What Does it Mean to Dream About Persimmon?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Persimmon?

When dreaming about persimmons, you will need to be aware of the cost associated with your passions. If you can accept these risks and sacrifices as a part of victory or glory, then it is possible for great things to come from this dream.

Dream About Actions With Persimmon

Eating A Persimmon

In a dream, eating persimmons foretells that you will face a critical choice or dilemma soon. It is reminding you that going through with your plans and choosing to follow what is best for you instead of competing choices will bring true pleasure into your life.

Picking Persimmon

Your expensive hobbies will make you spend a lot of time and energy. You might even end up spending so much money on your favorite pastime that it could lead to financial problems in the future. So when you dream of picking a persimmon, be careful when you find yourself tempted to spend a lot and or often.

Planting a Persimmon Tree

When you plant persimmon trees in your dream, it symbolizes the death or loss of someone close to you. If you want to achieve personal goals and ambitions, then it means that family members will have a lower priority for now. However, taking care of yourself first may come at an expense later on.

Dream About Other Persimmon Themes

Unripe Persimmons

Dreaming of unripe or bitter persimmon indicates that you are carrying many negative feelings from others in your life. You may be feeling paranoid about how people perceive you and will hold resentment towards them for it.

Persimmon Gift

This dream could mean that you will entice people

to make certain sacrifices. Perhaps, for them to accommodate your requests and entertain a pay raise, they’ll have to sacrifice something of their own, like vacation days or personal time off work.

Rotten Persimmon

In a dream, having rotten or moldy persimmons suggests underestimating the cost of something in waking life. It also indicates that you are not taking your resolve seriously, and you will soon fail at something. It might also mean that there is a plan that needs to be executed in time but hasn’t been completed yet. So, it’s necessary for extra care to be taken while executing and remembering what was put on hold for far too long ago.

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