What Does it Mean to Dream About Rain?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Rain?

Dream Meaning of Rain

If you find rain in your dream, then it suggests that it is time to communicate with others.

An impressive downpour shows that you are aware of spiritual development. If you dream of being wet, it shows that you have several hobbies that are important to you.

The dream of running in the rain is a message that suggests that you follow your heart in matters related to friendships.

Rain in a dream symbolizes a positive feeling about life. Maybe you turned your back on someone or a project you were working on. It is important to understand that one should not be afraid to move on in life.

Rain is water and dreaming of water is associated with emotions in the dream state.

If it is raining hard, a dream can symbolize it in depression. It indicates that you need to make your judgment about your abilities.

Since rain is water, it is related to emotional problems and your family. Think about whether things are still important to you or whether you can let things slide.

In this dream you may have experienced one or many of the following:

  1. You were caught in a storm.
  2. You were unable to open the umbrella.
  3. You were seeing the rainfall.
  4. You saw raindrops on your body.
  5. Someone was wearing a raincoat.
  6. You felt calm and confident in your dream.
  7. The rain was behind you.
  8. The sun came through the clouds near the end of the dream.

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Detailed meaning of rain dream

Dream dictionaries in ancient times connected water with the feeling of the need to forgive someone. It is something we need to understand when we have experienced a strong feeling of grief or anger.

Rain can also symbolize a feeling of rejection in dreams related to rain, emotions, and instances when the feelings are strong.

There is not enough thought with the head, it is rather focused on the heart.

It is important to move forward with confidence. Make sure you have a balanced approach to life.

When feelings in waking life become too difficult for you to deal with, you tend to seek comfort by hiding from the world. If cold raindrops fall on you, then there is a situation that you need to take seriously.

This dream was previously thought to be associated with bad luck. Being caught in a storm in the dream indicates the possibility of being spiritually closed, it is important to feel the strength of your feelings.

Have you retired from society for a while?

Look at the emotions that you experience in your dream. If the dream was positive, it indicates that a serious problem will be solved in waking life.

Real progress can be made by understanding the context of the rain. As we have already highlighted, the dream of rain is generally emotional. Having a recurring dream of rain means that you will embrace a happy ending.

However, if the rain is negative in your dream, you may have a hard time communicating with another person.

For a more general interpretation of this dream, we must consider the weather.

The stormy weather is associated with anger or pain to awakening. It is an indication that you have felt a feeling of being overloaded. It is important to try to express yourself positively against others.

There is tension in a relationship when the rain falls into the storm. Perhaps you have encountered problems at work and feel a lack of inspiration in both your love life and your career.

If we look at the weather in general, this interpretation of dreams means that there is always sun after rain.

If the rain was accompanied by thunder, this is associated with pushing away or denying the needs of others.

Hearing thunder accompanied by rain means that you are experiencing anger upon your waking up. In the dream state, you move into your subconscious mind that includes feelings and emotions.

Sometimes you are not aware that in the waking world, anything that is negative concerning the weather is directly associated with your state of mind in waking life.

Therefore, it is important to understand that this may be associated with possible depression.

If in your dream you are in a house and hiding away from the rain, it indicates that you need to be prepared to face difficult situations in your waking life.

Let this dream show you how to work with the rain, to ensure that you gain control over the relationships in your life.

Seeing the rain on the windowpane, in the car, or at home is all about how you can bring back more positive memories.

If you are accompanied by someone else in the dream, then emotions may surround this particular person.

If the person is unfamiliar then it indicates that you can struggle to balance your emotions with the people who are close to you.

The position of rain is also important. If it is in front of you, then there are emotional problems in a relationship. However, if he is after you, it indicates that you have withdrawn from a relationship that has been causing you emotional problems.

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Dreaming of an umbrella

If you are holding an umbrella in the dream it indicates strong beliefs about authority. Perhaps you have been controlled by someone for some time.

If you see an umbrella in your dream then it indicates that it is important for you to protect yourself.

Freud pointed out that the umbrella is a connection associated with the protection of emotions.

There may be some unhealed emotional pain in the past that you have experienced. It is important to consider your own emotions and those of others.

Maybe you’ve been feeling vulnerable lately?

Face or confront the feelings that you carry inside. Maybe there is a past relationship that still loves you? There is also negativity in the past that you are trying to protect yourself against.

Dreaming of a raincoat

The raincoat seen in your dream symbolizes your way of thinking. It is connected to your heart, which symbolizes the feelings of your gut instinct.

The raincoat is a protector protecting you against emotional upheaval.

This dream is associated with the following scenarios in your life….

