What Does it Mean to Dream About Puppets?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Puppets?

Have you ever had a dream about puppets? In dreams, people are manipulated by others or hide their true intentions behind masks and costumes. Be careful of those with hidden agendas in the future, if this is your situation now.

Dream About Handling Puppets

Making Puppets

Your puppet dream is a reflection of your inner struggles. You are trying to please others, but deep down, you know that what you’re doing isn’t genuine.

Carrying a Puppet

Carrying a puppet in your dream could mean that you will need to outsource delicate work like checking into the hospital. Let someone else do the job to handle all of the dirty work and give complete control - no one is questioning anything, only what needs to be done next.

Controlling a Puppet

You are the mastermind of everything if you were controlling puppets in a dream. You make things happen behind closed doors without people knowing what you’ve done until it is too late for them to do anything about your actions because they were ignorant and not paying attention.

Dream About Watching Puppets

Puppet Master Man or Marionette Puppeteer Man

You think you have free will, but really, the forces of nature are controlling your every move for their benefit. Watch out because drug addiction or gambling could be holding your actions! You’re just a puppet on strings to them, until you overcome them.

Puppet Show

Despite being seemingly harmless, a puppet show or concert in the dream may be trying to make you willfully ignorant. You fall prey to any propaganda and believe anything anybody tells you without thinking critically about it first.

Hand Puppet or Sock Puppets

Your social media habits may be affecting your mental health. If you dream about puppets, it means that people are telling you what to think and who not to associate with within this echo chamber of a world we live in today. This will cause your views on different topics (like politics) or even relationships to change because there is no diversity anymore if one person’s opinion has brainwashed all the voices around us.

Dream About Other Puppet Settings

Dream About Being a Puppet

In the dream of being a puppet, you’re like one in an elaborate show. You feel powerless as others control where you go and what your opinions are. It’s easy to sway someone when they don’t have their own opinion, but if that person starts standing up for themselves, eventually, no one will be able to get into their head anymore.

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