What Does it Mean to Dream About Tanks?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Tanks?

Did you find yourself dreaming about tanks? Tanks in your dreams represent the ability to defend and stand up for what is important to you. You are very stubborn but it’s all worth it because of how strong-minded you really are. However, this also points toward a path of destruction with no regard for others’ feelings or opinions. If necessary, they will be crushed beneath your feet on route to victory.

Seeing military war tanks in the dream represents an organized and well-thought-out plan that can protect as needed when there is trouble brewing ahead. Feeling eager while driving around, seeing nothing but battle vehicles means someone has plans against us, which we need protection from so long as they have not.

Dream about being in a tank

Dream about driving a tank

Driving a tank in your dreams can symbolize the inner strength that you have to get through any obstacles coming your way. It may also serve as an analogy for being in control of difficult situations and overcoming what’s thrown at you, even if it feels like there are too many forces working against us or we’re up against some tough opposition.

Dream about shooting a tank cannon or a turret

To see yourself being a gunner and shooting from inside of the tank turret or cannon implies that you will solve your problems with help. Someone higher up is going to get personally involved, granting permission for shots to be fired. Your actions will clear out any way obstacles and defend against attacks and criticisms.

Dream about crushing a car with a tank

Dreaming about using a tank to crush cars could represent that you are or will soon become defensive in expressing your power over others. You may have made certain decisions with the intent of overpowering any opposition and even rejecting them altogether. If this is true for you, then it would be best if there isn’t someone who can oppose those choices because they might not survive.

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Dream about seeing tanks

Dream about war tanks fighting

Dreaming about war tanks fighting each other whether the dream is about tanks on offense or defense, means that you are feeling the pressure and stress of what could be a tough decision regarding how these decisions will affect you. It could also mean that there are events in your life causing distress and massive conflict.

Dream about a tank running over people

If you have a dream about tanks running over people and students, you should be cautious in the following days. The people on top of the food chain will not shy away from using excessive force against those at their level, then possibly turning it up a notch by showing no mercy when dealing with weaker opponents. This is likely foretelling an oppressive atmosphere where they’ll answer requests only if these meet what’s going well for them or have little chance of changing their mind because there won’t be any negotiations happening anytime soon thanks to mass layoffs and workplace revenge being planned after some kind strike or protest caused organizational turmoil.

Dream about standing or sitting outside a tank

To dream of someone sitting on the tank or standing outside is a sign that this person has found refuge from stressful situations and has been made to feel safe in their waking life. This can also signify people who are clinging to an authority position while thinking lowly of others around them. For example, if you have a boss at work who sits near your desk all day because they’re insecure about their place within the company hierarchy - as well as feeling threatened by those above him/her - it might mean he’s more likely than not abusing his power over subordinates like yourself. Making everyone else do all the hard work for him simply because he feels weak and fake so close up against other bosses higher up on the totem pole.

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