relationships with an individual not yet known.

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Olives also can be dreamed of in some contexts such as:

The olive harvest: heralds happiness and pleasure in family life, peace, and the prospect of taking new and interesting initiatives.

The collection of olives from the bottom symbolizes difficulties within the workplace.

Dreaming of picking olives from the tree indicates that you simply are near to meet old friends with whom you’ve got not seen or spoken for a protracted time.

The figure of the fruit tree also has other meanings. let’s have a look at a number of them:

  • Dreaming of eating olives: it represents having close and faithful friends and also the possibility, with their help, to resolve conflicts and disputes.
  • Finding nuts in their place indicates that you simply will get positive things from people with whom you have got been in contrast; eating them without nuts indicates that sentimental problems will soon be solved. Eating ripe olives heralds the arrival of an unexpected kiss.
  • Dreaming of cutting olives: symbolizes problems at work.
  • Dreaming of selling olives - this is often the incorrect thing done to a lover, but it should not be a giant problem to stress about.
  • Dreaming of shopping for olive trees and: announce a gesture that may annoy your family, especially your grandparents and oldsters.
  • Dreaming of compacting olives: it symbolizes effort, pain, and exertions.
  • Dreaming of green olives: it’s the representation of an encouraging result and therefore the achievement of one’s own objectives, but it may indicate reckless spending.

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