  • Vulnerability.
  • Emotional unavailability.
  • Fear of loss.
  • Fear of trusting others.

When dreaming of rain, we should know that all the main western cosmogony identify water as one of the founding principles of the cosmos, along with earth, fire, and air. For reasons not only biological but also philosophical-sapiential, water is universally considered, by the majority of peoples and cultures, an elemental form through which the movement and perpetual adaptation of life is manifested in time.

Its ability to adapt and adhere perfectly to the most extravagant shapes of its packaging, as well as the patience with which it scratches and digs its ways in the hardest rock, make it the absolute emblem of metamorphosis, change, and adaptation.

Its alchemical symbol consists of an inverted equilateral triangle, which itself recalls the uterine shape of the lower part of the female abdomen.

It is also the substance that makes plants germinate, which makes the soil moist and fertile. It is an amorphous mass, devoid of a form inherent to it, complete and absolute potential.

All these elements must be properly taken into account in the hermeneutical calculation that refers to rain and its dreamlike expressions, an atmospheric manifestation capable of uniting two great cosmogonic poles: heaven and earth.

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A widely known myth tells of an ancient city called Argo, characterized by the presence of many towers along its immense walls, at the head of which was a king named Acrisius, who had as the only descendant of his royal lineage a beautiful girl named Danae. The throne could not be entrusted to her as a woman, and for this reason, Acrisius, without a successor, decided to consult an oracle.

The fortune-teller revealed to him that Danae would have shortly a son destined to become a great hero, who would also be responsible for his death and would reign in his place.

Due to this revelation, and frightened by his fate, Acrisio decided to lock up his young daughter in one of his towers, to avoid any possibility of conception, but that was how Zeus, who had to respect the will of destiny, initiated golden rain that began to fall in great quantities, even seeping into the walls of the tower. In a short time, the young Danae was soaked and conceived her son Perseus.

Here is an extraordinary example of how rain, from the ancient world, was considered an element related to fertility and the conception of life. The huge showers were considered a gift from the gods, thus bringing abundance for the harvest, and many were the Americans who practiced the famous dance of the rain to fall from the sky.

The earth, for collective symbology, is always considered the feminine component of the cosmos, which, through the rain, receives the seed thrown by the sky (yang element connected to the masculine archetype) necessary for the conception of life. Therefore it is the first reference image is that of sperm and fertilization, a warning to the great coercive force that our superego exerts against the libido, of a sexual nature.

The rain of dreams is a true symbolic bridge that joins two planes, two opposites, that acts as a cornerstone and balance, transmitting the rapprochement between the two components, masculine and feminine, and that announces integration, conscience, and self-esteem to the dreamer. It is an attempt to mediate between the opposing impulses that govern the soul of the dreamer, the desire to resolve the psychic tensions that fragment the uniqueness of the ego, or even the simple need to become aware of it.

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Rain as a symbol of regeneration and Purification

In addition to acting as a catalyst for one’s sensual resources, rain is also a key element in many religious services, since it has always been related to sacred phenomena, such as purification and blessing.

Rain and water are especially capable of washing stains, cleaning, and polishing surfaces. Let’s also think about how it happens. In the Christian religion, for example, the granting of some sacraments such as baptism (where it is customary to slightly wet the child’s forehead), or the usual greeting as soon as they enter the Church (the use of holy water).

All this reveals another hidden meaning, that of the blessing that comes from above, and that reflects a series of absolutely positive meanings for the dreamer: spirituality, reflection, lightness, grace, as well as the benefits that derive from the liquid aspect of life itself; rain as cleansing, purification, forgiveness, and rebirth.

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Although rain can be a panacea for vegetation and life in general, in large quantities, on the other hand, it could decree its end and destruction. To dream of a flood is to dream of the destructive variant of water and rain, the violence of this element sweeps away all resistance and all habits of the dreamer, a storm that can alter the daily routine and blow up all our plans like sudden turbulence. . The storm of life refers to grief, loss of status and security.

Dream of black rain

Black rain is a rather apocalyptic vision, which very often surrounds the dreams of many. It is synonymous with internal energies that have been repressed for too long, where coercion has played such an inhibiting role that it has transformed the positivity of such internal movements into ventilation valves that are not at all reassuring: disturbances, obsessions, internal compulsions, the prevalence of contrasting feelings, etc ...

Dream of raining blood

Beyond deep biblical allegory, a bloody rain reflects the conflicts and dramas that the dreamer struggles to reveal to himself, or that may not be present on a conscious level. The dreamer feels himself a prisoner of his most unspeakable instincts, which oppress and tire his ties.


Rain 46 ; storm 37 ; flood 63 .

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