What Does it Mean to Dream About Travelling?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Travelling?

A dream about traveling not only represents personal projects and objectives to attain but also an inner journey, in a perspective that features birth/rebirth, growth, and death. Dreaming of traveling represents a metaphor of life, of the inner process, of the objectives that he/she sets for himself which, at the same time, might not be completely clear and defined for the dreamer.

Wanting to split up the same old daily desires to alter and break up conventional patterns, dreaming of traveling indicates all this. But also, in an exceedingly more circumscribed vision, the symbol of small obstacles to beat, real trips to be made, and real countries to go to, or a family outing to bring the “trip” to maturity.

Dreaming of traveling can convey positive but also negative emotions, and therefore the interpretation of this image is closely linked to the way forward, unexpected events that will occur, possible travel companions, and therefore the means used.

We will discuss all of this in the following paragraphs

Meaning of dreaming about traveling: the various interpretations associated with the various contexts

Dreaming of traveling is an experience with many meanings linked, as we’ve just mentioned, to the various situations that may be foreshadowed and to the various feelings that accompany each dream vision. Here are the foremost recurring scenarios.

Dreaming of traveling alone is an experience that lends itself to a double interpretation. It is linked to the extreme loneliness of the dreamer who, for this reason, wants support or help. The second, on the other hand, is to be connected to a requirement, to clarify ideas, and to be away “from everything and everyone”, especially after a period of strong stress.

Dreaming of traveling in a company means an honest understanding with friends and also a robust organizational capacity. It can even be the symbol of a crucial step that’s near to be taken, and into which the dreamer wants to involve people important to him.

Dreaming about traveling with friends may be a very frequent experience, and it shows that the dreamer knows the people he can trust and who are compatible with him.

Dreaming of traveling without a suitcase symbolizes a final departure, the uncertainty associated with starting or not, with staying or not staying. This is often the result of the difficulties experienced by the dreamer at that point, which is reflected within the dream. The image, however, may also have a positive meaning: not having the suitcase as an emblem of freedom, or of emancipation.

Dreaming of traveling without a ticket indicates that the dreamer’s expectations and his goals are too difficult to satisfy.

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The dream of traveling: interpretations as per the means of transport

In addition to those described within the previous paragraph, there are other elements associated with the dream of traveling, which help within the interpretation: the means of transport used. Here may be a summary of the most common situations:

To dream of traveling by plane may be associated with a robust personality, who aims high, and it’s no coincidence that air transportation is the typical means of transport when one wants to travel long distances. Therefore, it’s a logo of profound changes and new life experiences.

Dreaming of traveling by helicopter expresses the childish side present within the dreamer, something that surprises and initially glances impossible to attain. It also represents the assistance received if you’re in trouble.

Dreaming of traveling by car represents the dreamer’s approach to life, and is closely associated with the state of the aforementioned means of transport. A car in fitness may be a symbol of energy, vitality, organizational skills. A car in poor condition, on the contrary, denotes the necessity to enhance the attitude, but also the acute need for rest.

Dreaming of traveling by boat indicates that this situation you’re experiencing is your trend. If the ship or boat is sailing in calm waters, the approaching period is calm and peaceful; on the contrary, if the waters are rough, difficulties and obstacles come.

It should even be noted that the ship, symbolizes simplicity, and thus subjects who love peace and tiny things, with little ambitious ends.

Dreaming of traveling by train symbolizes your goals and age. A train seen in a dream implies a brand new destination. It augurs great news and that significant changes are just around the corner.

The dream of traveling by bus is said to be the sensations experienced by the dreamer during sleep. Pleasant sensations denote the power to fit into different social contexts, unpleasant sensations, (related, as an example, to travel discomfort, indicate, on the contrary, difficulties in relationships).

Dreaming of traveling on the subway is a metaphor for the dreamer’s psyche, under the presence of tracks and trains that meet or approach one another.

Dreaming of traveling on foot expresses the concreteness, the practicality of the dreamer.

Dreaming of traveling through time, finally, indicates a robust desire to flee from the daily, in search of new emotions.

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