What Does It Mean To Dream About Snails?

What Does It Mean To Dream About Snails?

The snail isn’t an animal that’s often dreamed of, because our ego isn’t drawn to this figure that moves slowly in the midst of the inseparable shell that it carries on its back which is the house where it takes refuge from danger. Although it’s a singular dream, the dream of a snail contains in itself a specific meaning that concerns the foremost intimate spheres of the personality.


The meaning of dreaming of a snail is strictly linked to the personality of everyone amongst us, the way it’s perceived and also the social relationships we create with the rest of the world. Being a shy but extremely voracious animal, it stands out as a hermaphrodite par excellence.

All of those elements often bring him closer to the sexual sphere, “consider the intense sensitivity of the horns that explore the environment, the benefit with which they’re stretched and portrayed, the phallic image that contrasts with the soft moisture of the body easily related to the vulva.”

Dreaming of a snail can also symbolize a period of confusion or uncertainty that you may be experiencing. To grasp the meaning of the dream well, you have to capture the intricacies from the shell of the snail.

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Remembering how the snail was made in the dream is extremely important because each of its elements features a different explanation:

  • The snail that carries its house on its back symbolizes, by its spiral shape, a picture of continuity and in dreams, it can even be connected with the responsibilities that you simply carry behind you, the thoughts that torment us and from which we struggle to urge obviate.
  • Dreaming of snails with a shell could be a symbol closely associated with the necessity for defence since the snail is that the home of the snail, but also the necessity to possess an area of their own where they will take refuge and reflect on their actions to form proper thoughts.
  • If the snail we dream of doesn’t have a shell, this may symbolize being too exposed, as if we were missing a roof over our head that leaves us feeling naked. Those who dream of this case could lead to an abrupt awakening because if we feel helpless against the everyday enemies that attack us we are going to not be able to protect ourselves.

In addition, we could also give another explanation, like discovering a hidden truth or being abandoned by an individual we care most about who was previously a secure haven and a firm boss to take hold of.

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The slowness of the snail, both in reality and in dreams, symbolizes the tranquillity and calm of the dreamer’s character, but also his sex life, which is serene and balanced.

  • Dreaming that you are carrying snails crawling is a double meaning. Crawling snails represent the will to own children, in fact, they’re often dreamed of by women who cannot get pregnant. Or it could represent the will to break free from a very suffocating and oppressive figure, who has just entered the dreamer’s life and who behaves in a very subtle way.
  • Dreaming of collecting snails encompasses a positive meaning because it means pregnancy may come soon. Collecting snails is smart if the dream is additionally the person with whom you wish to possess a baby and build a family.
  • Seeing giant snails while dreaming indicates plenty of sexual confusion. Since we are saying that being a hermaphrodite animal is said to be the sexual sphere of the dreamer who doesn’t know how to behave and lives an inner crisis.

Dreaming of eating snails symbolizes the link that the dreamer has with society, the need to feel approved, enjoying them at dinner means you have reached an honest social position, you’re feeling satisfied both on a sentimental and professional level.

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According to Kabbalah, the numbers for the snail to play are

  • 28 and 7 (Dream snails)
  • 79 (snail with snail)
  • 74 (snail without snail)

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